Kesha’s Story-Time 🪶🤍

Hi! My name is Kesha! You probably don’t know me, but I’m a budgie parrot, who is turning 5 today! Well actually, I don’t remember when my real birthday is, but these people, who keep me, celebrate it today, cause they found me exactly on this day, 5 years ago.

When this ginger furry whiney animal, named Sammy turned 1 last April, this human of mine let her write a whole post about her life story. How outrageous! I had been living in this household for 4 years, and never got the chance to share my story! So now, after complaining and fighting for my rights, I was allowed to write my own post. It’s going to be difficult, since I don’t have proper fingers, and my claws are too long. But let’s start.

Sadly, I don’t remember a big part of my life. Those 5-6 months were erased from my memory because I spent a few hours on a cold November day outside and probably froze my little brain. I guess I was living in another household, and I managed to escape it. Or like these people say “they threw me out, because I was too noisy“. I don’t believe them anyway. Since, as I mentioned, my brain is little, I didn’t realize to fly too far away or at least find others of my species. So I just sat there, on the cold concrete, waiting for my destiny to take care of me. And then, a man came to me. I didn’t even have time to realize what’s happening, when something heavy was thrown on me. And then I felt someone grabbing me brutally and taking me somewhere, probably to kill and eat me. The man let me out in a room, and tried to poison me by giving some strange food and water. Of course, I wasn’t dumb enough to eat or drink anything. If you ask these humans, they’ll tell you these big lies of how they saw a frozen little bird near their garage, threw their hat on me, so I won’t fly away, and brought me home to take care of me. If you ever hear that, don’t believe it for one moment.

Anyway, I heard them talking to other people, trying to find to whom I might have belonged and couldn’t find my previous owners. Then they bought a cage for me, can you imagine? A cage! Like I’m a prisoner or something. And decided to keep me in that cage.

Oh, I forgot to mention an important factor. 24 of November, 2016, was Thanksgiving day. And even though it’s not celebrated in Armenia, my strange people loved to celebrate it for some reason. So they thought that I’m a sort of a blessing that came on Thanksgiving day. What a load of crap, isn’t it?

I started living with these people. Of course I didn’t trust them at first! And if you want to know the truth, I still don’t trust them completely, because you always need to keep your guard up. The people wanted to train and tame me, like I’m sort of a wild animal. They wanted me to come and sit on their hand, or to talk. One thing I learned to impress them (so they won’t think I’m totally useless), was to wink. And I loved being photographed, and since one of these humans (the one who owns this blog) loves taking photos, we found some common ground. For months I wasn’t showing my true nature. I was mostly sitting in my cage, still and silent as a statue, as I was afraid they might take my only possession away from me. Then slowly I started investigating this new place, and I realized that there isn’t much danger out there.

Years went by, I sometimes loved flying and sitting on these humans’ fingers and hands, especially if they had some delicious food like cheese, egg white or apple. I loved those. But mostly I was keeping my distance from them. I wasn’t lonely though. I had one mirror in my cage, which already became my home. And I had other mirrors throughout my big house. Also there are many other strange birds flying around the windows. Why strange? Because they don’t have any bright colors! They’re all dull and grey, but I still love chatting with them, exchanging the latest news. Especially during summers, when humans take my cage to the balcony every now and then, so I can be closer to my fellows.

Everything was great and fine, until one day, when they brought home this little cry-baby. Who wanted to catch and eat me from the first sight. She even hurt me a couple of times, but luckily the humans punished her and protected me. I guess, perhaps they may have been loving me all this time after all. After a few attempts of attacks by this new Sammy animal, we slowly started to get along. But one thing was sure: I wasn’t the only kid in the house anymore. They found a new, fluffier and “cuter” one, who now got all the attention. So I needed an evil plan to catch everyone’s attention back again. And I did what they wanted me to do for 4 long years: I started talking. And it worked! The humans started to pay more attention to me, telling me good words and compliments and trying to teach me new words, like the ones I know isn’t enough already. They called it a “miracle”, because apparently if a bird doesn’t talk throughout one year, they don’t talk at all. But I did. Can you guess what they want me to say now? They want me to say this beast’s name, Sammy! But I’m not going to, I have some dignity left after all.

But generally everything is good. Of course now I have limited time for flying, when the beast is sleeping in the other room. But at least now I have one more friend of my kind. And it turned out that she isn’t a beast at all. She’s such a pushover and whiner. She’s afraid of everything, even more than I am. And can you imagine that sometimes she’s even afraid of me? When I get my free time to fly, this blogger person sometimes brings her beast to me, so we’ll get closer. I don’t let Sammy hurt me, so I bite her first. And she becomes more cowardly than ever and runs away. That’s right, she must know who’s the owner of this household.

And today is my 5th year in this house, my 5th birthday. And maybe on Thanksgiving 5 years ago I didn’t understand that, but now I do, and I’m really thankful that these strange, but kind people found me and brought me home and became my family. And later brought me a little sister Sammy, even though I’d love to have a brother so we’d have some boy games and fights.

That’s all for today’s post. Enjoy some of the photos that this human took of me (even though they’re not as many as from that furry beast).

my first ever photoshoot. sorry for the bad quality, it was ages ago.
ah, sweet summertime, when I could go out and enjoy my time in the balcony
the first days of the beast in the house. she’d lie next to my home and sleep for hours. and yes, I’d usually join her.
anything that has reflection, is of my possession.
another photoshoot, which was ruined by the ginger beast, who also wanted to be in the frame
can you see who’s the boss in this house? look how scared she is, the human is even holding her tight, so she won’t run away and cry. looser.
and a couple of more photos to prove how cute I am.


  1. happy birthday Kesha! you would have surely died if you had not been found by the nice humans. maybe you will get a larger home this year for your birthday or maybe even an other bird friend???

    thanksgiving is mostly an american “holiday” but the message of the holiday is universal. i know canada has their own thanksgiving.


    • thank you! we actually wanted to get him a new bigger cage, but didn’t find any we liked, they were either way too big, or the same size 😂 so maybe for Christmas 😄 yeah I know, and I really like its message, I think every country should have their own version of Thanksgiving. have a great day!


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