Fake Beauty Standards 🪞

Throughout many of my posts, I’ve mentioned bits and pieces on this topic. Now I think it’s the right time to discuss it properly, more in detail, isn’t it?

Lots of things have changed in the recent couple of years. And maybe the best thing is to do is try and accept the new standards and “rules” that are now considered as the new normal. Maybe in that way everything would have been much better and easier. But sadly I can’t just do that. Seeing how our world is more and more turning into a havoc, and absurdities are becoming new, typical standards, I can’t sit here and simply accept it.

You know I love keeping up with the new trends, just to be informed about our world and people in general. Also these trends always give me many topics to talk about, so at least that’s one thing to be thankful for. And the more it goes, the more I see hypnotized zombies, that only care about fashion, makeup, hot bodies etc.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing bad about looking good, neat and healthy, doing makeup, exercising etc. I myself love those things. But for me it’s a small part of my life, it doesn’t define me, because I’m not fully concentrated on that. I want to look good, just like anyone else, I love exercising and bringing my body into good shape, or trying new makeups, but that’s not my life goal. While for many people it has already become their lives’ purpose.

The thing is, no one wants to look naturally beautiful. No one wants to stay original and authentic, and look like they do. If you look the before and after of many girls, especially those numerous influencers, beauty gurus and models, the results are just shocking. People are changing the way they look in a drastic way. Sometimes you can’t even recognize a person without makeup. And that’s far from being normal.

You can take Bella Hadid as an example. She’s officially the most beautiful woman on this planet. I don’t know who decided that, but whatever. If you have some free time, just google her before and after photos. Those are two different girls. The first one, looks like a normal pretty girl, who has a life and spark in her eyes. And the other, new, transformed one, looks presumably hot, but in reality she looks dead inside, like she’s become from a live person to an artificial mechanism. And that’s what girls now aspire to be. Cold, beautiful creatures with no souls.

Same with surgeries and multiple injections. They have become so common and ordinary. The most ridiculous part is, that a big group of women go and have all different kinds of surgeries and injections, and then talk and brag about self-confidence, looking natural and accepting yourself. And thousands of younger girls blindly believe them, making them their idols and wanting to look just like them.

I don’t even want to get started on all this new and strange obsession with diets and gyms, that appeared literally out of nowhere. There’s a huge difference between eating healthy, staying active and starving and torturing yourself to death, just to look skinny and “hot“. Everyone’s now obsessed with counting calories, eating a bird’s portion and then “compensating” it with hours in gyms. As my mom loves to say, these girls are trying really hard to be able to hide behind a mope.

We have come to such a point, when having a little fat on your body is a shame, a disgrace. That’s why gyms are usually full of already thin girls, who consider themselves fat and want to look even skinnier. Skin and bones, that’s the new healthy.

In this case I have a question. Why aren’t libraries full as well? If people out of nowhere decide that they’re fat, and need to spend all their free time in gyms, why don’t they think in the similar way about their brains? Imagine someone sitting in their house, and then going like “oh no! I’m so stupid! I’m never leaving the library again, and I’ll start counting all the degrading information calories, in order not to get stupid again!”. Well, I mean, this would at least be beneficial.

I don’t know why and when everything went this way. For a short while, there were all the body positivity and being natural movements, that were encouraging everyone to accept and love themselves the way they are. Because everyone is beautiful in their own way. And our flaws are the things that make us unique, make us stand out and be attractive and exclusive. For a while I could see a positive change, I saw lots of people finally understanding and accepting that simple truth. But then suddenly everything went completely wrong, and even worse than it was before.

If before, people just wanted to look good, now they want to look “perfect“, look like someone else. Catfishing has become the new normal (sorry if I use the word “normal” a little too much in this post). Apparently it’s okay when you create a whole new face on you, a new “glowed up character“, as it’s now trendy to say. And catfishing everyone to think that you actually look that way. And you know what happens, when someone is sensible enough, to raise their voice and say that it’s wrong? Of course they get all the hate, and get called toxic, a bully, an abuser and all these modern popular words.

I’ve always said, that a person is free to do whatever they want. Unless it hurts themselves or other people. In this case, it actually hurts both in so many ways. It is especially harmful for the younger generation, who start using makeup and think about surgeries at the age of 10, being influenced by these new beauty criteria.

Our world would have been a much better place, if people cared more about their inner values and brains, rather than this fake beauty. When your inside is beautiful, your outside instantly and naturally becomes beautiful as well. I’m sure we all know many people, who don’t look like supermodels, but we consider them really attractive, just because they’re good and pure inside. So why don’t we concentrate on that?

I’m not saying we should ban all the makeup or gyms or diets. Everything is great when there’s a healthy limit to that. All of that was initially created to highlight and emphasize our good sides. To look the better version of our true identity and persona. Not look like someone else.

Everyone knows, that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But somehow that’s what we do for all of us. Instead of paying attention to the inside, we like to be deceived by the shiny covers. Remember not all that glitters is gold. Those, who spend 99% of their time and energy just to look chic, luxury and hot, are usually empty inside. Because the only thing they got is their beautiful empty cases.

Don’t be afraid of standing out and looking not perfect. Believe me, no one is. Don’t change your true colors like a chameleon, because you’re a beautiful person inside and out, especially if you understand and enhance that in yourself. You need to love you with all your good and bad sides. And it’s completely okay to have bad sides, that’s what makes us human, not robots. Accept yourself and you’ll see how others will perceive you as a wonderful person as well.



  1. Part of the problem is people are on social media way too much. The more that they look for certain things the more they will see as the social media sites use algorithms. Who’s algorithms will guide you more and more to the certain sites but you started with so that you’re seeing more and more of them. Of course the more you see of certain things amor you feel you should be looking and doing those things. It’s become apparent more and more recently the people believe more what they read from social media sites and from people who post on those sites and they believe in the professionals who know about these things. Fashion and makeup and beauty aid companies flood the market saying this is how you should look and of course everybody says yes that’s how I should look so I will do what I can so I can look that way.


    • that’s so true! that’s why social media can be a very toxic environment, especially for younger people, who haven’t evolve as individuals yet. this is one of those global problems, that will take quite a long time and effort to be solved


  2. Exactly said: ” If people out of nowhere decide that they’re fat, and need to spend all their free time in gyms, why don’t they think in the similar way about their brains?” Super!!!😍

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  3. “If people out of nowhere decide that they’re fat, and need to spend all their free time in gyms, why don’t they think in the similar way about their brains?”
    Ahh, we can dream, but don’t imagine they’ll all come true! 😁


  4. I just love this blog. After seeing everyone’s gym mirror selfies , I feel exhausted. This world is gone crazy about their appearance and it’s increasing day by day . They just want to make reels about their transformation of becoming fat to fit. I like the way you include librery here . Yeah I meen, I understand they just don’t like themselve’s in natural way or whatever but can’t they think of that way for their brains? And the same time I think it’s not only their fault. Humans have tendency to compare themselves with others and social media made it easier for them , I’m a human and sometimes i get distracted by social media but then I made myself realise that I love the way I’m and yes I want to transform myself but only for be a better version of me .
    Btw I love your concept and it’s worth reading ❤️


    • thanks so much for you comment! I agree with you! Most of the time I think people want to look beautiful and hot just to impress others, and not to feel good themselves,, everyone wants to show off and prove something to others especially in social media,, I’m not saying that working out or doing makeup is wrong, but you should do that for yourself, as well as think about your inner qualities, and not purely about your appearance,, thanks again!♥️


  5. You have already raised this topic. Thank you for being so indifferent. I fully agree that the mass beauty industry is trying to impose its own, favorable standards for them.
    But I am happy to say that in my environment all friends and acquaintances are not susceptible to these trends, despite their dominance on the Internet and social networks. They know how to think for themselves.
    I believe that the most effective method of dealing with this is to teach people from early childhood to think for themselves and make their own decisions, draw their own conclusions and follow their principles.


    • thank you! you’re right, I’ve already spoken about similar things, but this time decided to focus more on beauty standards, rather than priorities or mindsets,, it’s quite difficult to ignore all these trends, especially if someone’s self-conscious about themselves,, there should just be more trends about being authentic and true to yourself

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  6. It is just awful. I am not impressed with all the celebrities who promulgate a very expensive and fake version of themselves, making other females feel lesser about themselves by comparison. It is not just ‘times up’ for men who abuse women, it should be ‘times up’ too for celebrities who market fake versions of themselves. Why are they paid attention to by our culture? Maybe because our lack of culture devalues females and their inherent worth and value.


    • that’s sadly really true! I also always wonder, why do these people have such a big fan base, who blindly accept everything they do and say,,not only accept, but also praise that behavior and try to copy it,, and when someone says that it’s wrong, they simply ignore that person, calling them a hater…


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