Halloween Atmosphere 🎃🦇🕯

And it’s that time of the year again, when the world splits in half-one group hating Halloween, and calling it a satanic holiday, without even knowing its history and origin, the other one having fun and enjoying this mysterious time of the year.

I absolutely belong to the second group! Since childhood I’ve had a strong love for everything magical, fantastic, mysterious and the more I grew up, the stronger got this love.

I was 11 when I discovered Halloween via a magazine. It was early 2008, and I don’t think many people knew about the existence of this peculiar holiday in Armenia. Later people started celebrating it, even decorating some shops and cafes. But even nowadays the majority of people are afraid from this day, considering it evil and not Christian.

I think everyone gets what they believe in. For me it’s just a fun day, when I can spend time with my friends, decorate the house and feel a little extra magical and enjoy the mysterious atmosphere. Especially when the weather corresponds with the holiday and becomes really gloomy, that’s just perfect.

What I’m telling is, don’t pay attention to what people say about something that you love and enjoy doing. If it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else, then you shouldn’t care if others think it’s wrong. And just take it easy, it’s just a day, some old myths and legends and nothing more. Get dressed, decorate your place, have a low-key or a big party, whichever you want, or just spend the day alone, with some snacks and candles and watch some good old Halloween movies.

Happy Halloween! 🎃🕯🦇



  1. Good post and great photos. I agree with you totally. As an American living in Great Britain, I have to hear the over exaggerated claim that America forced Halloween on the world. It didn’t and most Americans don’t care if the rest of the world celebrates it or not.


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