Soundtrack of Autumn 🍂🎧

Just like with spring, and every other season, autumn for me also has its own songs, songs that have been collected through years and made into a great playlist.

I don’t know if I’m the only person with seasonal songs, hopefully not. But there are songs that just scream a season and you can’t ignore it. Plus there are the ones, which remind you of a specific period, and whenever you listen to it, you transfer to those good old days, and bring back all those memories and feelings to this present day.

Autumn songs have a chill vibe, just like the weather outside. They’re usually slow, melodic, somewhere in acoustic rock and indie genre. They seem to complement the season, and go together perfectly, like they were created for each other. These are the songs you’d listen on a rainy morning, with rain being a part of the music itself, on a pleasant walk with crispy air and crunching leaves, which again become an integral part of the autumn soundtrack.

Like autumn itself, these songs fill you with extra-coziness, warmth but also fresh, and chill air at the same time, with a hint of Halloween coming around quite soon. They’ll make you listen the autumn, feel the autumn, like you’re the main character of your own movie, which takes place in the most beautiful and picturesque little town, or big city, doesn’t really matter. Here’s a small part of my autumn playlist, which will hopefully inspire you as well for this season.

1. Keane – Somewhere Only We Know

2. Needtobreathe – Brother

3. The Neighborhood – Sweater Weather, Daddy Issues

4. Jonathan Clay- Heart on Fire

5. Aly & Aj – Rush

6. Imagine Dragons – Thunder

7. John Williams – Mischief Managed!

8. One Direction – Home, Infinity, Perfect

9. Ingrid Michaelson – Everybody Wants to Love

10. NF – Paralyzed

11. Awolnation – Sail

12. Avril Lavigne – Complicated, Let Me Go

13. Coconut Records – Microphone

14. Jean-Philippe Verdin – Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime

15. Ruelle – War of Hearts, Madness



  1. #6! i was reminded of this song yesterday/last night as there was a thunderstorm passing through my area. quite the light show and sound system nature provided for about an hour. of course the rain which followed was very welcomed. this morning the air had a fresh/crisp smell and the sky just seemed to be a sparkling clear blue.


  2. Sweet post. I’d not thought of listening to certain songs according to season….other than Christmas songs. But it is an interesting thought. George Winston, an excellent pianist, has an entire album titled “Autumn”. I do pick songs to listen to according to what I’m feeling inside….whether I need something to soothe me, or jazz me up 🙂


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