Wrong Priorities 🏆

Actually, priorities can’t be wrong, because they’re strongly subjective, and what’s subjective can’t be right or wrong. If you chose something for your life, it means that you believe in it’s being good for you. So why did I pick such a title? I think you’ll understand throughout this post.

I’ve talked about a similar topic in another post, but I mostly concentrated on friendship of nowadays in there. Now I want to analyze more broadly. About our life choices. Recently, I’ve been coming across many articles or accounts in instagram, tiktok etc, that are “motivational and inspirational“. Why in quotation marks? Because it’s not really like that. Those pages don’t try to motivate or inspire us to have a better life, to make the right life decisions, to believe in your dreams, to be a better person. No. They try to insert some very wrong values and priorities in us. You’ve probably seen these types of posts, they urge us to: only concentrate on our goals (which aren’t actually ours), to work hard, work 24/7, to invest in ourselves, learn to manipulate everyone and sell ourselves, cut ourselves from all our friends and relatives (people who presumably try to hold us back from achieving something high, not even knowing what exactly), to never leave the gym in order to impress others with our great bodies, to always be on a diet for the same reason, to buy lots of courses of all those coaches, telling us the secrets of becoming a millionaire… If everything written above is true, our world would be full of great looking millionaires, who are absolutely healthy and happy. But as you may have noticed, it’s quite far from the truth. The amount of illnesses, chronic depressions, suicides, unhappy and exhausted people is just getting bigger and bigger. What does it mean? That all these accounts, gurus and coaches are simply fake, and they just want more people believe in them and get in the hamster wheel that only stops once: when you die.

I’m not surprised at those pages and their brainwashing plans, because that’s how they make their living. I’m surprised at all those thousands and millions of people, who follow and like those posts, who blindly believe in everything they see, who change their lives in order to correspond to that “successful lifestyle“. And I’m sure if any of those people read this post, they’d consider me a loser, a toxic person who just doesn’t have what they have and is envious. But what do they really have? They don’t even have their own brains to think for themselves and understand that not everything that is written in internet is the absolute truth. That in order to be happy and successful they don’t need to spend their whole time and energy in offices, trading their lives for a modern type of slavery. That you don’t need to create a new personality and sell yourself like a product in a market.

These evil powers, because that’s what they are, pure evil, don’t want us to enjoy our lives, to follow our own paths, to have good friends and family. They want us to become isolated and easy to manipulate, they want us to become zombies, infinitely stuck in the matrix, constantly chasing something without even understanding that there’s no such thing as perfection. They use some cliche words and expressions (like right mindset, motivation, discipline etc.) as their hook or bait, so that we’ll agree with these seemingly good words and accept everything that is written after, even if it’s completely nonsense. And if you follow those accounts, you’ll notice that there’s absolutely no mention of reading books, learning new things (of course if it’s not their course on “how to become a millionaire in a week“), expanding our horizons, they never tell you to work on yourself, on your bad sides and flaws, to try to become a better person, better friend, better husband/wife, parent/child/sibling. They’ll never teach you how to be in harmony with yourself and with the world, how to actually feel happy…

They don’t need that. They don’t want you to develop as a person, to have your own worldview and opinion. They don’t actually want you to be independent and satisfied. They don’t want you to have close people by your side, because otherwise it would be hard to lie and sell their products to you. All they need is an army of zombies, who will do whatever they want. They insert all these priorities in people. That’s why I call them wrong. Because it’s not the true priorities of people, it’s simply a brainwash. A promise for a great life and huge success. And thousands of people take that bait.

The most ridiculous thing is that these pages or articles contradict themselves so much. They tell you that in order to be successful you have ghost everyone and not care about what people think of you, not compare yourself with others (which is true, except for the ghosting everyone part), but one sentence later they claim that you need to work out 7 days a week in order to make everyone jealous with your amazing body. They advertise people who’ll help you grow your audience with 1 million followers, but they themselves have only 50K. But people blindly don’t notice that.

Now it’s time for an important disclaimer! I’m not talking about not working or achieving your dreams. It’s okay to work, to go to gym, to work hard for your future, to have goals and fight for them. It’s absolutely okay to do all that stuff. Just don’t make your jobs or having the “perfect body” your main priority in this life, abandoning everything and everyone else, just because an unknown page in instagram says that that’s what you should do to be successful. Follow your own path, even if it is different from others. Do what makes you happy, and not something that is supposed to make you happy. Listen to your soul and heart, they are your true gurus and teachers, they know much better what they want. Find that one thing and work hard for that, for your own dream, not everyone else’s. But the most important is, do not forget to have fun. I mean really, that’s what our lives are for. I’m not talking about sth crazy like parties, drugs, alcohol 24/7, no. But remember to actually live your lives instead of working for a “better life” in the far future. Because life isn’t in the future, it’s right here, right now. Live it, enjoy it! Don’t abandon your friends and family just because you’re busy “building your dream life“, a life that everyone else will be envious of. Because when you finish up the building, you’ll notice that you’re all alone. And if that building collapse one day, there’ll be no one to shelter and comfort you. Only those fake motivational accounts, that you’ll find blank one day. Just think about it and make your life choices right and pick your own priorities that will be great and right for you. Build your own life, where you’re in control and you decide what’s essential and good for you, not the internet or society.



  1. They want humans to be an army of zombies 🙂 but the most people are individualists by nature.
    Beautiful post 👏


  2. While enjoying your blog, actually I disagree about priorities. Consider the “brainwashers” you are writing about: people who manipulate others, and wouldn’t you say their priorities are screwed up?
    As for purpose in life, it is so sad that so many just live day-to-day trying to find happiness, basically living hand-to-mouth – whatever feels good for the moment, or as Epicureans, whatever does not cause pain, either in the short-term or long-run of life on earth.
    But “Happiness is not the goal in life; happiness is a by-product of living out your purpose.” (Rick Warren)
    The whole duty of humankind is to love and enjoy ‘The God Who Is’ forever; a much longer view than mere happiness in this life. We are created for eternity and like Augustine and Pascal, until we find Jesus to fill the void in our lives, we will be unsatisfied, no matter how hard we try to fill it with the things and people that make us “happy.”
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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    • thanks a lot for your comment! well for me personally their priorities are wrong, but since it’s a subjective thing, I can’t decide for them, they chose what they think is right for themselves. I agree, being happy is not a purpose, it’s a feeling that is internal, not connected with outer things or people,, each person chooses their own life goal and purpose, so I guess that’s strongly subjective too, that can vary from person to person.

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    • The serial killer who prioritizes killing his next victim, or a child porn addict who finally decides (and prioritizes) kidnapping a child, are the examples that come to my mind — definitely types of priorities that are clearly wrong. Even the mother who prioritizes social media or TV/entertainment over caring for her child, or the person who prioritizes porn over their spouse or children — nothing necessarily illegal about these, but clearly wrong.

      There are probably far more examples that come in shades of gray, though, but ultimately only One who will able to discern all the intent of the heart, weighing motives and judging rightly if a person was right or wrong or somewhere in between. May we all know His will, and may He have mercy on us all. 💜✝️

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      • you’re right! sadly there are lots of people like that, whose priorities and mindset are already disturbed and I don’t know if they can ever change that or not 😕


  3. Yes you are absolutely right actually we are the author of our life so we have to decide what is good for us? We have to build our life as our wish. Very well written 😊👌🌹 thank you very much ❤️😊👌


  4. Great post. I’ve been on a spiritual path consciously since 1973. I’ve studied extensively with or attended lectures by various spiritual teacher and/or alternative healer types. Some are like you say….just interested in control and money. But some are sincere. I’ve found value in most things I studied. I had a 40 year spiritual/holistic health therapy practice, trained in 16 mind/body/spiritual therapies and helped many. But if anyone wanted me to guarantee a session with me was going to cure them, fix the problems immediately etc I couldn’t guarantee that. People come to these things with year of issues built up, so to expect it to all shift and be healed in a session is ridiculous. Plus, …any belief, therapy, system relies on the person themselves to be honest with themselves, do the work, be willing to change etc. Many of these so called gurus don’t want to admit that. And yes, I’ve seen some immediate and profound shifts in people I’ve worked on…in one session. And in some….no change at all. But like I said….I never told anyone…oh this one session will change your life. All I could ever say is…..this is a step, and a worthwhile one….what a person allows to happen, what a person commits to or doesn’t….is up to them. And like you say…it doesn’t mean dropping everyone around you. Although there are some people in our lives that do attempt to hold us back and are toxic because of that.


    • thank you! that’s really great that you’re doing this! and greater that you are being so honest about your work! most people’d say that they’ll cure everything in one session just to get more clients, so it’s really good to know that there are honest specialists like you! and I agree lots of things are individual, whether the person really wants and is willing to change sth and solve a problem. thanks a lot for your comment!

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      • I was never good at selling MLM products. There is no way I could say that one product cures a laundry list of ailments, or even that Amway products were better than store bought, etc. I tried a couple times and just couldn’t do it.


  5. Agree. The main thing is the desires and goals of the person himself. Everything else must be able to filter and not be taken on faith.
    Moreover, I will say even more: I usually go to several doctors with my ailments in order to hear several points of view, and the decision is to make my own.
    At the same time, it is very important to understand what the person himself really wants. If this is understandable, then the lion’s share of happiness is already in your pocket.


  6. Not sure there are “wrong” priorities. After all, they’re one’s choice, aren’t they?
    Maybe the worst is to change priorities all the time?


    • yeah that’s what I think too! and yes I agree! there are people like chameleons who constantly change what their like/dislike, their opinions and priorities based on what’s popular right now, or with whom they’re hanging out, and that’s I guess the worst

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      • That too. I was thinking more about insecurity that makes some people change their mind several times a day. But you’re right: fashion and trends are probably even worse. (Or can combine…)
        Take care


  7. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic. Sometimes those advertisements you speak of run across the YouTube videos I’m watching, or they find their way into the feed of blogs I’m reading. There are so many different people offering the promise of greatness behind a paywall or a list of videos you must watch and adhere to.

    As a Christian I try to align my life with Jesus. To love everyone who comes across my path for who they are and offer whatever small amount of assistance I can to their seeking to live their own life.

    Thank you again for sharing what you have clearly thought about with great discernment. ❤️


    • thanks for your comment! I agree with you! if those methods actually worked, our world would be full of millionaires, but since it’s not like that, it means there’s something wrong with that attitude

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