Goodbye Summer! 🌾

This summer has surely went over the speed limit, because it literally feels like yesterday, when June arrived. Why is time flying so fast?

When June first arrived, I was really pessimistic about the upcoming summer, and was wishing for autumn to arrive asap, even though I knew that it’s impossible. I can’t stand hot and too sunny weather, so thinking about three months of +40 degrees celsius and the reluctance and unwillingness of doing anything fun wasn’t exactly creating an exciting feeling. But once again life taught me not to live with expectations, whether good or bad, and with “what if-s“.

As people say, the devil is not as scary as he is painted. The weather was quite good, even sometimes rainy and chilly, despite a few heatwaves, one of which we’re having now, as though summer only now remembered that it had to be hot. In early June I made a bucket list of things that I’d love to do, or things that would make my summer more interesting. The problem with making lists is that my perfectionist ass puts too much thought and importance on those and you know, when you chase sth too hard, it just runs away from you even faster. But this time, I made the list in my phone notes and hid it, so that I won’t even remember what I wrote in there. Only recently I opened it and was shocked to realize that I’ve accomplished 45/55 things from my list, without even trying hard or doing something just to cross it off the list. And I’m really happy about it.

This summer wasn’t exactly “hot girl’s summer“, as they say it now, it didn’t have many crazy fun experiences or events. But it was good, really good. Like a whole new chapter, with its own soundtracks, beautiful sceneries, people and warm memories. I made a cottagecore post earlier this season, and my whole summer went in those chill, cozy but also joyful vibes. I got to see many of my friends (some of whom I haven’t seen for a very long time), read many good books, watch lots of interesting movies, see many amazing things (including the red poppy field, which was a mini-dream of mine), write a lot, reunite with some relatives, even dye my hair pink… And you know, it isn’t much about what’s happening in your life. It’s more about how you feel about them. Again, what matters the most is mentality. If you have the right perspective and perception of things, you’ll notice all the good things happening in your life. Some people can have big, amazing parties every day, but don’t appreciate that fun time. The others will be excited for a low-key friends gathering and will cherish those pleasant memories forever.

This post doesn’t have a purpose of a specific enlightening topic. Just my thoughts and reflections on this beautiful season passing. Because indeed I understood how beautiful the atmosphere of summer is. With all its gorgeous flowers, all the seasonal fruits, breathtaking sunsets, the light fantasy and an indescribable feeling of adventures and easy-goingness (if such a word even exists).

One last advice for this post- don’t live with expectations and what if-s. Don’t think about bad past experiences or the unclear nature of future. Just enjoy your every day, doing something that will make you happy. One day, looking back, you’ll see so many great memories and will be forever thankful for them.

Enjoy some of my favorite shots of this season. And Goodbye, Summer!



  1. I do not like the heat, but I love the summer. Awesome post and very beautiful photos😍


  2. looks like you remained “in the moment” and i feel that is what life is about. completing 45/55! well done! for a moment, i thought you had a photo of john lennon with the long hair, shades and blue shirt. lol nice collection of photos. as i write this, where i live we are in a “heat advisory” still and i am looking forward to cooler weather but i am sure my wait will be very long. sigh


    • haha omg so true, I also saw some resemblance after you mentioned it😂 yeah that’s the best thing in life, to stay in the moment and enjoy it,, sorry about your hot weather! wish you (and also us) soon arrival of cold weather 🙏🏻🌧

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  3. What!? Only one pic of you with pink hair, and then we could not see the lovely face behind the phone!? 😉
    “Forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”
    It is good to remember the past, good and bad, but what lies ahead of us is much more important. Like driving a car, we need to check the rear-view briefly every now and then, but more importantly be aware of what is to come. ❤️&🙏, c.a.


    • I absolutely agree! it’s good to have great memories from the past, but what’s happening now is more important! thank you, that was the only photo that I have with pink hair haha 😄

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  4. Great post. So glad you enjoyed your summer. And….doing 45 of the 55 things you listed without even looking at the list 🙂 I love your photos…..such an artistic display. You must have some serious tech skills. I struggle just to write my posts and share some photos in a normal way!

    It was extremely hot where I’m staying, much higher than normal, and often there was smoke in the air. But it is mostly cooling off now and I’m grateful for that.

    Enjoy the fall!


    • thanks so much! I guess everything comes with practice! also there’s no normal and abnormal ways to share your writings and photos, everyone’s way is unique and differently beautiful! It’s going to be a little cooler from later this week and I can’t wait for that!♥️

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  5. The colours of the different flowers and the beauty of the shining sun are very present in the photos you’ve shared. Thank you for sharing them. It certainly looks like you made the most of your time during the warm months, both outside and inside, and with others and your curious ginger fur friend. ❤️


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