Sunflower Season 🌻

August is always the most bittersweet month of the year. It’s the summer slowly coming to its end, the new season (as well as the official academic year) beginning. It’s the time of harvest, of all those amazing fruits and vegetables. It’s the time of sunflowers.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of sunflowers, I instantly imagine August-beginning of September, this nostalgic period, the time of making the most of the season but also getting ready and somehow being excited for the new season (my favorite season) to come. August has always been the most active summer month, at least for me. You travel somewhere, visit new places, or get some visitors from other countries, have road-trips, do some domestic traveling. Life seems to be in its full swing. But at the same time it’s the saddest month of the season, as you know that it’s coming to its end.

Sunflowers somehow represent all this, the summer, the harmony of ending and beginning, the harvest, everything. They’re the flowers full of all kind of summer memories. And even when I look at them now, right in front of me, they remind me of many many amazing summers that I’ve had, as well as bring excitement for the long-awaited autumn to finally arrive.

This post has no special meaning or point, it’s just sunflowers. Enjoy the numerous photos I took of them.



  1. I used to be sad around August because of the approaching end of summer…then I discovered the beauty of swimming in the winter and now I look at winter with great anticipation


  2. I love your use of metaphor of sunflowers representing August, the approaching end of summer, harvest, the gathering of fruits and vegetables and also the gathering of summer memories. ❤


  3. I think sharing beauty and how change can be a time of tension is the perfect reason for a post!

    Well chosen pictures, thoughts, and poems. 😊


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