Two Sides of Everything 🤼

Have you noticed how everything in this world is dual or two-faced? Literally for almost everything we have created a counter part and are fighting from two sides. We never let two things just be, be in balance like yin and yang. We create armies and fight in infinite battles. But for what? To prove our right? Our “intelligence” or superiority? Why do people think that their opinions are so important and so true, that they have to tell it everywhere and argue in every corner?

Let me bring an instance for a better understanding. There are millions of cases like this, but I’ll just bring a few ones. Vegans/vegetarians vs those who eat meat. See, a primitive thing, just a choice of an individual whether they want to eat meat or other animal-derived products or not. Somewhere in an utopia you’d think, why would people spend hours arguing about this topic. This rivalry has been going on for years, from both sides. People who consume meat urge others to use it too, because without meat you’ll be sick, you’ll die, you won’t function properly, and they start bringing examples of how their friend had a friend, whose neighbor’s son died because he didn’t eat meat. Plus they say that all the meals made specifically for vegans damage the environment. Vegans and vegetarians on the other hand constantly make passive-aggressive comments and remarks, some even calling the others murderers, again blaming them for the state of the environment, saying that they are eating corpses etc. Messed up, isn’t it? And this is just a simple example, choice of a diet and lifestyle.

Same with the ones living “the healthy” life, working out in gyms 24/7, eating nothing but greenery versus those who spend every day in fast food cafes, not exercising at all and just “living the life” (I’m exaggerating everything to make my point clear). Same with supporters of different political parties, who are ready to kill each other just because they’re voting for a different person. Even people who have cats and those who have dogs are mini-enemies, constantly comparing the pros and cons of each pet, trying to bring the other down. Sometimes only one of the sides is the aggressor while the other just tries to stand its ground, sometimes both sides become the aggressors, and that’s even more terrible.

The latest “rivalry” is on the matter of vaccines. Some of them think that the wonderful vaccines will save the world, and blame everyone who doesn’t want to get vaccinated, as they “don’t think about the humanity and the world“. While those, who don’t trust the new invention, some thinking that this is a controversy, some just understanding that the vaccines haven’t been properly tested and examined yet and are cautious for their possible consequences, may call the vaccinated people zombies and try to persuade them with their facts. Again, this is a matter of choice nothing more. If you feel safe about getting a vaccine, go ahead and do it, but stop brainwashing and making fun of those who think differently than you. If you don’t want to be vaccinated, then don’t do it and stop trying to “save others from evil” by retelling all the anti-vaccine information you’ve gained.

These are just a few plain examples of the duality. There are of course much more significant and bigger topics. But even these simple things prove how dysfunctional and disordered the humanity is. If we all lived just for ourselves, without accusing and blaming others for a different lifestyle, opinion or identity, without proving that we know the best and we’re the smartest, while the others are inferior and stupid, things would be so much easier. If we understood that whatever we do, we do it for ourselves. I don’t need to brag that I’m a vegan all the time, because if I sincerely decided to cut out the meat from my ration, that doesn’t have to concern or worry anyone else. Same with supporting a politician, same with owning a cat, being vaccinated or anything else. If you do something and constantly talk about it, maybe in reality you are trying to be provocative and try to prove something to others or even to yourself.

Remember that everyone lives in their own world. What is right for you, might be absolutely wrong for someone else, even your closest person, and vice versa. There is no one objective truth in this world, so don’t try to persuade others and make your opinion an undeniable fact, because there’s no such thing. Just live your lives, and do what feels good for you and accept the fact that everyone else also has the absolute right to do what they want, and that different choices and lifestyles don’t make one better or worse than the others. Learn to share your opinions without making it the absolute truth and imposing it on everyone else.



  1. “There are two sides to every coin (heads *&* tails)
    and two sides two everything else in life, why?
    Akin to the egg and chicken
    which 1 came first=it always was.” _- Van Prince

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  2. Divide and conquer, so they are fighting with each other, against each other in all spheres of life. You need to do something in order to seem significant, important. Will they not look inside themselves? Or to live in harmony and in peace, it’s boring, everyone is equal there😣 And how to show yourself, your intellect, status, etc.Exellent post and topic!!!


  3. “and make your opinion an undeniable fact, because there’s no such thing.” i disagree with this statement. i will pick one of your examples: vaccines. it is a fact that vaccines have SAVED many lives worldwide. vaccines for polio, small pox, measles, yellow fever. and flu just to name a few have “undeniable” saved lives and prevent millions of deaths of people worldwide. and they continue to do so. this is just not my opinion, it is a fact.

    i will agree with your other choices, vegan/vegetarian, dog/cat, exercise/no exercise are opinions and though there may be some studies about them, facts about them vary. those choices may have little to no impact on others around you and their lives, (an exception would be vegan/veg as there may be an environmental impact to consuming meat)

    this is a very good subject, but very hard to discuss in a blog, but it does show us your passion. and that is a good thing.


    • thanks a lot for your comment! it is indeed a very long topic to talk about, I just tried to narrow my thoughts down a little, so it wouldn’t be too boring to read 😂 as for vaccines, I should have specified that I meant the covid ones. I know that generally vaccines have saved and are still saving many lives, but those were properly and fully tested, have passed their experimental period, whereas the ones for corona haven’t, that’s why a great amount of people prefer to wait and see what its future consequences will be,, and I’ve seen and know many people that are constantly arguing on this topic, whether it’s good or bad, while in reality we can’t say that for sure, because even the doctors and professionals don’t know all the details and side effects of it

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  4. “There is no one objective truth in this world.”
    Aldous Huxley wrote in contrast to this, “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” (Even a stopped clock is right once a day, and Huxley was right at least this one time.)
    Paul Little echoed this: “Believing something doesn’t make it true. A thing is true or not regardless of whether anyone believes it.” The converse is also true, not believing something that is true will not make it false.
    Much of our world is caught in this trap of thinking we can each “have our own truth,” i.e. true for you, but not for me. This belief system is no more “tolerant” of so-called intolerant people who are correct. (See Paul Copan, “True for You, But Not for Me”)
    “Everyone else … has the absolute right to do what they want” is true only because The God Who Is has created us with free will. No one can force another to believe the sky is blue if they are unwilling to believe it.
    However, “different choices and lifestyles don’t make one better or worse than the others” is absolutely false, unless one believes Hitler’s views of Jews was just the valid as Anne Frank’s.
    There is Truth, and it does not change just because I find it uncomfortable or disagree with it. Thanx for challenging blog! c.a.

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    • thanks a lot for your comment, I really appreciate it! I agree, there are things in this world, that are undeniable, like you said, the blue sky, or sun or ocean etc,,, but even those things aren’t perceived the same way,,because for someone the same sun can be a meaning of life, for the other it can be a reason for global warming, for instance,,or you can say that the sky is mostly blue, while someone living in a northern part of the world would disagree, saying that the sky is mostly grey,, so even these big and obvious things can have different connotations, somehow becoming different for each individual,, I’ve always mentioned in my posts (forgot to do it in this one), that everyone has the absolute right to think, say and do what they want, unless it somehow hurts other people or animals,, so if Hitler thought bad about Jews without all the horrible things he did to them, I’d accept his choice of thinking that Jews are bad, even if it doesn’t correspond with my own opinion,,but since his perception of them caused such a massacre, then obviously that’s absolutely not right and is something to be judged and punished for,,

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    • thank you! yeah that’s quite possible in two cases: one, when you grow and develop and understand what you were saying before doesn’t feel right and good for you anymore,,and two, most commonly when people say or love something just because it’s a trend or because everyone they know and consider smart say that,, and when that thing gets out of “fashion” or “trend”, or they’re now close with other people having other opinions or lifestyle, they also automatically change their side like a chameleon and can even say that they always thought that way,,

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  5. Engage in healthy communication rather than conflict? Easier said than done, but definitely helps in seeing things from different perspectives and understanding a little more about the billions of works around us that periodically intermingle with ours.

    Thank you for sharing. 💛


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