Cottagecore Decor: Making it Cozy 🧺🌿

cottagecore: an “aesthetic” depicting/revolving around a romanticized life in nature. Very serene and calming vibes. Includes: flowers, florals, cottages, fairies, and more things of that ilk.

Now that we’re all familiar with its concept, let’s move on. Cottagecore has been one of the styles, that I loved way before knowing that there’s a special term for it. I always tried finding a word or expression describing it, whenever I wanted to explain sth or find inspiration and photos online. Imagine my happiness when I discovered this concept and could finally use one word to explain everything that I meant before.

I always had this nostalgic feeling of a cozy country life, somewhere in a small town, around fascinating nature, with peaceful energy and a simple life. And even though I never spent my childhood summers out of town, like many people do, I still got that feeling every summer. Maybe it’s a recollection from previous lives (if those exist), or I don’t know.

Throughout the years I tried to recreate the atmosphere of it in my room. I managed to make some little corners, but that wasn’t enough. And finally this year all things emerged and formed something I’ve been longing for a while. And as decor posts are one of my favorites, as they are able to convey the atmosphere the best, along with the right photos, I decided to write one, about how to make your place cozier than ever in the summertime. So let’s begin.

As you may have already understood, the main thing here are elements and colors of nature. It can be anything: plants, fresh flowers (hence why summer is the best time for it), dried flowers, that you can make yourself, leaf garlands, or any floral prints. And the more-the better. The emphasis is on nature, as you’re trying to create the feeling of living in a small cottage near it, even if you live in a skyscraper, far from any kind of flora. If the outside is not what you want, you can at least make the inside look as desired.

Next important thing is a patchwork quilt. If you have it, consider the mission already accomplished. Its history goes way back till 11-12th centuries. It’s funny how in the past having a patchwork blanket, clothes or anything else was considered a sign of poverty, as people didn’t have the money to buy something new, so they sew it from all the excess fabric that they had in the household. And now it’s a trend, the factories make such designs for everything possible. I love the patchwork design and details, it kind of really transfers you to those old times. And you can even make it yourself from any old clothes or fabrics that you have.

Now for decor. This isn’t necessary, but for me personally, making your own decor adds up so much soul to the room. Again, maybe it’s because in older times people would make something rather than buying, that’s why diy-s are best friends of cottagecore vibes, at least for me. This year I made three things: the vintage looking cards (which are just free printables, that I soaked with coffee and added some accent colors with markers), salt dough with pressed flowers, and the embroidery that didn’t turn out as good as I wanted to, but still looks nice. Also I think this kind of simple hobbies go well with the cottagecore aesthetic. So whether it’s a herbarium, embroidery, fancywork, drying or pressing flowers, find what you like the best and it can be the best activity and decor at the same time. Oh, and I nearly forgot the mood-board, which is the best thing for getting inspired. You can pin photos you’ll find online, scenes from movies and cartoons, different illustrations or even stickers, and it will be the precious source of inspiration.

When I imagine life in a cottage, there are always some witchy or wicca vibes. Not the hexing and jinxing stuff, with skulls, bones, blood etc. In older times people payed more attention to their surroundings, knew much more about nature, and how to use their powers and energy for healing or doing something good. That’s why you’d often see dried herbs hanging from the walls, crystals and stones, shells, different spices add up together, even some “potions“, meaning liquid ingredients kept in bottles. Those witchy vibes always inspired me, I loved all the elements of nature, each having their special purposes, little bottles or jars with corks, which look so amazing, even if you keep salt and pepper in them, or bags with aromatic herbs… These are really small and “inessential” things that will give more definition to your general atmosphere and will make it more cozy and interesting. As well as having other, healing purposes.

I guess those were the main things. As for the rest, experiment, find things that you like the most. The best part of the cottagecore decor is that it doesn’t have to fancy at all. Everything you can find from your old things, even things that once belonged to you parents or grandparents would definitely work. You can add different boxes or containers, musical instruments, figurines, books and notebooks, even fashionable soap. Once you get familiar with the concept, you can add your own details to it, and even if that thing isn’t traditionally cottagecore, you can make it like that. And internet is always there to help, right? Hope this post also managed to inspire somehow and to convey the atmosphere I managed to create in my little room.



  1. “Words and their usage are a writers most power tools
    in their arsenal of creating literary masterpieces.”
    _-Van Prince

    *Priceless post (annmary 0723)*


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