Welcome to Animal Farm 🪓

Last November, when things in our country went wrong, wronger than possible, I decided not to write about politics anymore, as it doesn’t fix or change anything, just makes me mad.

But here we are. A little rundown of events-we had Parliamentary Elections yesterday, hoping for a better reality, for a chance for survival. But we woke up to see that we’re in a literal Animal Farm. “Democracy” won, the one who “loves and respects us“, by selling our territories, by acting like a madman 24/7, by saying bullshit all the time, by killing more than 5000 young soldiers and making more than 10000 disabled, won… and the flock of sheep still chose him. Why? Because he’s a “good person”, “honest person“… Because we don’t want the previous government and people, we’re scared of them, they were monsyers. But if you ask anyone, what did they do? Many people can’t even tell. They’re just repeating like zombies “old ones shouldn’t come“. And I’m not telling they’re good, they’re crap as well, but in this case it’d be more preferable than what we have now. I’m telling you, if you want to know what’s going on just read George Orwell’s “Animal Farm“. I know it’s written about Russian revolution and is a kind of a parody of that, but somehow it thoroughly represents what’s going on in here, it’s like it was written special for us, like Orwell was a psychic, seeing the future.

Of course there was an election fraud, there’s no doubt in that. But also no doubt, that many many people still chose the traitor, because he keeps promising to punish the “previous ones“. And now I’m really questioning our adequacy. Just think about it. If your enemy neighbor country, who only sleeps and dreams about killing every single Armenian on Earth, rejoices the election of a certain person, doesn’t it already tell something? Isn’t it a red flag? How can people be so blind and ignorant, not willing to come out of their little square minds, to stop repeating the same cliche expressions and sentences as a justification, and just think for a moment, think for themselves, and make their own logical conclusions and decisions. Well, too late for that.

I still want to hope though. Hope that I am completely wrong now. Hope that things will go well for me, for people and for our country. Because there’s nothing else left for us, but just hope for a chance. As for now, welcome to Animal farm, my dear country.



  1. “Politics worldwide and especially in America (Republican Party) have
    become akin to different poison snakes (dangerous and counterproductive to its people)
    *&* voters should vote all snakes out.”
    _-Van Prince

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  2. Voters have very short memories. This was a good write and world wide politics has gone completely mad. Politicians are only looking out for themselves.


    • thank you! you’re absolutely right! the sad part is that most of the time it’s us giving them the power that they use in their favor 😕


  3. Animal Farm is a perceptive vision of politics all across our world. Both American parties are guilty of trying to run the farm in their self-interests. People who complain about almost not getting their “handouts” from the government are just as much a part of the problems.
    Tragically, it is not going to get better. “All these are but the beginning of the birth pains.” Matthew 24:8 See https://capost2k.wordpress.com/2021/05/08/coming-soon-to-a-planet-near-you/


    • you’re very true! I think that book can represent any country and government in the world, because sadly it’s really relevant in our modern world,, but right now it seemed too similar to our current situation, that’s why I wrote this post, just to ease my thoughts ☺️

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  4. The amount of ‘trust’ that you should put into a politician who tells ‘you’ he is going to do the best for ‘you’ should be zero… he wasn’t speaking to you the ‘individual’ he was speaking to you the ‘population…’ and since the population is divided, he’s speaking from all corners of his mouth.

    During the election, he has a secret operation, and takes medication, so he can thereafter speak straight… because when he ‘wins’ (it doesn’t matter who wins, since the operation was done by the same surgeon), ‘you’ the individual… and ‘you’ the population, will surely come to realize, he was speaking to himself, and his small inner circle all the time.

    Of course you can put your trust in many religious leaders… but remember… those who claim to have God’s WhatsApp number, also speak from all corners of their mouths… and are operated on by the same surgeon…


    • oh believe me I don’t trust anyone, especially anyone in politics. they’re like pirates you know, they’ll do things that benefit them,,,we, the ordinary people, just have to hope that those things will also benefit us. I guess time will show what’s going to happen 🤷🏼‍♀️


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