Planting a Garden: Inspiration 👩🏻‍🌾🪴


I’ve been preparing this blog since April, but for different reasons it kept getting delayed. For a while I even thought about posting it next spring, as planting for me is more of a spring activity. But you know what they say, don’t postpone anything to the future, as you never know how it will be. So let’s just consider planting a summer activity as well, since I know that many people start taking care of their gardens in summer.

This spring got warm quite late, that’s why the annual trip to a flower market was unsuccessful, as there were almost no good flowers. The second trip though ended up a success, and we bought the flowers that are really great for our climate conditions and are resistant to hot weather, as well as the cold one (those are miniature roses, petunias and asters).

Second step was preparing and cleaning the area (that is the balcony), and checking the conditions of last year’s flowers, to see whether they have survived the winter or not. Some of the roses did, so we only had to clear and cut the dead branches and leave the fresh ones.

And now finally planting! Being an Earth sign I enjoy it so much. There’s something amazing in playing with the soil, giving plants and flowers a new “shelter” or home, watering them and having dirty hands after that. It’s really relaxing and calming for some reason, you feel more connected to your soul and to the nature, even if you live in a big metropolis. You kind of understand the true meaning of the word gardener, even if you “garden” is in your apartment or, as in this case, in the small balcony. That’s mostly why I love planting in spring, because you feel refreshed and reborn along with the plants and nature, you kind of give yourself another, a fresher start, you feel the warmness of early sun and soil, the coolness of the crisp breeze and water. And summer doesn’t have that feeling for me.

Now the funnest part-decorating! The Gnome is out once again guarding the garden, along with his fellow owls and rabbits, and their little huts. These small pieces give so much more definition of a proper garden to this little area, making it more cozy.

This year I decided to wrap some artificial ivy garlands in the lattice, and I’m so happy with it! Usually I don’t like fake plants and flowers. Despite the fact that they look great all year long, and won’t die and you won’t have to take care of them, for me they’re soulless. You can never compare fake plants to the real ones, it’s like comparing a stuffed toy with a real pet, and keeping a plush instead of a dog or a cat. But I’m glad with these results, as together they look really great. And a very curious thing happened, after hanging the fake ivy. One day after that, the real flowers looked so much fresher and greener, they turned to very bright and lush colors just in one day, as though being complimented by the ivy. So that’s another pro for me.

That’s it for this light, gardening post. I really recommend making a little space and create your own green area. It makes your place more cozy and warm, it gives you a great activity, taking care of the flowers. When there’s a heavy rainfall, or you water them with a sprinkler, you get to feel that amazing smell of a fresh greenery and earth, and that’s worth so much. Plus, seeing your planted flowers grow and blossom is an ultimate satisfaction.

43 thoughts on “Planting a Garden: Inspiration 👩🏻‍🌾🪴

      1. Yes, I wonder how you manage to clean all that stuff but anyway, I am jealous of those plants and decorations, really.


      2. Yaa, I’m trying actually, looking after them is great deal, I find it quite intimate. I know how much it grows, then there is long waiting period, the lessons and everything. But it’s all worth it. The green gives a different kind of relaxation, and that


  1. I always thought the saying was, “Don’t put off to tomorrow . . . what you can leave undone and blame on somebody else.” 😂
    Beautiful planting. If you do landscaping in the Lexington area, give me a call. 😉
    I reeeally wanted to re-landscape my front yard this year, but one thing after another, it may not happen now! 😢


  2. Wowwww..! Such a beautiful clicks..! Very pretty..! I loved it very much..! Awesome..!😊😊 If you like you my blog follow me..!😊


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