Everything Good About Friends 🛋

It’s strange, how I’ve been a fan of Friends since 2013, but never wrote a post about it.

For all of those who don’t know, Friends is a popular tv-series or a sitcom, which aired from 1994-2004. Since then everyone was desperately waiting for a sequel in the form of another season or a whole movie, but nothing ever happened. And now, 17 years after the last episode, the cast are finally having a reunion. In honor of that I decided to write about why I love it so much and why I recommend everyone to watch it.

If you look objectively and logically, the series are quite boring. It’s about 6 friends who live next door, and their lives, relationships, friendships, jobs etc. Nothing too exciting or intense happens. But strangely, millions of people loved it and are still watching it on a daily basis, like I do. For some reason you don’t get bored with it, every time you watch it, you perceive it differently, understand something new for you. Some people don’t understand the “hype” about it, saying that it’s not even that funny. So I decided to write some of the things that are so great about Friends.

First of all, it is a comedy, it’s not the highest intellectual humor, but it’s definitely something that will cheer you up after a hard day. It is really light, warm and cozy, and watching it you feel like you’re home, with your friends, you feel yourself good, safe and welcomed. Its atmosphere and energy are really great, it never fails to get you in the mood. And the best part is that you can watch any episode you want, and you won’t have to watch the previous ones to know what’s going on. The first time I watched Friends was some episodes from season 5 or 6, and after understanding who is who, I instantly got what’s going on. Also I love the fact that the episodes are short, and you can watch them during your lunch, on the road (if you’re not driving obviously) and anywhere else. I even watched Friends during boring lectures in university and it was really fun.

Second, it can teach you quite a lot about friendship and relationships in general. You see how true friends should be, without judging or blaming each other. They’re all different, with their flaws and bad sides, but they accept it, accept and love each other. They all have their separate individual lives outside of the group, but never fail to keep their contact. They’re there for their friends no matter what, ready to support both in their hardest, toughest moments and in their glory. And even if they have some arguments, they talk it out and get even closer, because that’s how things should truly be. Same with relationships. Two main relationships here are Chandler & Monica, and Ross & Rachel. With the example of the first couple you see that you need to work on your relationship, you need to explain and share what’s bothering you, and overcome the difficulties together, and that you can make each other become a much better person, and together be wholesome. With the example of the second couple we understand, that if two people are supposed to be together, they will, no matter what happens between them, and how much time passes, the universe will still bring them together, because it’s fate.

Third and most important, it shows you normal, ordinary people, with no superpowers, and no unbelievable ability to solve everything in an instant. You see how they get dumped, get fired, how they fail and screw up, get into awkward situations, in a nutshell- have the same problems we’re all having. It shows that it’s okay to feel yourself a complete loser, compare yourself with others in the negative way, feel down and doubt everything. Because the hardest part of having difficulties is thinking that you’re the only one like that, that others are successful and rich and have their lives put together, and you’re the only loser. And watching this really comforts you, because you see some similar situations and problems and kind of loosen up about it. And you also get motivated, knowing that if they can solve their problems, so can you.

Friends has all the events and elements of our real lives: marriages and divorces, getting fired and getting the dream job, child birth and even deaths, break ups, betrayals and getting into relationships, moving houses, changing careers, starting a new life etc. It’s funny, but whenever me and my friends or my mom discuss something from our real lives, whether it’s a happy event or a sad one, we always mention Friends and compare with a similar situation happening in there, and try to explain it or even give advice in its example. It has all the good and bad, bittersweet and heartwarming moments. It is kind of a guide for all the young adults, as well as a nice and funny watch. Whenever someone’s asked me a series recommendation, Friends is always the top one I’d advise.

So I hope you’ll also find something good and beneficial for you in this post, and maybe decide to watch it for the first time or rewatch for the 10th. And I’ll patiently wait May 27, to watch their reunion and become emotional about it.



  1. A good show especially for young people, there is a lot to learn. You described all its merits very well! Very good post❤


  2. One of the tragedies of our comedic tastes is that we have been hardened to sinfulness. In ALL tv or movies, one must “suspend disbelief” at some point or the story would not make sense. Most sitcoms include events or scenes that would completely ruin any real friendship, but in sitcom world, it’s, “okay, let’s just make up and forget that you slept with my girl.”… or said that horrible thing, or did that despicable thing.
    “Friends” characters acted like a bunch of rabbits in heat and one of the great disappointments is that its popularity shows how far we have fallen.


    • I agree, that there are things in our lives, that make it hard or even impossible to forgive our close people, as you lose your trust in them,, but sadly I know lots of great friendships falling apart, because of some stupid and pointless reasons,,and then when years pass, people regret their wrong decisions, but realize it’s too late,,nowadays we’re told to cut anyone, who has the guts to say something in a little different way, give advice or constructive criticism off,, and one day you’ll see that you’re all alone in this world,,while this series shows us normal human interactions and relationships (obviously with some hyperbole and a little exaggerated situations),, we see and learn that sometimes we have to put our “pride” and fake prejudices behind and value good people in our lives, accept them with their flaws, forgive and forget, as God says,, because we can all make mistakes, and being judged for them by your closest people is really bad,, if we lived in an ideal world, with perfect people and relationships, I agree, this show would be utterly wrong, but sadly we’re far from that utopia,,and now this show is just an entertainment story, which can also teach us many valuable lessons, most importantly not to judge others and accept the fact that we’re imperfect human beings 🙏🏻

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  3. Excellent post 🙂
    I found it kind of funny that you also refer to “Friends” while discussing something with your Mom)
    Also, this reminds me of the movie “You’ve Got Mail” where characters in different situations constantly refer to “The Godfather”


  4. Well said. Imperfectness of the show makes it beautiful.

    Even there was a version of friends – How i met your mother but you can’t replace friends.


  5. This is something I find myself doing with How I Met Your Mother. It’s a silly, humorous tv show which I find myself referencing whenever I’m trying to help someone with a problem or solve one of my own. We all make mistakes, and seeing other ordinary people (in real life and in a tv show) can help us to know we are not alone.

    We all need down time, and to laugh. To look outside of ourselves and see though we do have struggles, there is life past the hard work we will put in to overcome them.

    Thank you for sharing this. ❤


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