Sammy’s Little Story 🐈


Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself. My name’s Sammy, I’m a cat. This blog belongs to my human, but she let me write this week’s post instead of her, because it’s a special occasion (also she’s a little lazy, to tell the truth). The thing is, it’s my birthday, first birthday in fact. I am already a big girl, though my human keeps treating me like I am a baby, talking to me with this silly pet voice. But anyway, I decided to share my life story here, of how I found myself home after being a stray cat for three months.

It was a very cold, miserable day, April 25th. It was rainy, windy and foggy all at the same time (my human loves this weather). My mom was about to give birth, and didn’t know where to go. Luckily a kind man let her in, in his little shop’s storage place. My mom had 4 kittens, but unfortunately 2 of them didn’t survive, so it was just me and my brother. We were really lucky, because mostly people were kind to us. My human was there for us from the first day since we were born, visiting us and bringing food. When we got a little older, it became inconvenient for us to stay in that little place anymore. Also there were already some people complaining, as not everyone likes cats around a food shop. My mom found a new place, a little roof above an entrance to a house. What a coincidence, it was the house, where my human was living. We started to grow up a little more, and were able to walk and play, and learn how to be cats. We used to play a lot, made some friends with bees and flies, and many good people were feeding us and giving water. There were of course some mean people, like in any story, who wanted to get rid of us, but our “protectors” didn’t let that happen. We were antisocial from childhood, didn’t trust people, and when somebody took us down the roof to play or “show the world” we would cry out loud, like they were trying to murder us. My crazy human would come and feed us every day, then she’d stand there and stare at us for hours, taking millions of photos and videos, of how we were playing, or having a “bath” or just being cute and pretty like we always were. Crazy, right? She used to call me “dummy” (still does sometimes), because I fell off the roof a couple of times and always looked a little dummy.

We lived like that, in that roof area for almost three months. I really enjoyed things the way they were, but sadly they started to change. First my mom found herself a new boyfriend, and got pregnant again. I was her favorite child, and certainly did not want that to change. My brother’s curiosity started to grow bigger and bigger, until one day he jumped off that roof. It was such a chaos honestly. 10-20 people were running after my stupid brother, trying to catch him and put back. My human even hurt her leg a little on that day. They succeeded their mission and my brother was safely home. I was trying to persuade him not to go out there again, but he didn’t listen to me. And that’s when the sad part of the story starts.

He got down again with my mom. They spent the whole night in the yard and played. I was up in the roof all that time feeling myself a loser. But now I’m glad that I wasn’t down there. Suddenly, three stray dogs appeared out of nowhere and attacked my mom and my brother. My mom managed to jump on the roof, but my brother couldn’t, so he got killed in front of my eyes. Later I found out that my human was also an eyewitness of that brutal scene. It was a very sad time. It got sadder to me, because my mom suddenly disappeared and let me alone for a few days. But as people say, everything happens for a reason, even the bad and tragic things. My human and her parents felt really sorry for me, as I was there all alone, on hot summer days, with no one to play and nothing to do. They decided to find me home and temporarily took me in. I instantly liked everything, I liked my human and expressed my gratitude by licking her hands, I hope she understood that. But then my temporary owners started to torture me. They bathed me with water! And then gave some bitter liquid to drink. Of course they lied saying that it was a medicine to clear my stomach and organism, but why would I believe them? They didn’t know whether I was a boy or a girl, so they named me with a neutral name-Sammy. Then they put lots of ads in internet, trying to find a good home for me. They asked everyone they knew, but can you believe that? No one wanted me! Only one person called for me, but he wanted a boy. I felt myself like Anne from Green Gables.

I don’t know why my human didn’t want to keep me in the first place. I was behaving really good, haven’t done any mischief. Of course I was chasing their parrot Kesha, dropped his cage a couple times and hurt him, jumped on and scratched the curtains, chewed the blinds a little, ran and jumped everywhere like crazy, but is that really a mischief? It was just me being little and goofing around. After a while I started to really behave myself, I stopped bothering this Kesha thing, started to listen and be good. Of course we all needed time to get used to each other, it’s not easy starting to live with strangers.

Oh I forgot to say. My mom came back after a week, and came to visit me. But I guess she was in a bad mood, because she hissed at me really strictly and frightened me. She told me to stick to this house and not leave it. I never saw her after, as she disappeared again. I hope she’s okay and happy.

I’ve fulfilled my mom’s last wish. It’s been almost 10 months since I live in this good place. We’ve had lots of fun together, play, cuddle and do house errands together. Sometimes my humans still try to torture me by bathing me, scaring with vacuums, bringing some strangers to the house. I get frightened and hide under the couch or furniture, where it’s the safest for me. I don’t know why my humans call these strangers “friends“, because I don’t know them and I don’t trust them. I still need to work on trusting people.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and my human keeps saying that she has lots of surprises for me. I hope it’s some new mouse toys, since I lost mine. To summarize, my life has been quite interesting. It’s had both happy and sad moments, but everything turned out how it was supposed to. I guess I was meant to come to this house and bring lots of joy and happiness and yes, alright, a little chaos. But otherwise my humans would be quite bored without me, wouldn’t they? I really love them, even Kesha, and I’m very thankful that they let me stay and become a part of the family.

That’s it for me now, hope you’ll like my little story. Enjoy the photos with me being effortlessly adorable and some more interesting facts about me. I know the photos are quite a lot, but you can never have too much of cat photography, right?

some of my earliest photos with my family: can you guess which one I am?
fun days. here’s some arrows to help you find me.
these were the photos that were posted everywhere, searching for a home for me. I still don’t understand how no one wanted this small beautiful creature
my first few days in this house. discovering new places
friendship story: from first encounter with Kesha, to becoming buddies
my human loves to take embarrassing photos of me sleeping. what a creep
one of my hobbies is staring out of the window, and sometimes my human joins me
human loves doing photoshoots, and I love modeling for them. I was a little shy at first, but now I’m getting better at it.
Christmas/New Year days. enjoying the christmas tree with ornaments, receiving presents, eating salads, being hangover with human
sometimes when I’m in the mood, I love being cozy and cuddling with human
other favorite activities of mine: waking human up to play, helping her to make art or do other things, because without me she’s useless
random photos: my first birthday in this house (when I became 4 months old), my first toy and box, first cat visitor, and just me being cute and funny
random photos part 2: humans teaching me how to wear a mask (not in a correct way though), chilling with my stunt double, hiding in my own blanket court, hiding from the horrible “vacuum” monster


  1. Never been much into “cute cat” pics; e.g., on a turntable, in the sink, etc.
    But your cat’s story was particularly engaging! Especially liked her snarky comments on her human’s pictures. ☺️
    Though not a big fan of cute cat pics, I love cats.
    THE most intelligent creatures next to humans.
    Untrainable? When you throw a stick, a very nice but dumb dog runs and gets it for you. The cat looks at the stick, then you, and says, “Why should I have to get it? YOU threw it.” 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • thanks a lot! that’s true, they’re really smart! but my cat loves playing fetch with me, she constantly brings her toys to me (sometimes even at nights when I’m asleep) and wants me to throw them, and then she brings it back 😂


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