Soundtrack of Spring 🍃🎧


I like it so much, when I’m out of topics to write about, and then suddenly an interesting idea comes to my mind out of nowhere.

This post is going to be really different, as I’ve never written anything like this before: a list of songs, that are my “spring soundtrack“. Something simple, short, yet inspiring.

I think it is quite noticeable that I am a “seasonal” person. While most people live their lives without actually caring what season and weather it is outside, I am the exact opposite. I have my various moods, vibes, “aesthetics” (even book/movies, songs, decor, etc.) for each season, which keep me inspired and motivated throughout that whole period. I hope it makes sense.

So every time when spring comes, it brings a whole other type of mood for me. I adore seeing the nature reawakening from a deep sleep, love the lush green of grass, light pink of cherry blossoms, the spring thunderstorms with the most beautiful clouds, the heavy rainfalls, after which the nature seems even more fresh. All these things inspire me so much. To write, to create and to live. And playing my favorite songs along with the bird chirping outside creates such a special atmosphere that I can’t even describe it properly, because it’s one of those feelings that is beyond any words.

These are mostly old songs, that I’ve been listening to for years, and all in the springtime, hence why they became an integral part of this season for me. They all inspired me in different periods of my life, gave strength and hope and made me life somehow better. These are the songs that make me really in peace and harmony with myself, with nature and the world. So without further ado, here’s the list of the songs of my own “spring film“. Hope you’ll find something that will fill your hearts and souls with the feelings, which I feel.

1. Ed Sheeran-Lego House, The A Team, Where We Land.

2. Fleetwood Mac-Landslide.

3. Nick Cave-O Children.

4. Drake Bell-Down We Fall, I Know.

5. Tom Odell-Can’t Pretend.

6. Avril Lavigne-Alice.

7. Oh Wonder-Shark (Illenium remix).

8. The Smiths-Asleep.

9. Niykee Heaton-Rolling Stone.

10. The Tunnels-We Are Infinite.

11. David Bowie-Heroes.

12. Alexandre Desplat-Obliviate, Lily’s Theme, Statues, New Moon.

13. Dario Marianelli-Dawn, Liz on the Top of the World.


  1. I’ve never heard something describing their love for spring and seasons more than you!! ❤️
    Lovely post. I’ll make sure to check out these amazing songs that you’ve mentioned!!


  2. You have exquisite taste in music … which is to say I like the same stuff and styles 😉
    As for being a “seasonal person,” a friend recently included this quote in a blog: “Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” John Ruskin
    Blessings on you, my friend. c.a.


  3. Awesome post!!!!! I loved reading, and your joy/love for spring is refreshing and inspiring!!! So glad to have connected with you and your work! Much love 🖤🖤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for yet another insight into the beauty you bring to the world, and that which you let it impart to you. Seasons are wonderful, every life has them, just not all in the same temperature and weather related way the world shows us. I have not heard some of these songs, so will have to check them out when spring rolls around in September in this part of the world. 😉

    Keep on keeping on being awesome. ❤

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