Vintage Easter 🐇

And here it is, the big holiday of springtime!

I’ve always liked Easter, but it wasn’t very essential for me, because here it wasn’t celebrated that big. As a kid I knew Easter as a holiday of a rich table, with many dishes, most of which I didn’t like. But the more it went, the more I started to love it year by year, as I discovered via internet that there are so many possibilities to be super-creative on this day as well, with all the ornaments, egg decorating, preparing special snacks and treats etc. So each year now Easter is another chance for me to bring on the creativity and make something pretty, unique and different from the last years.

This year I happened to be in the “vintage” mood, and decided to match that with Easter. Honestly I never thought that they’d go well together, because for me Easter has always been more of a bright holiday with all those pastel colors combined together. But anyhow I decided to challenge myself and try it.

I’ve chosen cottagecore and farm aesthetics to get this old-fashioned style for Easter. I was also hugely inspired by Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter movies and art. As for colors, I separated three color-schemes, nude beige, pastel blue and yellow-green. Along with some elements of nature and spring (flowers, branches, plants, grass, straw) I think I managed to get the perfect final results for me. I love how it turned out and how different and distinct it is from everything I’ve done in past years. And I absolutely enjoyed that process of doing the diy-s then making the flatlays for the photoshoot session. It was quite hard though to be honest, because my cat Sammy kept ruining everything, by chewing the branches and straw, rolling the eggs and dropping them and constantly wanting to be in the center of attention. Eventually I couldn’t resist her, hence why she’s also got her honorary place in the photoshoot.

This is an unusually short post (especially for me), but hopefully you’ll enjoy it and find something fresh and inspiring for you. Don’t be afraid to try new things, it’s always fun and pleasing when you get out of your comfort zone and change something, even in such simple things as decorations. Happy Easter everyone! 🐇🐣🤍



  1. Great photos! Beautiful decorations and a lovely, sneaky cat. I loved your accompanying story, as it did warm my heart by reminding me of Easter celebrations through my years.

    Wishing you a chocolate bunny, peace and love. Happy Easter!


  2. Dear AnnMary, let me encourage you to discover the meaning behind Easter, which many prefer to call Resurrection Sunday. It is much more than just eggs and bunnies 😉, and even more than just the new life of spring time budding and blossoming so beautifully across our lands.
    It is the promise that because Jesus lives, we can also live forever.
    Romans 8:11
    love and prayers,


    • oh, believe me I know all about the true meaning of Easter and the history of Christianity in general (I’m from Armenia, we were the first country to accept Christianity as a state religion, so we’re a very religious country, we even have special lessons in school, that teach all about it)
      I just meant that as a child you don’t really understand all that. for a child it’s indeed about the candies and rabbits, until you grow up and learn the significance of each holiday,, I love Easter, as you said it is a day that stands for resurrection and blossoming (both for nature and our souls), and it’s much more than just the decorations,, but I still love them, because these elements can really get you in the spirit of the day and make it more enjoyable. thanks for your comment, and happy Easter 😄

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      • Yes, 😊 I remember “hunting” Easter eggs in the huge lawn in front of Bethany Hospital in Kansas City. Our downtown church which had NO lawn would March us kids down the street several blocks to BH, and with a horn blast turn us loose to “attack” the three acre lawn with eggs all over it. Some of our church people had placed them there during the worship service. 😄. Probably 300+ kids every year!


  3. Your creativity is inspiring, matched by your wonderful photography skills. It is good to see your feline model was still enough for a time to have a reasonable photo taken. 😉

    The effort you put in is clear to see, and the colours are splendid! Thank for for sharing these wonderful photos and your process for putting them together!


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