Spring Bucket List 🌿🗒

Spring is slowly coming to town, so we got to be ready for it, right?

I know that in many countries new season begins with the equinox or solstice, but in our country it starts with the meteorological calendar, so it’s officially spring for us since March 1. But it doesn’t matter when you celebrate the first day of a new season, because your spirit prepares for it a lot earlier, especially when the weather slowly gets warmer, you notice the first buds on trees, the grass starts to get greener shades, you hear bird singing every morning etc. So with the right mood it’s the proper time to be creative again and write a spring bucket list or aesthetic list of things that will inspire during this season.

Frankly I haven’t made a spring list for many many years, just because I always thought that there isn’t much you can think of, but this year decided to write one and share in here. So here we go.

1. Cleaning, decluttering and decorating. I mean, did you expect anything else from me? When winter ends, it’s the right time to open up all the windows, for some fresh and chilly air to get inside and do a massive cleaning and decluttering session. Throw or give away all the unnecessary things, make your space lighter and neater. There’s a concept in post-ussr countries called “Subbotnik” (from the word Subbota, which means Saturday). In spring there were special Saturdays when people would participate in a Subbotnik-clean the surroundings, students would clean their school grounds, neighbors would clean the territory of their houses and buildings, plant flowers or trees. I always loved that process so much, as it was fun to get all together and do something good, and it made everyone more united. Also it was very contagious, because after you were done with cleaning the outside, you always wanted to clean inside of your house too. So that’s an interesting and most importantly beneficial activity that you can “borrow” and do. As for decorating, I have a whole separate post about it in here. But in a nutshell-change the heavy cold-season colors and ornaments for some fresh green and pastel ones, add flowers and plants and anything else that will make you feel the spirit of spring.

2. New mood-board or photo-grid. This kind of belongs to the category of decorations, but is a little different because this ensures and provides the atmosphere. Print fun photos of you, or the one you took of nature, scenes from movies, art, anything that will fill your heart with happiness and make a special place whether it’s a board or a wall, and hang all the photos. You can also do special collages or even add dry flowers, so thereby our next paragraph is…

3. Flowers. Can there be a proper spring without some flowers? I feel like every month has its traditional ones, snowdrops for March, cherry blossoms for April, lilacs for May. Of course there are many other beautiful ones like tulips, poppies, lavender etc, but for me those three have always been a symbol for each month respectively. So go ahead and give yourself a nice present, let there always be a charming bouquet in your place. You can later dry the flowers, make a herbarium, special art, use the dried petals for baths, or make essential oils, anything you’d want.

4. Easter. Easter is the queen of this season, as it is the main, most-celebrated holiday. Get ready for it, make/buy cute decorations with bunnies and chicks, buy lots of chocolate because it’s the ideal excuse to eat them, think of ideas of how you can celebrate it or decorate the table. For more inspiration you can see my last year’s post.

5. Wandering in a park. Or somewhere in nature, or just in the neighborhood, wherever your heart desires and the rules of lockdown allow you. You can grab a book and read it in silence, or a notebook to write and draw, have a little picnic, or just walk around, listen to the bird chirping, enjoy the sweet aroma of all the newly blossomed trees and flowers.

6. Planting a garden. To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” That’s a right saying. Whether you have your own little yard, a greenhouse, a little balcony, or just your room, planting is the best spring activity. I really love playing with soil, because it’s relaxing and therapeutic. And seeing your own plants or flowers grow is so pleasant.

7. Atmosphere via movies. I was initially planning on doing a separate post about movies that will definitely change your mood to spring, but I’m not quite sure about it yet. In this season I kind of “transfer” to older times, so watching movies of Edwardian, Georgian, Victorian eras never fails to inspire, especially when they have breathtaking nature sceneries. You can find many movies in this list, because England, nature and old eras are always the best combination. I also love rewatching “Pride and Prejudice”, “Peter Rabbit”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “My Neighbor Totoro“. These are the best spring-atmospheric movies, at least personally for me.

And I just noticed that this blog was like a compilation or promotion of my older posts, but believe me I didn’t have this intention initially. Just decided to share some more inspiration through inspiration, if that makes sense. Hope you’ll find something that will work for you and enjoy this beautiful season.



  1. How you treat life, so does it treat you! So much love and beauty is felt in your blog that it is transmitted to me😍Thank You!!!


  2. I LOVE that saying: “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow!” 😎
    Never been much of a spring cleaner, but this year, I truly hope I can muster the courage to attack my basement and declutter! Marie Kondo, where are you when I need you!? 😂


    • me too, it’s really good!
      I hope you’ll succeed with your cleaning, you’ll definitely feel so great afterwards! you know how people say clean house-clean mind 😄

      Liked by 1 person

  3. A Spring bucket list is taking inventory of your going and coming
    during the Summer, Autumn, and glad the cold Winter is gone
    making room for a warm beautiful Spring!


  4. Love the suggestions! Though we are heading into autumn here, I am already looking forward to the next spring later in the year. 😊

    I really like the way you have presented your photos here too. ✨


      • I’vev read several posts about seasons recently which has sparked an idea in my mind: In the fantasy book I’m writing, I’ve realised seasons are important. I’m even thinking it will be a series of four books, with each focussing more on one season!


      • wow that’s a great idea! I have a similar writing focused on four seasons, but not in a fictional way. wish you look on your book! 😄


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