Mixed Interior Ideas 🕰

I’ve realized recently, that all my decoration posts were season or holiday-related: spring, autumn, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter… And I’ve never done a “basic” decor post. Maybe because I mostly like to correspond my room with the weather and season outside. But this little period, after holidays until spring, my room has always been neutral or mixed, having various elements brought together. So I decided to make a new post, introducing some ideas of how you can decorate your place if you don’t want to be seasonal.

Every year in this period, I want to change something a little drastically in here. Once it was a new photo wall and photo grid, new shelves, new windowsill… This year it is a poster wall, though it’s not a proper wall, as it’s on my door. I know that for lots of people posters are something only teenagers would do, but I have been wanting to make it for a long time, and decided to break the stereotypes and do one, kind of an “adult” version of it. It mostly consists of art pages I preserved from different magazines for scrapbooking. I tried to find everything that will fit into this color scheme, so together they made a whole picture. I also hanged a macrame and some wooden hearts next to the door, and they all look good together. You can do the same with your photos or just aesthetic pictures from pinterest.

I really like the blackboard sheet, which is another place to be creative, to draw something nice, write a motivational quote, or even things you need to do and not forget. I have a vinyl record hanged next to it and some twinkle lights. This whole area is in my two favorite styles-grunge and boho, with the poster wall and macrame on one side and vinyl and lights on the other.

I’ve changed the mood-board with some winter art photos, to remind me of beauty and coziness of this season, even though the snow started to melt here. I really like how dreamily white it is, especially with a white evergreen candle and the little jar.

My bed area is quite colorful, though not very bright and it has lots of different geometrical shapes, which I think make the place look more interesting. I have two dream catchers, because why not. I don’t like plain, naked walls, so dream catchers or garlands come to the rescue. I have a celestial one in the photo grid, with moons and stars and a pompon garland just above it. As for the shelves, they’re also quite neutral, mostly in cream colors.

I’ve always considered books to be one of the best decoration, it gives your place something special, fills the room with soul. I put a few ones on these separate shelves, as for the rest of my golden collection, they’re in their honorary place-in the big bookshelf. I love rearranging it, adding some new ornaments or changing their places according to the colors. I really like how it turned out this time, it’s kind of more balanced and harmonious.

Recently I’ve been binge watching the new (or not so) series “Emily in Paris“, and it made me feel very nostalgic for France. Hence why I decided to add French elements to my room. On my vanity I displayed some dried roses, perfume in nice classy bottles, snow-globe of Little Prince and a vintage card I bought from Paris. Along with my jewelry box and brush-jar, this whole place looks really cute, all in soft pastel colors, reminding of good old France. Above my desk I have two paintings of Paris (ironically the two places I didn’t manage to visit in there, Moulin Rouge and Montmartre), along with a little Eiffel Tower, some lights and crystals.

Next I have some ethnic style. I’ve always admired it, probably because my dad used to bring lots of decorations from different nations and cultures, every time he was in a new country, so I have a special love for them. Especially for the little elephants.

And of course, I can’t not mention the “night interior”, because it’s at night, when we feel the coziest and relax the most. And the lamps, candles and twinkle lights help a great deal with that. Since childhood I’ve always been fascinated by astrology, cosmos and especially the moon, I’d stay awake to watch the full moon from my window, especially in winter the sky was much brighter and the moonlight was getting reflected on snow, and it was indeed marvelous. Nothing has changed since then, only now I have my own moon and star projector and it is just a dream. With all these lights and a pinch of imagination, your ordinary room can become the most magical and wonderful place on Earth, a place where everything is possible.

And that’s it for the “room tour” of mine. To be honest before writing this I never noticed how diverse it is. But what I like the best is how in harmony everything is, despite all the colors and styles. Maybe my room would look better in one identical style, but for me personally that would be a boring. Because now it looks like a little museum or art gallery of my own, where everything has its background and history and every single detail is unique and and special, at least for me. That’s what I value most about decor. Things shouldn’t be luxurious, brand new or trendy, they should give soul and warmness to your place, they should make you feel good and “at home“. This may sound strange, because how else are you supposed to feel, but I guess here we see the the difference between “house” and “home“.



  1. Your room is an absolute dream!!! I love the décor and the unique variety you have. The Pom Pom garland is so cool!! I love the Paris theme section a lot with the perfume bottles. Lastly, the night version of your room is absolutely spectacular!!! Wow!


  2. Nice… Though I’m not sure I approve of the Vinyl as a decorating element. I still play my LP’s from time to time. 😉
    Do you speak Russian?


    • thanks! Sadly I don’t have a record player, and this belonged to my uncle, who was getting rid of his old stuff, so I took it as a decor. I’d love to have a player and listen to music like that 😄 and yes I do speak russian ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

      • I bought a new turntable a few years back. They even have the option of converting the old analog music to digital. You might actually find some affordable ones. Thing is I have original Beatles, Stones, Cream LP’s and lots of others. So I put one on from time to time…
        Having said that, you can ask your uncle: he must feel vintage often… and those records are great objects, esthaetically.
        Russian? I thought you might. A few books in Cyrillic on the shelf. Compliments.
        Take care now.


      • one day when I have my own big house I may start collecting vinyls, but now I sadly don’t have much space for that 🥲 yes it’s my second language,,I have more books in Russian than English 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Slavic languages are out of my reach. I speak a few languages and easily learn a word here or there, but Slavic? We went to Prague a while ago. (Where my scant german was more useful than English) Communication was very difficult. The words don’t look like anything I know. I mean ‘pivo’ or ‘piva’ is beer? 🍺 😉


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