All About Winter 🎬🌨

January has always been a “hibernation month” for me as regards to blog writing and I don’t really know why. I am motivated to do something, but my motivation always works in different directions in this time of the year. So what’s the perfect post to make, when you have nothing else to write about? That’s right, another list of movies.

Many people connect winter with Christmas and holidays, so once they’re over, winter gets kind of ignored. Even google ignores it: when I typed “movies about winter”, it kept suggesting me the christmas ones. While for me the proper winter starts in January, when all the fuss about the holidays is over, and it’s all chill and peaceful, and even the colors of this month correspond with it, all the whiteness of snow really calms you somehow. And as I said many times before, movies are the best to get you in the mood of anything. At least for me. Hence why (+ being inspired from the weather of these past few days) I decided to make a list of films, portraying or having elements of winter and snow. Films I chose are of different genres and some of them are quite popular, and you have probably seen them, but who doesn’t love rewatching the good and forgotten films? Especially when there’s a new lockdown in many countries, so watching movies is the best way to keep you entertained.

1. New in Town (2008). A rom-com, about a bossy woman arriving to a little city, where everything is different from her hometown Miami, especially the weather. The movie has all the coziness of a small town, the simple life of people that feels so in peace, the transformation of the main character and obviously some love.

2. Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001). Second romantic comedy of the list, also starring Renee Zellweger. This one has some slight elements of Christmas, but mostly it reminds me of starting the new year right, with high spirits, with a brand new diary and resolutions, and trying to keep them throughout the year. These kind of movies are motivating, because you feel that you’re not the only “loser” with problems to deal with. Also if I remember right, its sequels also have some winter scenes, so you can have a whole marathon.

3. Frozen (2013). Told you, that this list has lots of popular movies. To be honest, I won’t say that Frozen is my favorite among disney cartoons, but still whenever I see this on tv, especially in this season, I still rewatch it, because when you see a disney movie, you just have to watch it, at least a little part of it.

4. Mr. Popper’s Penguins (2011). A good comedy, starring Jim Carrey + having penguins, what else do you need to know? This is one of those movies, that isn’t just funny, but also enlightening. Simple films like this teach people to put their priorities straight and to understand that money isn’t really everything, and that sometimes we don’t see what’s the most important thing in our lives.

5. Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (2005). This one was also in blogmas posts, but mainly because the first time I watched it was during holidays, that’s why it reminds me of it. It’s a fantasy, based on the book by C.S Lewis, or a series of books to be more precise. I classify this one to the classics of fantasy, so if you’re a fan of this genre, this is a must. Plus I should mention that the soundtrack is amazing.

6. Ice age (2002). This is my favorite cartoon ever, though I love the second and third parts much more than the first one. It’s good, funny, full of snow and all the characters are just hilarious. A perfect choice for a light watch. p.s. I can’t believe that the first part is almost 20 years old.

7. Groundhog Day (1993). Another classic, though not everyone knows about this one. There are now lots of movies with a similar scenario, when one day gets repeated over and over again, and the characters need to change something in their life to get out of that circle. I’d also say this is an enlightening and teaching one, because it makes you see your life from aside, notice and correct all your little mistakes, that may seem unimportant to you, but in reality are very essential.

8. The Day After Tomorrow (2004). This one belongs to the post apocalyptic genre, about a natural catastrophe involving global warming in one part of the Earth and a new “ice age” in the other. I watched this one years ago, when I was a child and have already forgotten a lot, but I remember liking it, when they were all alone in a snowy city and really wanted something like that to happen to my city. Don’t judge me, I was just a child.



  1. Great tips there AnnMary! Kind of made me wanna watch that day after tomorrow movie again! 😉


  2. Winter has always been my favorite time of the year, when as a child I remember walking over our neighbor’s hedge (~3 feet or 1M tall) on icy snow caps of the “white miracle” that had drifted! The sun had melted the “crust” but the temp was cold enough to refreeze it as soon as it started. Part of the fun was finding a soft spot in the drift and sinking into snow almost as deep as my small frame!!
    I’ve always wished composers would write more songs about winter, but I guess spring with its renewed blossoms and warmer weather will always hold sway as people enjoy getting outdoors more.
    But a friend from Canada noted to me, “There is no such thing as too cold; it is only inadequate clothing!” 😉 ))))
    Thanx for the movie reminders. Now for a cup of hot cocoa, a warm fire and a movie, snuggled with my bride of 31 years.


  3. You’re absolutely right! Winter is such an underrated season IMO. There’s nothing better or cozier than cuddling under a blanket, watching a movie while it’s snowing 🥰


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