January Frost ❄️

One January morning I woke up to see the world transformed: from bright sunny days to a white and misty one. No, this time it wasn’t snow, it was something much more magical and breathtaking, something I don’t remember seeing in my entire adult life (at least I never saw it this beautiful). The world was now covered in rime and hoar frost with some heavy fog.

I couldn’t have missed this chance and not go out to explore. Yes explore in the places I’ve already been before a lot, even in my own neighborhood, a place where I walk every single day for my whole life. Because it wasn’t the world I knew before. The rime changed it completely. Watching the photos that I took, I wouldn’t have guessed that it was in my familiar places, if I wasn’t the one taking the photos.

The beauty of the surroundings was just magnificent, indescribable. There was lots of snow left from December, which now looked really fresh because of the new layer of frost. Half-naked branches of trees have now changed their wardrobe and were showing off their new perfectly white clothes. The Queens of the day were different types of evergreens (sadly I don’t know their specific names), but they were exceedingly splendid. Maybe because they were the only ones left with some green. Though I found some other colors contrasting among all this whiteness.

The fog was doing its job as usual-hiding all the imperfections of the world, covering them up, like a half-transparent curtain and creating the magical and mystical atmosphere, without which, my wanderings wouldn’t be as great. I was lucky with the fact that there were almost no people or cars around, so with some help of the fog and imagination I found myself in a snowy wonderland, a magical place that seemed to be my very own.

One thing that I’ve never seen before was rime on frosted window glasses, which was indeed as beautiful as I’ve seen in internet. Maybe I saw all this when I was a child, but at that point I definitely didn’t pay all the proper attention to this heavenly beauty. And I am really glad, that I got to have a couple of marvelous days like these, a proper snowy and chilly winter.



  1. Hi, AnnMary. The photos of the lime are absolutely amazing! This is a rare occurrence here in Kentucky as well, but we have been “blessed” by many ice storms over the 30 years I have lived here. “Blessed” because when I see the beauty of it, most here complain about the difficulty of driving or having to wear extra layers.
    Particularly, I love the pics of the lanes in the frost fog. Just a thought: save these and retake them in each of the seasons, spring, summer and fall. Be sure to take the retakes as close as you can to the original positions.
    yours and His, c.a.


    • every occasion of nature is a blessing in my opinion. I’m glad that you’re loving snow too! haha that’s a good idea, but I don’t think I’ll remember precisely where I was standing 😂

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  2. Wonderful wonderland, thanks for sharing your lovely pictures. We had one day when the frost never left, it was magical and I was out in the garden as soon as I got up, melting the bird bath and taking photos of frosty leaves and petals.


  3. Rime and hoar frost is indeed very beautiful.

    There was lots of rime and hoar frost on winter days in the northern Alberta Canadian city of Edmonton where I grew up.

    Not so much in other places where I have lived since.

    I do it miss it.

    Very beautiful photographs you have taken here. ❤


  4. You’ve so stunningly captured the feeling of all the frost and the cold! I especially love the photos of the lamp posts! 😀


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