Unplanned Birthday ✨

Today, on Jan 6th, is my birthday. This year, which still feels like the continuation of the last one, everything seemed to be going wrong. All my guests, people whom I thought I could invite weren’t able to come due to different reasons. Even my traditional birthday cake, which is baked by a very close person to our family, wasn’t managed to be baked.

But for some strange reason, even with all these not very pleasant circumstances, I was in a really good mood since yesterday. I saw this whole situation not as a fail, but as an interesting opportunity. First of all, I got to bake my own cake with my mom, and we made it similar to the one Harry gets on his 11th birthday from Hagrid. And though it’s not looking perfect, I’m still really proud of it.

Second of all, for the first time in my life, I didn’t have any plans for this day. No plans-no worries about who’s coming and when, what I should wear, when to wake up, what to treat my guests, what we should do etc. And I enjoyed it so much. Knowing that I can do whatever I want just as the day goes by. I realized once more, that everything unplanned turns out the best. And indeed it did.

The weather outside was my favorite (separate post about it is yet to come), I was in a good mood. I received lots of congratulations and surprises from my close people, something simple that really made my day. Maybe because I finally didn’t care at all, about all those things (not in a bad way though, I just didn’t think about that). In the morning I had a walk with my dad, and even though it was freezing outside, it was really beautiful and pleasing. Then we had some pizza and watched “Roman Holiday”. Then we went for another walk in a beautifully decorated Christmas Park, because as I said in the last vlogmas, our Christmas is also today, so we’re still having our holidays. And something I’ve never done on any of my birthdays-I shoveled the snow in front of our garage, because the car couldn’t get in. It’s definitely something I’ll always remember as a fun memory. Then we had some cake (Sammy enjoyed her slice as well), burned sparkles and had a chill cozy evening.

What I wanted to say with this whole blog. Sometimes, or quite often, things, that go unplanned and unprepared are the best things in life. And a lot of things depend not on the circumstances surrounding you, but on your attitude and spirit. If I didn’t have a positive state of mind, this whole day may seem boring to me. But now, I actually consider this as one of my best birthdays, even though I had much more “interesting” and active ones, full of many people around. So when people say that happiness is not connected with anything or anyone, but is a inner quality of appreciating of what you have ay the moment, is very very true, and once again I realized that one simple truth.



  1. I am sooo jealous of you getting to shovel snow on your birthday. In Kentucky, we’ve only had two snows and they were meager (~2-3 inches) just enough to cover the grass. ‘Course, one of them WAS on Christmas Eve (western Christmas), Dec 24! So we had a quite white Christmas such as I remember from my childhood. And I got to shovel the snow 😉
    Also, I too have found “overplanning” can lead to more disappointment than just living in the moment and trusting God to work out His will in the day.
    I join all your friends in wishing you a happy birthday. c.a.

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  2. Happy birthday, Annmary!

    You celebrated in style, unhurried, with loved ones (Mom and Sammy) nearby, and full of warm satisfactions, such as taking a leisurely walk, or baking a cake.

    Besides, you’ll have countless birthdays ahead to share with larger groups of friends, family and bustle.

    Meanwhile, today you made the beautiful memories that’ll hug you in the decades ahead.

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  3. Loved how you reframed your little speedbumps in a more positive light. There are always different ways to look at an exact same situation, and it’s up to us to pick it.

    Looks like you had a blast indeed. Happy birthday, and thanks for sharing!

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  4. tantissimi Auguri di Buon Compleanno, scusami se sono arrivato a farteli solo ora, va beh fai conto di averli ricevuti ieri 😉 Bella la tua riflessione di vita, sei una ragazza speciale.. 😉

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  5. January really is a great month for a birthday – my birthday is January 4th! Being able to roll with the unexpected can make for the most magical experiences can’t it? It sounds like your birthday was most definitely one of these. 😊


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