Bye, 2020! 🌟

Here it is, my last blog of the year-the annual recap.

To be honest, I wrote a whole long post, full of all the events of 2020, lots of deep thoughts and reflections. But when I finished it, I felt kind of heavy inside and realized, that it’s not really how I want to end the year. I want this blog to be short and more positive than it was before.

2020 was undoubtedly an eventful and interesting year. If someone conducted a survey, I’m pretty sure the majority of people would say that it was not only bad, but a horrible year. I agree, there were lots of bad and sad events in this year for everyone, for the whole world, especially for my country, but personally for me, it was quite a good one. Maybe because from last year I learned not to live with expectations and just be happy about anything good going on and pay attention to the little things that bring me joy.

I didn’t have many achievements, though I got my first proper job, started blogging more professionally, improved my writing and photography skills. So at least that’s something. I got a cat, saw some beautiful things, had happy and fun moments with my friends and family. I try to focus and see only the good things that happened, that’s why I reckon that this year wasn’t really that bad.

It was crazy, no doubt in that. I think 2020 is the year, that doesn’t need any further explanation, everyone understands what you mean, by just saying “2020”. But I try to see everything that happened as a huge life lesson, which we, humans, should have learned. Some did, the others didn’t, like usual. It was literally like a movie, which I hope will have a happy ending.

I know for lots of you it was hard and tough. But no matter what happened, try to remember it if not good, then at least in a neutral way. Just think about how much we’ve experienced in this year. I don’t think we ever had such wealth of experience. And just think about how many stories we’ll have to tell our children and grandchildren. With some exaggerations and imagination, these stories will turn out epic. When you think about everything in that way, with some humor and irony, life gets easier.

I don’t know, what the future holds for us. I don’t believe that with 2020 ending, everything bad will just disappear in an instant, like many people think. Somehow I think that this was a beginning for something new, though I’m not quite sure whether good or bad. Maybe it all depends on us. But I don’t want to dream or dread about the future, I don’t make plans and resolutions anymore, because at this point they’re pointless for me.

So just enjoy your every day, focus on the good things, never lose your hope and always believe that eventually everything will be okay, even if it seems that it’s far from it now. Be safe, be healthy and be positive. And have a very happy New Year!



  1. Yay! Good vibes only 😊
    In my view, doesn’t matter what 2021 looks like, I think all the lessons we learned are enough to make us appreciate life a little more. Live, love and laugh harder next year! 💖

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  2. A powerful post, of the year, your last
    exiting 2020 with a creative blast
    entering 2021 with a greater innovative task
    your talent will last

    By: Van Prince

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  3. Good post! Way to stay positive about a year that was fraught with disillusionment and disappointment. Happy New Year to you! Here’s hoping 2021 is much better than 2020!

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  4. Well, it is a start indeed, MaryAnn. Just like the stone age had to end before the start of the bronze age, the industrial age of 1900s and a part of 2000s will have to be eventually replaced by the information age the glimpse of which we’ve already seen and felt. Someone stronger, someone lighter. But one thing for sure – the world as we know it will end and what’s coming is not that clear. Uncertainty is scarier than an open confrontation, that’s why people are so afraid these days…
    P.S.: Have a tremendous 2021!

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