Blogmas pt. 3 🎅🏻

It’s not what’s under the Christmas tree that matters, but who’s around it.”

Decided to start this one with a quote. I always say that presents aren’t the most important thing for Christmas, but I will admit, that I do enjoy them, as they’re kind of a ritual for me. I still don’t think that they’re the most essential for holidays. But I love giving gifts, much more than receiving. I love thinking beforehand, writing down lots of ideas of what I can give, then purchasing it, adding some small personal details, wrapping them, making cards, then putting them under the christmas tree. Frankly I love preparing gifts for Christmas more than for birthdays, I don’t know why. For me this is just an extra opportunity to show my love and affection to my close people, to cheer them and make a little happier. And it doesn’t have to be super expensive. I don’t think people should rank or like presents based on their prices, as for me gifts represent not only the materialistic items, but some bigger meaning as well. So this year, instead of thinking about getting something pricy, better think about everything that will make your close ones feel special and loved, by adding some personal touches, cards, a funny inside joke, a photo collage etc.

Sorry about this flow of philosophical monologue, haven’t done that in a while. This year I ordered all my gifts way too early, so there were only a couple of things to buy, and this week I was done with those too. And of course the wrapping, something that I like, but can’t do professionally. I kind of learned how to do the classic square ones, like books or boxes, as for everything else, that’s a challenge for me. Every year I find these vintage wrapping paper and they look so great, even with my poor wrapping skills.

And finally the big tree is up! To be honest only now I felt the most festive. We have the tradition of leaving the tree with lights only, for a few days, because it looks really great even without the ornaments. I love the reflection of the tree and lights in TV and windows, it makes the place more magical. Also Sammy needs some time to adjust to the big something covering up her playground.

Every year I put colorful twinkle lights around my window, and it has always been my most favorite part of the whole house, as I got to look at them every night before going to bed. This year my lights were brutally destroyed by Sammy, so I had to find a substitute for them. And once again I got convinced, that old things are better than new ones. My old lights were really warm and cozy, they truly conveyed the Christmas spirit. The ones I found now (at first) were bright, eye-aching, neon colors, and my room looked like a club, and not a good one. Luckily I found some good ones in an old, antique shop, and now I feel completely festive, wearing pajamas, watching vlogmases or christmas films and enjoying my twinkling lights.

On the left are the bad neon ones. On the right the old-school good ones.

Baking time! I always said that the cold season is the best for baking, because it fills your home with extra warmth and amazing smell, that makes you feel so cozy. The first one is a lemon cake, which is my favorite, I love its taste – a mix of sweet and sour. The second one is my mom’s famous apple pie, which isn’t like the classic one. But as I don’t love cooked fruits, I made my half with chocolates and it was delish! Also we had lots of guests around, like a proper holiday season, so it’s nice to treat them with something sweet. Next up coming-Christmas sugar cookies.

Had a few chill, slow mornings, full of rain and heavy fog. I have always been a night owl, but recently started to love early mornings so much, especially when it’s quite dark and misty outside and I can turn all the lights on. I listened to some old German Christmas songs that I used to listen as a child. And yes, I still have some cd-s, this one was a present from my godmother.

Not a week goes by, without some photoshoots. Except the big one I did for my previous post, I did a couple of little ones. Though I don’t think the photo with Sammy can be considered a proper photoshoot, as it only lasted a few seconds and 2 photos, before she started fighting the hat.

Before December, I made a whole list of new movies for Christmas, but somehow ended up rewatching the good old ones, because somehow they’re so much better. If you love some good fantasy/fairy tale movies with festive vibes, I’d definitely recommend “Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” and “Nutcracker and Four Realms”. They’re both classics and both good, especially Narnia, which has been another tradition of mine for many years. I did watch a new one – “The Man Who Invented Christmas”. To be honest I had higher expectations for this, I thought it would be more festive and light, while it wasn’t. I still enjoyed it, because as I already mentioned, I love biographies about writers, especially the ones that I know and love. This one was about Charles Dickens, how he created the famous “The Christmas Carol” just in a few weeks.

And here it is, my penultimate post. I think for majority this week is going to be the busiest one: finding and buying the presents, decorating, cleaning up, running errands, doing grocery etc. And I know some people don’t like the holidays exactly because of this crazy fuss, as it can be really exhausting. So instead of running here and there, making your to-do lists bigger with every day, remember what holidays are really about. Take a moment for yourself, have some chill time, enjoy the festiveness, spend the time with your family and friends instead of doing hours of shopping. Watch a movie, listen to christmas songs, make fun and good memories. That’s what Christmas is for.



      • Exactly ,one must plan everything to a practical point only as this will save us from little bit of disappointment arising out of imperfections as we might be obsessed with ideal & perfection in our work.Now that you have thought of going with the flow of life,you are quite comfortable! Nice thinking !Thanks for the great post !


      • that’s how I was, I used to become so disappointed if any of my plans went wrong, that’s why I stopped pressuring myself and enjoying every day with no specific plans

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  1. Your home is like Christmas story. Very pretty decoration, music, festive mood. Greetings, happy holidays!🙂
    Merry Christmas! 🎄


  2. It all looks wonderful and your Christmas wrapping looks perfect to me. Mine looks like a 7 year olds… Love your cat with the hat! Merry Christmas,


  3. You have taken some marvellous photos of Sammy, looking very curious and majestic. Thank you for sharing your joy, and the joy of the season 🙂


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