Christmas at Hogwarts 🌲

Every year I decorate my room in a specific theme, because I feel like seeing the same ornaments and colors years and years in a row can become a little boring. Last year I got inspired by the Yule Ball from Harry Potter, and Winter wonderland, and had a white, silver and blue color-scheme. I liked it, especially the blue twinkle lights, but I again realized that it wasn’t really my “vibe”, as I prefer classic warm colors, especially for Christmas.

This year my theme is again Harry Potter related (I mean could it be anything else), but this time my main inspiration was Gryffindor’s common room and Great Hall decorations. It turned out really great, as it’s two things I really like-burgundy and warm colors + the Wizarding World.

The main thing is obviously the Christmas Tree. I got the candle-like lights which look soo amazing and magical. Forget about Harry Potter for a moment, it is so classic and vintage, every time I put them on, I feel myself in old England. And they look really good with my tree to be honest. My reference was the big tree in the Great Hall, and I’m really happy with the result, as I think it looked quite similar. I chose lots of different golden baubles, stars, snowflakes and the tiny little Snitch for the rest of the tree.

Needless to say, that the general color of my room was burgundy. Not everything of course, but I managed to put some bits and pieces together to be as authentic as possible. I tried to recreate the common room of the faculty, with a little creative mess, adding some candles, lanterns, books, chocolate frogs (which, by the way, I ordered special for this. it was my first time opening a frog package, and to my luck, I got Godric Gryffindor’s card). I had the perfect old-fashioned rug, and this pillow case, which I think just screamed Gryffindor. The hour glass was in the right color scheme, plus it kind of reminded me of the house-points glasses of Hogwarts faculties. As for the lanterns, well they used them quite a lot in Hogwarts, so they’re also on point.

I also found my dad’s old chess set, and it looked just great with the rest, as it reminded me of Weasley’s antique set of Wizard’s Chess. And this became the perfect opportunity to brush up my playing skills, as I used to play as a child, but haven’t played in years. When I was doing the photoshoot, my cat Sammy wanted to take part in this creative activity as well and auditioned to play the role of Hermione’s cat-Crookshanks. I know she isn’t fluffy and chubby enough, but I just didn’t have the guts to say that to her face.

And last but not least-the mood-board. I printed a few photos with scenes from the movies and some amazing and cute art (sadly I can’t give credit to the artists themselves, as I have no idea who made these). I also put a few owl figures and the little huts, which represent the Hogwarts owls (+Hedwig) and Hagrid’s hut respectively.

I’m not gonna lie, my room doesn’t look exactly like what I’ve made for this blog, because I have to move and put some things together to create the proper image in whole. I loved it like this so much, that I didn’t want to move anything back again. I still have everything I showed in different corners of my room and they all look great. I have some other decorations as well, but they didn’t go with the Hogwarts theme, that’s why I didn’t include them in here.

I really really enjoyed my whole time and energy spent for creating this post. I know that these kind of posts aren’t my most popular ones, and have the least amount of engagement but I don’t really care because I got to experience that magic all over again, by decorating my room, finding things that will go with this theme, finding photos online and rewatching and rereading the Christmas parts of the story, and of course listening to the amazing soundtrack whilst taking these photos. I have quite a lot of HP merchandise, but the most interesting and exciting part was having a rummage through all our stuff to find the right things that would have worked. I hope this post provided some good and festive atmosphere as I know lots of people love rewatching Harry Potter specifically for Christmas. Wish you a magical day, and enjoy the last few photos I brought together for some extra inspiration.

p.s. I got this idea one year ago, when I was doing the Yule decor. And now, as I was doing this one, I already know what my next one is going to be.

29 thoughts on “Christmas at Hogwarts 🌲

      1. Definitely my college dining hall! At that date the Duke of Northumberland was my contemporary at Christ Church and they also used Alnwick Castle his house in Northumberland for some of the filming.


  1. Sparkling aesthetics, both the movie’s and yours. Especially yours.

    You used the term “magic” several times, and that describes perfectly the tingly trance that takes hold of your fortunate readers. Well, it does me, at least.

    Though the year offers so many happy moments, none can match Christmas for the ease and grace with which it captivates us. That’s thanks to people like you.


  2. Dear AnnMary, so many emails are coming to my box daily but yours comes with joy.
    Damn, sometimes it is so hard to be an adult, and you are taking time to bring the Christmas joy kind of mood to people around you. You are such a nice person! Thank you for doing this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks so much, your comments really mean much to me! 😍I really love spreading the christmas cheer as much as I can, and I’m so honored if I am able to inspire anyone. thanks again!♥️


  3. I’m so glad you had so much fun decorating your room! It looks great, and you can clearly see the hard work you put in. 😊


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