Blogmas pt 2. ❄️

Welcome to Blogmas part 2! This one also started with a couple of snowy days (or mornings, to be more precise) and again it was magical, especially as the snowflakes were really big and fluffy this time. Sammy was really excited, as this was her first time seeing the snow. I really miss having a lot of snow, it makes me feel nostalgic. We used to have heavy snowy blizzards, and it was always beautiful and really fun, as we’d spend hours outside, having snowball fights, building snowmen and just goofing around.

I slowly started rearranging and decorating the rest of the house, by creating little corners of festivities. To be honest, I don’t really like the fancy neutral color decorations, because for me they’re like soulless. For me, Christmas is about colors, old traditions, along with the new ones, it’s about making memories, feeling festive and magical, and in my opinion your decorations should represent all that, be full of different memories, and not just be glamorous and chic. Also I love making my own little diy projects, like this wreath I made last year. This year I’ve found some old toys of mine and decided to make them into Christmas decor, and I think they look pretty good, even though the red paint isn’t quite even on the car.

One of the most relaxing hobbies of mine is art in its different forms. I love drawing, trying to recreate some amazing illustrations I see online, or just making up something by myself. I know I’m not a professional, but I do enjoy my art, because it’s unique in its own way. And of course, playing music. Every year I learn at least one new Christmas carol, so that throughout the years I’ll have a big collection of songs, that I can play the whole December. Live music in the house is so heartwarming, especially when there are people singing or humming along with your playing. As Buddy the Elf says “The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear”. One of my mini dreams by the way is participating in a street carol singing, but unfortunately we don’t have such things in our country. I never stop dreaming though.

Did a little photoshoot with tangerines. I don’t know about you, but for me tangerines are a symbol of Christmas, especially the ones of my childhood, as we used to get packages full of candies and tangerines. And in general I love this vintage vibes during Christmas. It kind of lets us go back in time, feel what we have felt in many years, and bring something back to our present lives.

My decision of doing some selfless deeds continues. I participated in a little Christmas charity initiative, when you buy some toys/stationery/clothes or anything else for the children from impoverished families or refugees, as sadly there are quite a lot now, because of the war. I bought some stationery, but mostly stuffed animals, because I guess kids will be happier to receive toys from “Santa”. I hope people wouldn’t think that I write this to boast or show off, as there’s nothing really to show off. I just know that when people read about things like this, they also want to do good things for others. And I will be so honored if someone would want to continue this “chain of spreading kindness” and do something good by being inspired from this post, just like I got inspired from “Klaus”.

Haven’t watched any new Christmas movies, except for “The Christmas Chronicles”, but I didn’t like it at all to be honest. It had some good moment, but in general it was quite boring, dark and not festive enough for me. Hence why I decided to write a couple of old movie recommendations, the ones that aren’t very famous but I really like them. “Christmas with the Kranks” (2004). I don’t know why this movie isn’t popular, as for me it’s a classic, just like “Elf” or “Santa Claus”. If you like a slightly cheese comedies with a magical happy ending you’ll definitely like it. I love the idea of the neighborhood or society being so united and friendly, helping each other when they need it, even if some don’t like each other. “Surviving Christmas” (2004). This one belongs to the same category, though I’d say that this one is funnier. It shows us that life isn’t about being wealthy and having luxurious life. It’s about small things, having family and friends, people who love you and care for you. “Deck the Halls” (2006). Same about this one. A festive rivalry between two neighbors (one of which is Danny DeVito, which already means something). It’s funny to see how people often compare themselves with others, don’t pay attention to what they have and put an eye on things someone else has. While that someone else is doing the same. All these three movies are very light, heartwarming family films, that are fun but also meaningful. That’s what I like for a Christmas movie night.

I guess I’ll end this post here. I didn’t do much festivities this week, but I have a lot to do in the next one, as the clock is slowly ticking. Hope your time is filled with the holiday cheer!



      • This is really strange. Because for some reason I already read this and responded to it and yet it showed up only today in my feed . That is why I thought it was number one repeated.


      • Your posts don’t show up in my reader part of my feed but in my notifications part of my feed and for some reason it may have showed up twice at different times so that’s why I was confused.


  1. You have a beautiful sense of aesthetics. Not just in the decorations that brighten the holidays, but in your appreciation for all the things (like snowfall!) that make this time of year magical.

    You showing Sammy the snow reminds me of my own cat’s first winter, all those years ago now. Thanks for the comforting memories!


  2. amongst this whole turmoil this year I especially want to make these holidays something special, maybe even a Catmas, like you do… 😎


  3. I can sense that enjoying Christmas along with the new year is the best sensation and lively moment for everyone, So, Enjoy the Christmas to the core. And, Happy day.


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