Blogmas pt. 1 🎄

Let me introduce you with the concept of blogmas. During December, many people (mostly youtubers) do vlogmases, which is an abbreviation for video blog Christmas. They shoot and post videos every single day throughout the whole December, up until the 25th and show different festivities that they do. I don’t know if there’s such thing as blogmas, which can simply be opened as Blog Christmas, without the video part.

This year has been quite hectic. So much has happened (and not all things were good), that it feels like a century, though for me it flew by really fast. So I thought that all we need to do now, in the last month of this crazy year, is compensate the huge amount of negativity with some positive, festive and merry vibes. Hence why I decided to do a little Blogmas project. It’ll be different from the original vlogmas thing, as I won’t be daily posting. There will only be 4 parts (if I have that much to write, if not, it’ll be less) in which I’ll turn my internal Elf mode on and try to share the Christmas cheer as much as possible. I’ll write about the festive activities I’ve done, as well as share some art, photos I took, ideas, movie/book/song names along with some inspiring thoughts etc. I hope it will be useful and will help become inspired for the best time of the year.

The week has started in the right mood: first snow of the season with heavy fog. It didn’t last long, but it looked really magical and made me listen to “Let it snow” by Frank Sinatra and “White Christmas” by The Drifters in repeat

One of the first things I do every year, is making my bullet journal of the month, writing all the things I need to do, all the festive bits and pieces, so I won’t forget anything. Also it’s a form of art for me, coming up with a new theme for every month. And of course doing the Christmas bucket list, writing down all the things that inspire me throughout the season, as well as all the festive traditions I do every year.

Next on the list is the grand opening ceremony of the Advent Calendar. I know there are now plenty of advents full of jewelry, makeup, other accessories, but I prefer the old school chocolate one. And of course I gotta share it with my cat Sammy, because sharing is caring. I really love this one that I found this year, it’s a vintage village toyshop, in old Victorian times.

What a Christmas preparation without decorating. Every year I decorated my room in one day, but this year I decided to extend the fun and do it little by little, a brilliant idea, which I’m surprised I haven’t come up with years ago. I won’t show much of the decorations, because I’m preparing a whole separate post for it.

One of the things in my Christmas inspiration list was having a cozy movie night. And coziness can’t be complete without some darkness, lots of twinkle lights and candles, and warm onesies. Sammy enjoyed this too, although instead of watching tv with us, she preferred watching her own entertaining thing-our parrot Kesha in his cage. And the first Christmas movie/cartoon recommendation would be Klaus”. The beginning of it doesn’t seem promising, but believe me, it’s one of the kindest, most positive stories you’ll ever watch. After watching things like this, you also get infected with the idea of doing something good for others and creating a chain reaction of kindness and selfless deeds. It’s always important to think about others and help them as much as you can, but in Christmas that action feels more soul-warming. So the first tiny thing I decided to do, was to make a little feeder in our balcony, where I put crumbs and birdseeds for all the sparrows and other birds to eat in this cold season. And I hope I’ll come up with other interesting ideas of doing something good for others.

Since we’re on the topic of festive cartoons, here are a few other recommendations apart from Klaus. A Christmas Carol (2009), a great example, that even cold heartedness is curable, especially in this season. This is the cartoon adaptation of Dickens’s famous self-titled writing. The music by Alan Silvestri is just beyond amazing, and no one could have portrayed Scrooge better than Jim Carrey.

“Polar Expressis my all time favorite, I rewatch it every year. This cartoon is all about faith, and it doesn’t matter in what. “The bell rings for those, who truly believe”. A great metaphor for life in general. But except for believing in something greater in life, it simply makes you believe in the holiday spirit and magic. Also its soundtracks are just wonderful, I don’t even have words for describing them. My most favorites are “When Christmas Comes to Town” and “Spirit of the Season”, though the rest of them are equally as good. The composer here is also Alan Silvestri , so I guess he has a talent of writing Christmas music.

That’s it for part 1. I really enjoyed writing this, and I’m sure it’ll be very pleasant to reread this a few years later and feel super nostalgic. I hope you’ll get infected with my festive spirit and will cherish every moment of holiday season.



  1. Beautiful – what a comforting post, and pictures!

    Plus, I love that you delight in coziness. Yes! All the seasons have special attractions, and coziness has to be the best winter has to offer.

    Perfect idea, the cozy movie night. The only way it could get any better would be if were snowing outside, and cookies were in the oven inside.

    Yes, 2020 could’ve been much better, but your enthusiasm and stylishness are ensuring it ends well. Merry Christmas, all month long!


  2. Coziness is definitely a must! I hope you have been binge watching a lot of movies (apart from the ones you mentioned) and share your twinkly lights!


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