Thanksgiving Mood 🥧🦃🍂

The day, which wraps up the harvest season and begins the festive one, has arrived! I do love this holiday, and maybe the first thing to be thankful for, is that I started celebrating it in my own little way.

As I already mentioned quite a lot, I really don’t care whether Thanksgiving is only celebrated in two countries, or that it isn’t my national holiday. I don’t think that holidays were meant to separate people even further in the first place, life has already done that pretty well. So why people are bothering to divide these special days into “ours” and “foreigns”. On the contrary, we should learn more about different days in different cultures and cherish them, because the holiday spirit, doesn’t matter what holiday it is, makes us united as ever. Obviously one day can have a different meaning, deriving from old legends and traditions, but isn’t it great to share them? Just like Halloween, it originated from old Celtic traditions, but now it’s celebrated worldwide, and it doesn’t mean being disrespectful or irreverent towards a certain culture, for me it’s the opposite.

Okay, this wasn’t supposed to be a deep philosophical topic, so let’s move on. I was really looking forward for Thanksgiving this year, because with world going crazy, it’s so nice being able to give your thanks for everything good that you have. Not that we need a special day for it, I thank God and universe every single day for all the good things in my life. Even sometimes for the bad ones. But having one specific day, made purposefully for that occasion, getting prepared for it by making a delicious dinner and decorating, is really delightful. And it absolutely doesn’t matter, whether you’ll have your own little thanksgiving on Thursday the 26th, the previous day, or next week. What matters, is adding something exciting, fun yet meaningful at the same time to your daily routines.

I think everyone needs another low-key, not necessarily fancy holiday to celebrate, especially nowadays. Because it’s in the hardest and darkest times, that we need the most light and joy in our lives. So get your inspiration ready (from this post or anywhere else) to celebrate a special day in a year. Enjoy the photos below and Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁♥️✨



  1. i never think that other countries, other than Canada, celebrated “thanksgiving.” to me it is an american holiday. lol though other countries may call it something different, giving thanks is a universal human wish. i hope you have a nice holiday however you celebrate it.


    • I always thought only US and Canada celebrated it, but I found out there are a few other countries as well, like Brazil, Liberia etc. I know its history, the story of Pilgrims, but still I think this is one of the best and most meaningful holidays and it should be celebrated everywhere, as being thankful for what you have is very important. thanks for your wishes and happy thanksgiving 🍁 😄✨


  2. Happy thanksgiving! I love that you said it doesn’t matter which country you’re from cause we’ve been saying it here in South Africa too haha


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