Mist & Mystery ☁️

I don’t know about you, but I adore the foggy weather. It always appears out of nowhere, so quickly and quietly, one second and the world is covered in this magical, pale, fluffy blanket. I hate science for giving logical explanations for all the natural phenomena, and not leaving space for some mystery and imagination. Because for me personally, this is a pure mystery. Even the word mist is similar to mystery. Not very logical, but it’s fine by me.

I love wandering outside, with no specific reason, just aimlessly roaming around, not seeing what’s behind and ahead of me, feeling like in a fairy-tale. Because now the reality has no precise boundaries, so it can be the way that I want, the way I imagine it to be.

The sound of rain, dropping on the roofs, the cawing of crows, the rustling of dry leaves beneath my feet…along with the last colorful leaves left on half-naked branches of trees, and the mist, whitening every single corner… that sounds like a perfect November walk.

24 thoughts on “Mist & Mystery ☁️

  1. Pushing the mist out of sight
    by the lake side
    was to push life and conjure it
    so that, instead of collapsing into nothingness,
    turn itself around
    and that the evening becomes day.
    You’re right. Better to let your imagination fly than the logical explanation of the fog.
    Good weekend to you
    Manuel Angel


  2. I like foggy times too. Just don’t like to travel in the fog. Funny as I write this it is early morning here in California, and where I live it is a foggy morning. 🙂🙂


  3. the best thing about fog is this mysterious silence that comes along with it. we’re so used to live in a noise polluted atmosphere, it is stunning when all of the sudden all this city civilization racket stops and you start hearing the nature. that is a real charm.


  4. la nebbia ha il suo fascino, nel mistero che avvolge il paesaggio che ci circonda ognuno nasconde i suoi pensieri, le sue mille sensazioni.
    Molto bello il tuo modo di descrivere questi attimi.. 😉


  5. You take stunning pictures Ann Mary! 🍂👏
    In Bulgaria here in my city is the fogy weather too. Hot tea with breakfast are beautiful at this time of the day.💕


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