Autumn in Armenia 🍁

There’s so much negativity around, in literally every corner, that sometimes you just want to turn the information flow off, hide from all the problems in a safety bubble, think about something good and nice for a change. And that’s what I’m going to do. Despite the war in my country still going on, the world still being silent on that, despite the pandemic and the increase of daily cases, I decided to distract myself and speak of something that is always worth paying attention to, something bright and delightful, a mercy to sorrow hearts.

And that one thing is obviously nature. I remember already bringing this quote from “The diary of Anne Frank” up in one of my previous posts, but now I understand its meaning more than ever: “The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature. As longs as this exists, and it certainly always will, I know that then there will always be comfort for every sorrow, whatever the circumstances may be. And I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.”

Spending the weekend in nature made me realize this simple truth once again, and get that feeling of exquisite beauty and higher power of the universe and God. Especially now, when it’s my favorite season outside, the magnificent autumn with all its amazing colors, great harvest and nicest weather. I don’t think I ever praised my country in here, but I love its nature so much. Every year I once again fall in love with autumn in Armenia, as it is truly breathtaking in here. The colors are brighter than the sky, the seasonal fruits and vegetables are the best (maybe except for the lack of beautiful round orange pumpkins, which, however, I still managed to find), and life seems so perfect here in autumn, in spite of all its big imperfections.

If you’re an old reader of my posts, you might probably notice some repetitive thoughts and words concerning autumn, just because my love for it not only stays the same, but grows bigger with every new year. I just can’t stop but cherish the new season, the nature changing its clothes once again. I wish autumn lasted for at least 6 weeks, because for me it’s the best season. Whenever I’m outside, I just want to stop at every new tree, take dozens of photos of it and enjoy it, until I reach up the next one. When I wake up to a gloomy sky, I want to take over the world, as it fills me with so much energy and inspiration. When there’s rain pouring outside, I want to go out and enjoy the coldness, before cuddling in a warm blanket with a nice cup of tea (I felt myself so British for a second).

I don’t know why, but autumn seems to be the best trait of Armenia. Whenever I advise someone visiting it, I always recommend coming in autumn, because it’s truly like the best costume it could wear, which emphasizes all its advantages, all the charm and good points.

So, if you’re an autumn lover yourself, or just like appreciating the glory of nature, here are some photos I took over the weekend, as well as some old ones, that portray autumn in Armenia in its best colors.

And in general, go out in nature more, whether it’s countryside, local park, or just a place in neighborhood with many trees around, believe me it doesn’t matter, nature doesn’t compete with itself, so it’s fascinating in every corner. Yes, the problems are still gonna be there, they won’t magically disappear, there won’t be rainbows and unicorns around, the war is still here, along with coronavirus and all the sad news, but by torturing yourself with despair and misery you won’t do any good both to you and to society. So be good, feel good in order to do something good. And don’t let this beautiful season go by without being noticed.

Geghard monastery, 4th century
Temple of Ptghni, 6-7th century
Lake Parz, Dilijan


  1. “The beauty and wonders of Nature’s
    are the most potent attractions
    to erase Life’s painful distractions.”

    _-Van Prince

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  2. a very nice write and great pics, too! lots of apples!!! what was the dogs name?? we even got to see a bit of you and how nice to drive around in a Mercedes! lol i do hope you are far away from any of the hostilities and you and your family stay safe. being out in nature does have a way of healing one self. 🙂

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  3. Beautiful! Not only do your pictures and your writing electrify, but you have a good “eye.” That is, you frame the pictures well, and you have a great sense of what makes a good photo.

    Honestly, your work reminds me of the pictures I see every year in travel calendars. Nice!

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  4. molto belle le tue immagini, anch’io adoro l’autunno per la bellezza della natura. Anche qua in Italia abbiamo paesaggi spettacolari in questa stagione, ne sto fotografando moltissimi, nei prossimi giorni sul mio blog posterò molte immagini di questa stagione incantevole.
    Riguardo il Coronavirus, purtroppo è un problema che ci accomuna, anche qua la situazione è grave, per non pensarci dobbiamo giusto isolarci nei boschi, lontani dalla folla di tutti i giorni….

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  5. Thank you, it was a joy to read! I love our autumn, too, though it happens in April, May. It is not only beautiful, it brings the change in temperatures, hot days are not on the horizon any more, nothing to fear. And another wonderful winter with crispy air ahead. Nearly 9 months to enjoy, before the next summer comes. Autumn is to be treasured.

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  6. Truly so so beautiful.
    Yes, there is just something magical about autumn. Nature changes, the leaves fall from the trees and cover the earth with a colorful carpet of leaves.
    🙂 Warm greetings to you and stay safe.
    Rosie from Germany

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  7. It is great to see you pick yourself up from all the disappointment and bitterness around you. Nature, for sure, lifts us all up from our problems, if only for a moment. Also, you couldn’t be more accurate about the abundance of negative information filling us all up and draining us emotionally.

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    • thanks a lot! yes, the only thing we can do is cut ourselves off of this flow of negativity and try to surround ourselves with beauty and good things (I don’t materialistic though) ✨


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