Live Life for Now ⏳

“Live life for now, because everything else is uncertain…”

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard this quote. Maybe not specifically this one, but a similar one. And we all do understand what it means. Live in the present, don’t waste your life thinking about the future because you don’t know a single thing about it. But recently, because of the war happening in my country, I understood this quote much better and in a slightly different way. I realized, that all this time me, and probably many other people have exaggerated the meaning of this saying.

Lots of people, while seeing this quote will consider the word “uncertainty” as death and will interpret it as “do everything you want, because tomorrow you may be dead”. And by saying “live your life to the fullest” or “live your life now” lots of people may instantly think of doing something big or crazy like quitting their jobs to travel the world, jumping with a parachute, getting a huge tattoo, diving with sharks, driving a car or a motorcycle at a very high speed etc. This also might be true to a point. But in reality this quote is much more simple than what we have thought.

Nowadays, in the era of comfort and great technologies, we still think that the future is safe and clear. Lots of people learned their lessons by the coronavirus, that one simple thing can turn the world upside down. Literally. Who would have thought that in 21st century the planes wouldn’t fly, the shops, cinemas and everything else would be closed, that people would be able to go out under special restrictions and conditions? No one.

Now imagine someone, whose dream was to visit Paris, and putting off his dream for months and years. And now that person’s dream might never become true, because you never know when we’ll be able to travel again.

Or I’ll bring a personal example. I’ve done lots of photos and creative videos to post in social media, but for some reason I was postponing it, being lazy or not having the right mood. Right now my country is in the middle of a war. And no one knows how long it will last. And I’m obviously not thinking about my unposted photos and videos right now, because compared to everything going on, this isn’t even a teeny tiny problem. And to be honest, even now writing about it feels like the highest level of egoism, but I needed to write this as the simplest example to make my point clear. See, it’s something I wanted to do, and now can’t and most importantly don’t want to, because of everything going on. Now all I think about is the young soldiers and residents of little towns and cities dying from the bombings of the enemy, the uncertainty about anything in the future…

These are just two example of how life can suddenly change in a single day and you won’t be able to do anything about it. That’s why here’s my little motivation or advice for you: if you want to visit your dreams place, do it; if you want to post that photo now, do it; if you want to tell someone that you love them, or to propose or even break up, do it. If you’re in a fight with someone, but really want to make up, put your pride away and just talk to them, say that you’re sorry. “Uncertainty” doesn’t necessarily mean death, it can mean everything, any kind of obstacle-from small to big. if you want to watch that movie, watch it now, don’t wait for tomorrow, because tomorrow you might not have internet or electricity. Of you want to plant a flower or start running, do it today, because tomorrow there might be a huge storm. If you want to eat that piece of pizza, eat it, don’t wait until your diet is over and you’ve lost enough weight. Because one day, there might not be your favorite pizza for years and you’ll regret not eating it enough. If you want to get a cat or a dog, do it now, because tomorrow you may marry someone who has an allergy, and your dream will vanish forever. and again, I can go on and on

See how simple things are. Life is made of simple things like that. And we start noticing and appreciating them, only when we loose them. So don’t wait for that moment to come. It might never come at all, but again in this crazy world you never do. A week ago, I would have never thought that every day, first thing in the morning, with half closed eyes I’ll check the news, or will prepare an emergency bag just in case. So if you have that chance, live your life to the fullest in this very moment, by filling it with simple happy moments.

p.s. if you want to learn more about the war going on in my country, check my recent post out. raising awareness to the world about our history and situation is one of the few things I, and many people can do now. 🙏🏻



  1. “The past is behind us
    The future is ahead of us
    The Present (Now) is with us
    The Present
    Live in the Present
    or you aren’t living at all
    you are exising in the past
    you are preexisting in a future
    the past is a deceased host
    the present is a ghost
    the Present is the only Now you can live in
    pick your choice

    By: Van Prince


  2. I really don’t know much about your age, on the photo you’re young and beautiful, certainly way before your 30’s, but you definitely have the depth of a young and progressing adult and your thoughts and cares spread further than your closeby-realtime world. I love your constructive (as opposed to destructive ) viewpoint. Be more people like you in this conflict – be the peace sooner.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Gosh, how far away is this age for me… And how sweet it is to know that the upcoming generation still can boast to have people like you AnnMary. You’re great! Go on like you do, and you will reach the hights. See it coming for you. You’re a nice kid.

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      • aww, thanks a lot again! ♥️I’m sure there are lots of good people in this new generation, even it feels the opposite, they’re just spread in different corners of this big world 😇


  3. i hope you will feel the time to share your photos etc and just not your words/thoughts will come soon. armed conflict is always a big concern and should be at the forefront. this is a good write.
    stay safe and well.


      • Also what’s funny is that your post came up in my comment follower area and not on my normal follower screen area which is still not showing up there you know everything I see on my end says I’m following you but sometimes when I click on your site it doesn’t say I’m following you and so I have to refollow again so I don’t know what’s going on WordPress seems to be all messed up with that because I was getting your blogs on my follower area and then all of a sudden they stopped who knows I’ll just keep checking to see if you written anything. But I do hope things quiet down in your part of the world and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that.


      • that’s really weird! I’m mostly using wordpress app on my phone, so it’s not the same as in website or computer, as I don’t even have a comment follower area in here. hopefully it will get fixed soon. thanks a lot for your kind wishes! ☺️


  4. Ann Mary you are sharing your beautiful thoughts now but tomorrow you will read also this post with comments. Live in present believe in future. All big dreams are goals in future. 🌸💖


  5. Lovely post! It is so true that uncertainly doesn’t purely refer to death and I think Covid-19 has shown us that you simply cannot predict the future, so you have to live more in the present! Thanks for sharing!

    Feel free to read my blogs 🙂


  6. Beautiful and powerful! And so true. It seems we’re either living in the past and for what “could’ve been” or we’re hoping for tomorrow, thinking things will be better. We should savor the here and now.


  7. First of all, Ann Mary (and please, correct the spelling if I got it wrong), I have major respect for you continuing to blog, despite being amidst a war. Makes all our own “challenges,” including COVID-19, trivial. As is said in much less daunting circumstances, please, stay safe.

    As for the current topic, fretting about the future isn’t wasted entirely, as it does lead us to make preparations. Those preparations, in turn, allow us to enjoy the moments when they happen. I can dance with much more joy today if I went to the market, fixed that door, whatever…yesterday.

    Worry (prepare) today so you can celebrate tomorrow.


    • that’s true, if you have something to do today, do it, don’t put it off. and obviously you have to think about future too, but it shouldn’t be your main priority. people always focus on future, postponing their lives until next monday, or weekend or next salary and forget to live and enjoy it. thanks a lot for the comment!☺️


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