War and Peace 🕊

I always try to be as apolitical as possible in here, because that’s not my niche, that’s something I don’t have a strong political belief or opinion about, and as it’s not something I’m interested in, so I don’t write about these kind of topics. But the recent events in my country don’t leave me a choice but to raise my voice and use this platform to spread information and my opinion about this whole situation.

Two days ago, Azerbaijani armed forces started to shell towards borderline of Artsakh as well as attacking civilian objects, thus violating lots of laws and customs applicable in armed conflicts. Nagorno Karabakh and Republic of Armenia have declared martial law. They also started a missile attack against the territory of Armenia. The territorial conflict has been going on for more than 20 years, if not talking about older conflicts that go way back in history. I’ll leave some photos and links at the end of the blog so you can properly understand the whole situation going on and read the true information.

Lots of thoughts have been in my mind for the last couple of days on a few topics concerning these events that I wanted to share.

First of all, the international silence or “tolerance”. This isn’t the first time Azerbaijan is attacking us, but everyone either stays silent or calls to both sides to stop the aggression and make peace. Both sides? Seriously? If a murderer attacks you would you say the same? If a thief breaks and enters your home would you say the same? When someone attacks your country, how can you stop it if you weren’t the one who started it? Are our soldiers supposed to drop their weapons and say to the enemy shooting at them “hey, let’s stop this aggression, let’s be friends”?

I really feel like I shouldn’t say all these things but here I am, saying it. When the explosion in Beirut happened, the whole world spoke about it. Armenians spoke about it, helped with everything they could. When the war in Syria happened, Armenians spoke about it. When George Floyd was killed in May, just a few months ago, the whole world stood up, got united raised their voices and fought for the racial injustice. Just for one man. I’m not saying now that one person’s life is nothing. Every life is sacred as I already wrote and it’s true. I understand, that one person symbolized the whole racial problems that were going on for many years. Because indeed black lives do matter and always did. But so did Armenian lives, and all other lives as well. And it’s really hard to see how everyone, including Armenians were supporting all those movements, and now when when we need that support, everyone is “currently unavailable”…

people who said “all lives matter” were discriminated, mentally and physically abused and even killed, but again no one cared. people who supported black lives matter movements, stated that by saying that they mean that all lives matter. but now I don’t see that. when the Azerbaijani and Turkish army attack as, when Armenians and Armenian objects have been haunted down and destroyed in different countries for the past few months, not even talking about past few years, I haven’t seen anyone supporting us. I guess Armenian lives don’t matter…

Now, just a few months later, when young soldiers, aged 18-20 are being killed on the frontline, I don’t see anyone doing anything about it, no one gives a shit. I don’t remember anyone telling in May and June “both sides should stop aggression”. So where’s the justice? Where’s the tolerance? When I wrote quite a few times that tolerance works one sided, now I once again realize that I was completely right. All my friends, all Armenians are sharing tones of information, asking to sign petitions, to recognize Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression towards us, and all we see among our international “friends” is total ignore.

Why? I don’t know. There are so many why-s and I don’t know-s recently. Why people make wars? Why people kill each other? Why it’s considered okay to kill on wars? As my mom said “wars are a means of killing legally.” Because you can just say we’re in war, and it will justify the massive murders. People try to haunt down the serial killers and imprison or even execute them, but when someone starts a war, I don’t see them going to jail.

And I’m not only talking about our situation now. Of course I’m Armenian and I care for my country and my people, but if we look at this in general, from an objective point of view, both countries now get lots of losses. Both countries have now families, mourning their husbands, children, brothers… And for what? For a little piece of land? If you have some free time, please just look at the map. Look at the territory of Azerbaijan. And look at the territory of Armenia. I mean it’s like someone having a huge palace with big gardens, wanting to own the neighbor’s little hut and fighting for it. Where’s the logic? You already have your big palace, go, make renovations, plant flowers and enjoy it, why do you have an eye on the little hut? For that neighbor his little hut is not just a territory, it’s his home, his life, his survival, while for the owner of the palace it’s just an additional land to add. You can call me ignorant, stupid or uneducated, but I truly don’t understand any kind of violence, but especially wars, no matter what purpose they have. even if people make war for presumable “peace”. that’s just bullshit. it’s like starving for food, hating for love, lying for honesty…

As we Armenians say, we don’t fight against Azerbaijan. We fight for our homeland. To protect our home and people. We fight for our lives. We don’t fight for a “piece of land”, because it’s not just a piece of land for us, it is our home. We didn’t start this, and hence our conscience is clear, no matter how the international news will represent the events. You can find a solid proof just by looking at people’s tweets and comments on both sides of the conflict. I’ll add just one photo as an example down below.

One of the best qualities of Armenians is getting more united than ever when there’s a threat. No matter how everyone treats each other, even if there’s an inner conflict or misunderstanding, whenever there’s a need, we get united as one big family and fight together.

I pray for everyone out there in the frontline. I really hope that everything will end soon, that maybe a miracle will happen and the other side will be filled with love instead of hatred and aggression and will stop this. I hope people in the whole world would stop all this madness, will value human lives more than anything else, whether it’s a territory, money or power etc. I hope there’s an eternal peace in every single corner of world. Let’s just hope 🙏🏻

Links to understand this situation better as well as a petition and a fund for donations. Every cent is important now for here.


1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CC7of9aAey-/?igshid=1uqi84m7g0wt3

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7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGQOjMantpP/?igshid=1ocej2f4dnkwc

8. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/expel-turkey-nato-warn-turkey-and-azerbaijan-against-committing-new-genocide-against-armenia?fbclid=IwAR24gJ_9aQAT1HrTpCA9qyacobxBWsCAnhk_QnYlOMIWvgTpx0rq4R7JK0M

9. https://www.change.org/p/european-parliament-stop-terrorism-and-save-the-people-of-artsakh?utm_content=cl_sharecopy_25013057_en-US%3A3&recruiter=393718377&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition&fbclid=IwAR1kcoeLUVw307ZTJpaoGUE5DyRmSUTeAsPWA_k68MgsZX9xUi_yb5gw6dg



  1. I really hope that this will end soon and everyone who is in charge of this will give an appropriate answer! Let be peace ✌️ 🙏

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  2. all the troubles of this world from permissiveness or the tacit consent of people or fashionable tolerance. People have lost themselves and lost their humanity and do not distinguish between who is the attacker and who is defending their home, their relatives. They often wait for a command for whom to “root” or who will shout louder “stop the thief” and will behave accordingly.


  3. The powers that be start wars for their interest and wealth and citizens are catch in the middle on both sides of the coin. Politics is in essence a power play akin to a chess game, and this is why the vote is so important to separate the good from the bad. Annmary0723, you are a part of this writing community and I pray that you survive and conquer in life and I pray that God continue to bless you!


    • that’s true, people suffer because of the “games” of higher powers,,,but to understand and use their freedom of speech is the first step of making things right, choosing good instead of bad and maybe one day changing the world…thanks for responding and kind words! 🙏🏻


  4. For some reason your posts I’m not showing up in my feed. I do get an email when you have posted but it doesn’t show up in my followers section. This is the second post of yours that I have not received even though I follow you. For some reason your posts have stopped showing up in my menu. Even though it shows I’m following you I’m not getting your posts. Have you changed anything on your end?


    • oh, that’s a bummer 😕 I haven’t done anything, I don’t even know how to, as recently my wordpress app got updated and now it is completely different, lots of new options and stuff, so I don’t know, maybe it has sth to do with that? or maybe something has changed in your profile, I really don’t know,,I’m glad you at least get notifications of my posts in your mail. I’ll look at my settings to check if anything is wrong🙄

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  5. Ann Mary beautiful soul. You have my full support. Peace is God’s work, war is devil’s work. Let will be peace. Stay safe with hope and faith.


  6. purtroppo la stampa, l’informazione in genere, tende ad essere veicolata verso un determinato flusso di notizie. Sembra quasi che si segua più l’audience che la verità stessa dell’informazione. Notizie che hanno ampio risalto in ambito mondiale vengono messe in primo piano, altre che magari fanno anche più vittime, ma non hanno abbastanza visibilità, vengono ignorate. E’ difficile capire il perché di tali scelte, sta di fatto che blog come il tuo ci fanno riflettere ancora di più sull’importanza della vera informazione, troppo spesso messa a tacere per questioni che è difficile comprendere. Per questo ho letto con attenzione quanto hai portato alla luce..


    • thanks a lot for reading and commenting! Armenians are a small nation, that’s why it is really important for us to share the real information with the rest of the world, as you are right, the one who shouts louder gets the most attention, even if that “one” is wrong. grazie!


  7. Yes, those tweets definitely say it all.

    Those tweeters want to finish the Armenian genocide.

    People in the West are asleep.

    They’re only ‘woke’ when it comes to promoting a Neo-Bolshevik revolution as is currently happening on the burning streets of U.S. cities.

    They don’t know that Erdogan sees himself as the new Sultan of a revived Ottoman Empire.

    Just like other than Winston Churchill, no one in the West knew that Hitler saw himself as a new Frederick Barbarossa of a revived medieval pan-Germanic Roman Empire.

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  8. Hope peace returns soon, we all need a peaceful world not the one where people don’t even know whether they will see the next day or not. Hope and pray…


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