Liebster Award Nomination 🏆

If you’re in the WordPress sphere, you’ll probably know that there are lots of nominations or challenges going around. And this is one of them. I was nominated by Pretty, Plus and Proud, who writes amazing posts on her page and you should totally check her out! Thanks for the nomination!

Rules are really simple here, I’ll just add the copy here:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Share 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions your nominator asks you.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and makes them happy.
  • Make up 11 questions and ask them to your nominees.
  • Notify your nominees.

Now let’s start. 11 facts about me. This might be a little hard.

  1. I’m a linguist and translator by profession, I know 4 languages.
  2. I really love the fictional word, maybe even better than the real one, so I’m all into books, series and movies.
  3. Once I was hit by a lightning and bitten by a horse. Seriously.
  4. I have two pets-a budgie parrot named Kesha and a cat named Sammy. I used to have a dog, 3 other parrots, 12 hamsters and even a bunny for a while.
  5. I have never seen Titanic, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings (the last one I want to read the books first).
  6. I can play piano and guitar.
  7. I’m a very fussy eater, I don’t like trying new food, and I can eat the same things every day.
  8. My all time favorite book and movie both are Harry Potter. I grew up with that story and it’s really important for me.
  9. Since childhood I always loved writing, whether it was in my diary or short poems and stories. And that passion never went away.
  10. I’m very stubborn, it’s not easy to persuade me, once I already made my decision.
  11. I have a weird sense of humor, I can make a joke about anything and anyone, especially myself but not in a mean way. For me laughter is the best way to escape tension, awkwardness and bad mood.

Answers for my nominees questions:

  1. What is the reason behind your blogging career? Answer: Back in 2014-2015 it was more like an online diary, where I’d share my thoughts with an “unknown reader”. Then slowly I started to realize that this is what I’d want to do as a job, as I really enjoy writing, coming up with new topics, doing photography etc.
  2. What is the biggest motivation of your life? Answer: Can inspiration become a motivation? Because for me, whenever I’m feeling inspired, I instantly get motivated to do everything, to take over the world. Even if it sounds a little strange.
  3. One of the best moments in my life? Answer: It’s really hard to choose. Whenever I think about a happy memory I consider it as the best day of my life. But then I remember sth else and change my mind, and it goes round and round like that. Maybe visiting Disneyland or my dream place in Portugal, graduating, seeing the floating lanterns etc. I can’t really decide.
  4. One habit I want to change. Answer: Maybe spending even less unnecessary time on phone? Yeah, I’ll choose that one.
  5. Do you believe in religion or myth? Answer: I believe in faith, not religion. I believe there’s a higher power in our world, whether it’s God or universe. Religion and faith are quite different for me. As for myth, I love reading and watching about it, and I believe in everything mythical and mythological. Even if they don’t exist in our reality, they surely do in some alternate worlds.
  6. Are you a tea or coffee person? Answer: Tea all the way up! I drink tea a few times a day when the weather is not hot, so now I can’t wait for it to become colder so I can start drinking it again.
  7. Any advice you can give me? Answer: Just be yourself, do whatever your heart desires, don’t listen to everyone else. Find your inner happiness and inspiration and go along that path.
  8. The best part about myself. Answer: My creativity I guess, that’s what I like the most about myself. There are many artistic and creative hobbies I’m engaged in, and I truly enjoy it. And I enjoy learning more about everything that I don’t know yet.
  9. A place you want to visit and why. Answer: My dream destination is UK, and not just its major cities, but all the little towns and villages, because I adore its nature, architecture, their culture and traditions. Also how can I not love England, when it’s Harry Potter homeland.
  10. How do you judge people? Answer: I try not to judge people, because you never know the real reason of their actions or behavior, you’ve never been in their shoes. But I’m only human so sometimes I can also be judgmental. I pay attention on people’s actions rather than words, and their attitude towards people and animals. That’s really important to get a sense of a person.
  11. What is the change you want to bring to society? Answer: Honestly, the humankind is so screwed up right now, that there are thousands of things I’d love to change. But I think my niche is inspiring people, making them see the beauty of life, paying attention to the small things and understanding the real “purpose” and meaning of life.

My Nominees are:


Questions for my nominees. I should have written in my facts that I’m sometimes a real lazy bones (consider this as an additional fact), so I ask the same question that I already answered.

This was an interesting “experience”, I never thought about writing so many things about myself. So thanks again to Pretty, Plus and Proud for nominating me!



  1. Hey dear! Congratulations on your award. I loved reading those facts about you and getting to know more about you. Keep blogging and keep shining. Cheers to many more awards. Also thank you so much for thinking of me as one of your nominee. It truly means a lot to me. Have a lovely week ahead and take care of yourself!😊🥰😃😍😀


  2. so strange wp is, as this post never showed up in my feed even though i follow you and all the other posts of yours have showed up. hmmmmm…. very weird


  3. Congratulations on the award 🙂 How come you got struck by lightning and why did the horse bite you? I’m glad you lived to tell the tale! lol
    Thanks so much for the nomination hun ❤


    • thank you! ♥️ I was 4-5 years old, we had a carriage ride among the park, and I decided to stroke the horse, as a thank you, and he bit me, luckily it was november and I had lots of clothes on me and it didn’t harm me much,,,and when I was around 11-12 I was out during a thunderstorm and hold a street lamp (I didn’t know you aren’t supposed to touch anything electrical), a lightning stroke at that moment and it started shaking me but again luckily my dad was there and helped me 😇


  4. Congratulations! how I like such awards. this allows you to learn a lot from each other. share your thoughts. get closer. thanks for choosing me. I’ll pick up the baton …😊🎁🥰🎈🎉


      • I answered your questions, Annmari, and unexpectedly realized for myself that we agree on most of the answers to the questions. It’s always nice to find people who think like you.
        It’s great that you love animals. We have cats in the family: one in mine and two in the family of a son. We love them. And we also believe that it is better to read books first, and then watch films.


      • Yes, it’s interesting what people consider important for themselves – in what they coincide with you, and in what they differ.


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