Life in Quarantine and After 🔛

What’s the most obnoxious topic to talk about nowadays? Yes, you guessed right: quarantine and coronavirus. This blog will slightly involve it, however I’m not going to talk about its essence. There are plenty of conspiracy theories about what this virus can actually be, and a lot of them are so plausible and logical, that I honestly don’t know what to think or believe anymore. But it’s not the point. The virus is here, whether it was created artificially as a biological weapon, is indeed a real pandemic, was created from above to clean the Earth-it doesn’t really matter. We have this situation in our lives, which is the best example for the quote “if you can’t change the situation, change your attitude”. I even think that the sponsor of coronavirus was this well famous quote, so that people will finally understand and accept it.

In many places the self-isolation and lockdown are long gone, though there are countries which haven’t come out of the quarantine regime. And even if people in some countries can go out now, there are still lots of restrictions and many things which are still affected by the coronavirus and will be affected for a long time. So even if it seems like it’s over, it’s sadly not, hence I want to share some thoughts about this whole situation.

Whatever happens in our lives, it always has two sides or side effects: the negative and the positive one. We obviously know all the negative sides of corona, but let’s shortly cite some of them: obviously the virus itself, lots of deaths, bad economy, even the possible upcoming crisis, lots of businesses closing, people staying unemployed…Yes, it’s all there and it’s bad. But again, it’s not something that is within our capabilities to change. So the only thing we can do now, is to try to see the good sides, and focus on them. Because now the whole atmosphere is filled with fear, panic and depression, as people and social media are only focusing on the bad things, and that whole negative atmosphere attracts even more negativity.

But try to see this whole corona thing not as an enemy or an intruder, but as a “helper”. Remember how everyone was really concerned about our environment , ecology, cleanness of air and waters? Now, due to the quarantine, we’re getting it. The nature looks better than it was for the last many years. The air got cleaner, so did the waters. The greenery looks so lush, the sky looks even brighter. And that’s one great pro. Or how almost everyone was complaining of working really hard, dreaming about having some rest. And that’s another very important advantage-having the “mandatory holiday”, that’s how I call it, spending lots of time with our families, getting to actually know each other, learning how to live in harmony with them, having lots of free time to self-develop, or just finally relax, take a breath from the crazy life that we had.

One thing that I come across quite often, is constant complaining, and it is absolutely normal to complain sometimes about important things, or just discuss this situation, point out the bad sides of it. However some people just can’t stop but post every hour something about it, and complain not even about the significant things like getting sick, loosing jobs, facing economical difficulties, not seeing their friends or family etc, being stuck in another country and not being able to return home… They complain about not being able to go to a cafe, restaurant or a movie, birthday or wedding parties etc. Or people, who haven’t even been traveling before the quarantine post about how they can’t visit a new place because of the virus. How their “very important plans” got canceled because of it. I think the coronavirus has become the new scapegoat, overpassing the bad weather and the government. Now it’s all corona’s fault. And I’m pretty sure that 90% of people saying how their “plans” got canceled, didn’t even have any plans, except for going to work, pretending to work in there, coming back home tired from all the pretendings, wasting hours in internet, complaining how ordinary and boring their lives are, and going to sleep. Yeah, and sometimes going to another cafe, posting thousand of photos of their food, so the whole world knows that they went to a cafe and actually ordered something, going to beauty salons, to get the same hair extensions, same nails, same eyelashes, same permanent makeup etc. And now, when people actually have the possibility to spend some quality time alone, think about their lives, their dreams and goals, change something in daily lives, have the chance to develop different abilities, to care after themselves, instead of appreciating this great chance, they want to go back to their “normal”. But is it normal at all?

Again, I have to emphasize, that not everyone is like that, and that I sometimes exaggerate stuff I write for even more effect, so that people will understand better.

On the contrary, I also see lots of people actually taking this time as a great possibility, to rethink about everything, their lives, themselves, learning something new, even if that new is just a recipe or a makeup, making arts, reading, hanging out with their families. I think this whole situation was a kind of a lesson to learn, or a test to pass. I see and hear many people talking about the things that they understood during this time, and you can see a positive change in them, in their worldview, you can see the they got one level higher, smarter and wiser. They don’t complain, they accept everything as it is, even if it’s bad, even if they don’t like it. They know that life will never be the same, and nor will they. When people travel, go see other places and culture and then come back, they become a slightly different person, they cannot be the same as they were before. Same with here. And a huge amount of people understand that. They see how life isn’t about going to fancy places, eating out in different places, showing off their new clothes or places they go, getting married just because it’s “already late”, even if they don’t love them. Even if it was about that, it’s not anymore, as life is changing. Now it’s about learning everything anew, things we were supposed to know, but somehow didn’t. How to cook, prepare food for ourselves, how to do our own hair and nails, how to be able not to run away from your husbands/wives/children. The quarantine became the greatest lesson for so many spheres of our life. Don’t just marry someone, because they’re rich or are a “convenient option”, because one day you may be stuck with that person at home, with nowhere to run from them. And you have to live with them, see their face 24/7. Choose your partner wisely, someone, with whom the quarantine could become a party. Don’t have children, just to hand them over to nannies, kindergartens or schools, because one day it all can be gone, and you’ll have to actually take care of your child, play and speak with them. Children are not toys or pets, they need your love and care. Have children when you’re actually ready to spend your whole time with them, to play with them, teach them stuff, so that it will be pleasant for you, and your child won’t become a burden for you. Don’t hand all your cosmetic self-treatments to others, learn to do it yourself, plug your own eyebrows, do your own make up, your own nails, try to learn how to dye and cut your hair. You’ll see that taking care of yourself is such an enjoyable thing, when you have your own spa procedures or pamper days. And you’ll see your skin, hair and nails getting better and healthier. Don’t hope on restaurants or delivery food, learn to make your own food, a normal healthy food. It’s totally okay to eat from other places, but not on a daily basis. Don’t harm your stomach, it won’t say thank you for that. I read somewhere, that since the quarantine started, the amount of people going to hospitals with stomachaches has dicreased a lot, so that must say something to you. And most importantly, don’t run from yourselves. When you have a free day, a weekend, don’t try to excavate and find someone with whom you can go out, just because it’s “lame” to stay home at weekend. Learn to be alone with yourself, to find something fun, entertaining and beneficial to do at home, not to be bored.

Sadly or happily life is changing. Where it will go, how it will be in a year, I have absolutely no idea. Hence why we have to change our expectations, prejudices, mindset and mentality. Try to evolve along with life, and most importantly be optimistic. We can’t change this whole situation, but we can change the way we see and accept it. So stay safe, stay positive and learn as much ad possible from everything that happens in your lives.



  1. Agree. You are asking the very right question. This echoes my questions to a situation that bothers me. I believe. that we need to be, in a sense, grateful to the gift of earthly destiny, which helps us rethink a lot, think, take a break and unexpectedly make a leap forward in many positions, using the existing restrictions as a catalyst for the new.


  2. You’re looking at this situation from a very constructive standpoint, Annmary. The world desperately needed this reset button to be pressed and it has been done.
    Although, you might be not so much into politics and stuff, the virus is acting as a tool to break down the existing order of things, to clear the ground for the next system, and is not accidental. One thing that is right, the world is fed up with the way things have been going the last 30 years especially, and the change is under way.
    We might only hope for a minimum of collateral damage, but… there’s too many factors involved…


    • agree on that! I never believed that this virus is just an “accident”, there’r definitely so much more that we don’t know. the only thing we could do is try to learn as much from this whole situation as possible. but the quarantine is over, and it seems like everyone just forgot about it and think they’re “untouchable” again, and didn’t learn their lessons…

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