All Lives Matter 🏳️

I didn’t really want to write about this, and maybe I won’t even post it, because when it comes to certain topics, people aren’t open to hear what others have to say. But still I have lots of thoughts in my head, that I’d love to share. So if you see this posted, please put a little effort to actually understand what I’m trying to say.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably know about everything going on in USA. If you don’t, here’s a little rundown of the recent events: a police officer killed an Afro-American man called George Floyd, and after that the citizens in different states began massive demonstrations and riots. The logo for this whole situation became “black lives matter“. And I totally agree with that, black lives do matter… as well as all the other kinds of lives. People have been fighting against racism for a long time now, but they haven’t noticed, that sometimes what they do is also another kind of racism, which some people call a positive racism. What happened to that man is terrible and this kind of things shouldn’t be happening at all, but sadly they do, and they happen to people of every color. But people seem to not care or notice when a bad thing happens to white people, or people belonging to smaller communities and nations. I know that, because I myself am from a small, not famous country. And people from my country have also been brutally murdered throughout years, but who talked about that? No one. Please don’t think that I am a racist, I’m against all that artificial things that people or whoever created to separate us: race, religion, gender, nationality etc… These things do exist, but it shouldn’t be something to make us enemies, or make someone higher or more important than the other one. Who cares what color you are, or how you call your God, you’re just a human, just like me, just like anyone else. And we don’t need to treat someone bad just because of their origins. But here’s a little counter-attack: we also don’t need to elevate someone because of the same reason. So instead of saying “black lives matter“, I want to say “ALL lives matter“, because we’re all the same, the same souls, same blood and flesh, same mind. Again, what happened recently is really sad, and unfortunately such sad and terrible things happen all the time. I sometimes hardly believe that people can do something to stop the evil, but maybe, if all get united as one, set aside all the differences, we can eventually put an end to all the violence, all the wrong prejudices and discrimination. Maybe one day we’ll understand, that we’re all just humans with souls, and with no other labels. Treat others the way you want to be treated, try to see their souls and characters instead of their color. If someone’s is a great person, does it matter if he doesn’t look the same as you? And if someone’s a bad person, it also shouldn’t matter how they look, or what they believe in. If people judge someone because of their race, it’s called discrimination. And when people praise someone also because of their race, it’s also a discrimination. People should be judged, praised and be appreciated only due to their talents and their actions, whether good or bad. Nothing is one-sided in this world. Equality is the answer to everything. And to finish this up, let’s remember one of the wisest quotes in HP universe, said by my favorite Sirius Black:

The world isn’t split into good people and Death Eaters. We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”



      • Taking anyone’s life is terrible, taking an enemy’s or bandit’s life is our holy duty… I believe we will kill every enemy someday, else they will kill us. But even then we can’t avoid death and night. There are no places in the world without a beast.


  1. Yes All lives matter.All human have same consciousness So there is no point to judge whose life matter the most.If you can feel the life You have all permission to live it by your own choice.


  2. if you have not done so, you should really look into what the BLM movement is about for yes, all lives do matter but i feel you have missed the point the BLM is about. and by you or anyone saying “all lives matter” misses what being black, especially in the usa, is about.

    all through out human history, humans have treated those different from themselves harshly. and those who are more powerful over rule those who are weaker. humans can be and are very cruel animals.

    i have read several of your posts, and you are a very thoughtful woman. keep up with postings. you can make a difference.


    • thank you for your comment! I understand what you’re saying. I’ve read about BLM movements, I know about the sad history of afro-american people, I hate how they were once treated, and I do understand why this movement is so important for them and for everyone in general. I don’t think people who say “all lives matter” mean it in a bad way, and believe me I also didn’t mean anything bad or disrespectful.
      I’m Armenian, and throughout history my nation has also been treated with cruelty, violence and injustice, but if now instead of BLM there was an “armenian lives matter” movement, I’d still write this post. Because for me every single life is sacred, I see people for their souls, not their race or nationality and our souls are all the same. And I just wished that we lived in such a world, where we wouldn’t need all these labels that would breed hate and hostility between us. I wish people lived peacefully and were full of love and respect towards each other. 🙏🏻
      thank you for your words and opinion, I really appreciate it!

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      • “I hate how they were once treated,” be aware, they are STILL being treated wrongly.

        i understood the point of your post and i was not trying to say you are/were being disrespectful, and if i came across that way, i am sorry. i too wish we lived in world in which we as humans were/are more accepting with us all. yes, i agree and know about the history of your country and of the people who live there. i dont know about ALL of it, but i do know of some of the suffering your country has been through. be safe and well and keep on posting


      • sadly you’re true, there’s still a big amount of evil and injustice in the world, which seems to never end…but let’s hope that one day we’ll be free from all the bad things 🙏🏻
        thanks for sharing your worldview and your concern! I do value exchanging our opinions, it gives space to learning more about life. ☺️


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