Staying Inspired 🍀

Inspiration, and being inspired is something, or one of the few things I crave the most in my life. It’s the indescribable great feeling you get, that makes you wanna live your life to the fullest, move forward, create. It’s when you start noticing all the beauty around you, and feel so joyful and happy, even though nothing in particular happened. Some people undervalue the concept of “inspiration”, giving more credits to motivation. But I think inspiration is the starting point of getting motivated, when you want to convert your ideas and dreams into actions and make them come alive. So for me inspiration is the basis of many great things.

It’s difficult to stay inspired nowadays, when there are so many limits, restrictions and uncertainty in life. We got into a situation, where we can’t do or change anything, we don’t even know how’s the world going to be, nothing seems to become the same as it was. Maybe it’s a good thing, to forget the past, and move forward, creating a new life for ourselves. And inspiration is something we need the most in these times, especially when all the news, daily conversations and social media platforms seem to have only the negative things and events to talk about. So let’s change it up a little bit, and talk about something wonderful-inspiration and where to find it (shout out to those, who instantly thought of fantastic beasts and where to find them because of the similarity of the sentences).

1. Your surroundings. This is the first and maybe the most important place to get inspired from. If you can’t change where you live, or the things that open up from your windows, like an ugly building, or a busy street, and you can’t go traveling and seeing new amazing places right now, you can start with your home or your office, places where you spend the most time. While having your room/working area clean and organized enhances your motivation, decorations bring out the inspiration. By saying decorations, I don’t mean some paintings by artists that you don’t even know, or some weird “luxurious” things, that don’t even make sense. Don’t try to make your room “trendy, luxurious, rich”. Choose something that will inspire you and only you, even if someone else or the “society” will find it ugly, tasteless or tacky. Choose your own color scheme, find your own aesthetic. Add flowers, plants, photos of your best times, with your family and friends, or just beautiful sceneries, ornaments that will bring joy every time you look at them. I personally love redecorating my room for every season or holiday, because seeing the same thing every day for months can become a little depressing. And adding new touches to your room really lights up your mood.

2. Movies/books. These are just perfect especially for now, when the real life is kind of on pause, the fictional worlds come to the rescue. Again, there are people, who’ll watch and read only the things that are famous, trendy, are bestsellers, even if it’s far from their favorite genre. Or people having bad mood will watch even more depressing dramas, that will darken the colors even more. This is something that entirely depends on you, so why not choose the movies and books, that will bring you joy, with happy endings, motivational meanings and just lightness? Even if your taste “sucks”, even if you watch and read old things, that aren’t famous anymore, so what? The main purpose of the art entertainment is to make you feel better, and not miserable. So choose wisely. For example I love watching good old rom coms, with some comedy and lightness, where the main characters overcome all the difficulties, pursue their dreams and live a happy life. Or autobiographies. Not the ones about nowadays singers, actors and celebrities in general, who just woke up and became famous, no. I love the ones of old time writers, especially female writers, who overcome lots of things, stuck to their destiny and their passion and end up having a success after fighting for it. That’s what inspires me the most. And of course fantasy, which is the best cure for every situation, to escape the real life problems for a while, find a shelter, get advice and inspiration for anything that’s been bothering you.

3. Nature. Here I just want to bring one of my favorite quotes from “The Diary of a Young Girl”. It’s a little long, so excuse me for that:

The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature, and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, admist the simple beauty of nature. As long as this exists, and it certainly always will, I know that then thee will always be comfort for every sorrow, whatever the circumstances may be. And I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.

I think this already sums up everything I wanted to say, but I’ll still add a couple more things. Nature indeed is the best healer. When you look at it, even from a window, you feel the glory and beauty of it. It kind of makes all your troubles disappear and brings a strange feeling of peace within you. It’s the best kind of inspiration one can get. And you don’t have to see the most beautiful nature places to feel that. Nature is everywhere, it surrounds all of us. It’s the sky with magnificent clouds, sunrises and sunsets with the most wonderful colors, the trees, flowers, the wind, the sun, singing birds… So you don’t have to be around the ocean or mountains or forest to feel inspired. Just notice the nature that is around you, how beautiful and in harmony it is. Try to become a part of it and feel the inspiration.

4. Conversations. Yes, simple conversations can become the best fuel for being inspired. Not the ones with rumors and gossips, latest news, or constant negativity and complaints, which for some people never end and become bigger and bigger. You’ll only end up exhausted and tired after even a short conversation with such kind of people, whose world consists of only bad and negative things. But when you talk to someone, who’s light and easy, you probably know the feeling I’m talking about. Even when the conversation’s over, you still feel inspired and happy, want to conquer the whole world. When you talk about life, share your dreams, sometimes even problems, not complaining about them, but looking at them objectively, like a phase or part of life, like a lesson to learn and overcome. The philosophical talks are the best, when you just talk and talk, not about anything and anyone in particular, just about everything and nothing at the same time. These kind of conversations have been a great boost for me, especially for writing the blogs, about everything that we’ve previously talked about.

5. Art. Or making art, to be more precise. Have you noticed, that the more you write or draw, the more you want to do it? And once you stop, you don’t want to do it, or lack the inspiration for doing it. So start being creative and making art. The possibilities are endless: drawing, painting, writing, playing musical instruments, dancing/singing, taking photos (not the same kind of photos in front of mirrors or selfies, but the creative photography with something unique and beautiful) doing some handmade projects, even cooking/baking. Things and areas where you can express your creativity, boost your energy and inspiration. Even if you’re not a professional, doesn’t matter. Sometimes the beginning can be a little hard, especially if you haven’t made art for a long time. But the more you do it, the easier and more fun it becomes. And eventually you brain will work in an artistic way, will notice the things that need to be captured, and ideas will come to your mind automatically.

Oh wow, this was a loong post, I don’t remember the last time I wrote so much for a blog. Anyway, I hope that my ideas and suggestions will help someone change their attitudes and become more inspired with life, with everything. To see the bright sides of life, not the dark ones. To have that wonderful feeling inside their soul as much and often as possible. So stay inspired people!



  1. Number 1 and number 5 in your list I really relate to.

    Just before we went into lockdown my sister bought each of us in our home a plant, and some extras for the apartment for good measure. We live in an urban place so the views of greenery outside are limited. Having these plants inside has been wonderful addition visually for my mental wellbeing. I also have the current book I’m reading and my guitars in view and ready to be picked up near my home office. These are ready to be picked up when my brain is telling me I need a break OR I feel the inspiration to write some music or learn about new words.

    I am a writer of both stories and music. When I do them consistently every day and forget about the resistance I have to push through to start them it is an amazing feeling. I love writing especially, learning about the characters and the worlds I create as I create them! But, as you say, if I don’t do it, each day it becomes a little more difficult to fall back into the routine even though I know I love it once I start.

    Thank you for your words. Stay safe in your little inspired patch of the world.


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