Dark and Green ☁️🌿

Last week blessed us (well at least me) with the greatest weather. If you’re thinking, that it was a warm sunny week, you clearly know me wrong. The whole week was cloudy, rainy and misty with occasional wind and thunder. And now I feel like a weather narrator.

I know for some people this kind of weather is depressing, but not for me. I said this a million times, I feel the most inspired and motivated to do everything and anything, when I wake up to a gloomy day. And I can’t stop admiring how great the nature looks when it rains. Everything is so lush green, because of the huge amount of rain and the contrast with pale sky, the colors are so saturated and bright, like an hd movie or program. The most ordinary, dull or even ugly places look so beautiful. It wouldn’t look as great if it weren’t for the rebellious grass, growing in every possible place.

I love wandering in this weather, it’s so refreshing, it feels like the cold air clears all the bad and negative things in mind and soul. Also won’t even start describing how mysterious it feels, especially now, when there are almost no cars and people around, and the mist covers the streets, concealing the buildings, and leaving only the green, as on purpose, emphasizing its magnificent beauty.

If you want to get the same feeling, go to a park or wander in little hidden paths on a gloomy rainy day. Go to places, away from big streets, shops and people, places that are long abandoned. Go where there’s no one around, just the wind blowing, birds singing, raindrops falling on the rooftops or ground. Explore the green, see how breathtaking everything is: the flowers, the grass, building its way up through the concrete, mould and green reaching high up to old constructions, big and small puddles, reflecting the world upside down, fresh dew on leaves and grass, birds, little snails, coming out of their shells, the clouds. That’s what is life about, finding the simplest but the most sophisticated things, that may be hard to notice, but once noticed are the most beautiful among everything else.

Enjoy the photos done during some of my misty and rainy wanderings.


  1. Interestingly, my daughter is also always waiting for rain. He considers this kind of weather to be good. She inspires her creativity and activity.


  2. Nature has a way of refreshing those that take the time to appreciate it. The moment you go out and decide to stay present out in it, it just feels invigorating. Thanks for sharing your walk with us 😊


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