Spring in Home 🌿

Well, it couldn’t be a new season, without me redecorating my room for it, could it? (p.s.-all the decor photos are down below)

I think redecoration is perfect, changing your environment, adding some freshness to the same old place. Especially now, when most people are stuck at home for God knows how long and time being outside and enjoying the beautiful blooming nature is restricted. Well, if you can’t go out to spring, we’re gonna bring spring home. And here’s how.

What’s the color you imagine when thinking about spring? I’m pretty sure the answer is the same with most people:green. So that’s the color scheme for spring decorations. Green pillow cases, blankets, candles, anything you can find. Let’s say, the greener the better. Or anything with leaf, flower, plant patterns would be just great. Changing the bedding and cushions changes the whole atmosphere of the room, so you could even stop just there. But still, let’s get a little further.

The next important thing is flora:plants, flowers, even dried flowers and hanging herbariums. I dream about having a big conservatory, with hundreds of plants, a little sofa and spending rainy days, reading books and listening to the rain dropping on the glass roof. But for now I have to settle for what I already have. A little tip though: if you collect and put you plants in one place, it’ll slightly give you the effect of the conservatory. So create your own little greenplace with all the plants. The same for flowers, they go really well next to the plants.

Next step is not as big, but equally important: little details. If you have a shelf with books or different decorations, make changes in them, adding anything resembling nature or spring. Change the front line books with green-cover ones, add animal, “nature” statues, or anything else.

Another great thing to create is a photo grid wall. Here you can print either some of your photos, or some cards with beautiful scenery, your drawings and paintings. Usually I hang my most favorites photos, without following a specific scheme, but this time I decided to dedicate the whole grid to spring, and hang the photos I took of different beautiful flowers, or photos of me in nature. Some dried roses and baby breaths give the wall a finalized great look. And of course the twinkle lights, which are a permanent guest in my place.

To enjoy the new, fresh atmosphere in your place I’ll give two recommendations. The Secret Garden book, which is just perfect for spring, you feel like blooming with the main characters and the garden, and you finish the book refreshed, as a whole new person. The second recommendation is My Neighbor Totoro, whom I can give some credit for my decor inspiration. A sweet, beautiful cartoon, again perfect for this time.

Look through the photos, get inspired and create your own spring in your home.



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