Happy Easter 🐣

I don’t really know if there’s proper thing to say for Easter, so excuse me for that.

I can pretty much say, that life in pandemic isn’t what everyone thought it was gonna be. Of course there are lots of restrictions, but at the end of the day, life goes with its normal flow, days pass one another and so do holidays.

One thing is sure: everyone’s plans got messed up. And maybe you’ve planned something bigger for this Easter. But times like this show us the true meaning of things and life in general. You don’t need to have sth special organized to just have a good day. So here are some low-key things to do on Easter.

First, decorate your place as colorful and fun as you want. You may pick a color scheme, or combine all colors together, doesn’t matter. Just make your place look a little festive and different from usual.

Second, prepare some yummy food, cakes, cupcakes, anything you want. The main “dish” of course are the eggs. And here you can have fun too. Decorate them in different colors, draw funny faces on them, make a competition with you family, whose art will be the best.

Chocolate and candies took over not only Christmas and Halloween, but Easter as well. There are so many cute candies that will instantly make you feel better and more festive.

Last and foremost, have fun with your family, or if you’re staying alone, facetime your closest people and have a virtual meal together. Talk, laugh, play games, let this day be remembered. Watch a good funny comedy or an Easter movie (Peter Rabbit is my favorite), and eat as much food and chocolate as you can.

Find beauty and fun in the simplest things. That’s what life is for. Happy Easter! 🐰🐣



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