The Backstage of Ideal 🎭

Long time no deep philosophical talk. Time to change that.

We’ve all had our idols in our lives. Celebrities, authors, or even acquaintances. People, whom we think to be perfect and ideal, living their best lives and being completely happy. I’ve never have an “idol”, but I also surely thought that way about some others. How happy they are, how careless and fun they are, what an interesting life they’re living … Internet greatly contributes to these kind of thoughts, and sometimes people, whom you follow online for inspiration, on the contrary become the reason of your misery or negativity. You see this set-up photos or videos and have no idea of what’s going on behind that. And you see the colorful photos of people’s relationships, friendships, adventures etc, compare to your “grey” daily routine and obviously feel yourself a pathetic loser. We’ve all been through it, no need to deny. I’ve had that phase, which luckily didn’t last long.

Why am I writing about this only now is simple: recently I’ve been seeing those, let’s say, “idols” I’ve had for many years ago, and I hear some unspoken truth about their lives. How much they were struggling, how unhappy and down they were, how much they hated their lives. How they were starving to keep their bodies fit, how all of their “friendship/relationship goals” were just a hype, and everything they did was almost a fake. And once again my speculation were justified. We never know what’s going on in people lives, even if we think we do. Even if we watch their photos or daily vlogs, or even if that person is our friend. People often conceal their bad sides, try to show their lives in the best way, like everything’s perfect, while it’s not. I have a strong respect for those celebrities, or people in general, who sincerely talk about their daily struggles, their bad experiences, their fears and are not afraid to hide them. Sadly most people lie about all the stuff like that, for different reasons. Once you upon up about anything negative happening in your life, you’ll see how others will say that they’re struggling with sth similar. And believe me that moment is worth 10 psychologists.

I emphasize celebrities among others, because nowadays people, especially young people are hugely influenced by all those pop stars, bloggers and models, and hearing or seeing the ideal lives doesn’t contribute to their self esteem or confidence. But once you get a “pass through the backstage” of their perfectly set photos and interviews, you’ll see a great deal of normal, human problems. Even with all the money, fame and luxury, they’re humans like us, and they also have their flaws, even if you can’t see them online. And believe me, their problems are worse than ours. Because they have to maintain their image, because thousands and millions of people are watching them, and they have no right to be normal or be wrong.

So, to conclude the monologue, don’t believe anything you see, especially online. We’re all humans with similar problems. You can follow people, be inspired and motivated from them, but nothing more. Never underestimate yourself, just because someone seems to have a “better, wealthier and more interesting life”. You don’t know what’s behind that. Even if the person swears that they’re absolutely happy. Pay attention to their actions, to their body language and especially eyes, and you’ll understand a lot more about them. In a meanwhile, live your life without comparing it. Believe that there are people, who think the same way about you, wish to be you and envy your for their own reasons. And that circle goes unbroken unless everyone starts living their own life.



  1. You`ll be surprised but I`ve recently thought almost about the same. In this connection I would like to share Craig Ferguson`s, my beloved Scottish-American comedian and author, consideration on idols. “Be careful who you choose as your hero or who you choose to idolize, be it Clay Aiken or Barack Obama. You put all your hopes, all your dreams, and all your ideas about stuff into one human being. They’re a human being, and they’re going to let you down. You can’t make someone your hero because of something you read on the internet. The internet is not a source of information it is a source of disinformation.”


    • that is so true! we need to remember that everyone has their bad sides, so there’s no perfect hero like in movies. And even in movies the heroes aren’t perfect. thanks for your words! ☺️

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