Stay Home ๐Ÿ›‹

Everyone’s informed about the current situation, so no need to talk about that.

Lots of schools/unis have closed, along with some offices. Some work from home. In a nutshell-lots of people staying at home. And I can sincerely say that I saw more people complaining about that rather than the virus itself. It’s strange for me, that people can’t stay alone, they don’t know what to do, how to entertain themselves, how to spend quality time alone. People are so used to living in a world, where they put off their personality and interests, when there’s always sth going on, when they don’t have a single minute to be with their thoughts. And having to stay home for more than a week seems a worse catastrophe than a disease.

So to help out and inspire my isolated friends from all over the world, here are some things to do, tips how not to be bored and shoot the walls (if you get that reference, I love you).

1. Read. Well, that was unexpected, wasn’t it? This is the best time to pick up the books you’ve wanted to read for a long while, or maybe re-read some of your old favorites. I’d recommend start a book series, because they are always the longest to read and also they make you forget about the not so good reality. Of course my first recommendation would be Harry Potter, because duh! It’s great, it’s magic and it makes you feel so much better. Don’t read sth depressing, as the reality already is like that. Try sth fun and positive, something motivating.

2. Start a new tv-show. Again, very predictable of me. In here I would recommend Friends, if you didn’t have the luck to get acquainted with it. So warm and positive, makes you feel relieved and peaceful. Also very funny, just one of the best, if not the besy. Or instead of it you can watch a series of movies like Marvel.

3. Spring cleaning. Sth everyone hates, but has to do eventually and now is the perfect time. Declutter the house, clean all the dusty angles and windows, organize your drawers, change the bedsheets, maybe do some redecorations. When you spend a lot of time in one place, you’ll get really bored seeing the same things over again. So change the environment around you as much as you can. Also you can try making your own decisions, do diy projects.

4. Get into shape. No one canceled the upcoming summer. Start slowly getting into the shape. Do some exercises, yoga, dance, it’s a great alternative if you’re not much into fitness. Go for a walk, no one said you can’t go walking in deserted streets of your neighborhood.

5. Learn cooking/baking. Staying home means eating at home. No more cafes and restaurants and delicious food for a while now. So try making your own menu. Start with the simple things and you’ll see that you’re getting better and better at that. I always prefer baking as it’s more fun and easy, also the results are more tasty. There are plenty of good and not difficult recipes in youtube, so become a cook for a while. These are the skills you’ll always need.

6. Make art. Why do many people think that drawing or painting is for kids? Or that if you can’t draw professionally, than you mustn’t do that. Start making more art. Being creative is the best inspiration. If you don’t know how to draw at all, Internet can help you here. There are so many ways of making art: scrapbooking, bullet journaling, making a herbarium, trying calligraphy. So just go ahead, take your pencils or paints and do it.

7. Be productive. A hard thing to do, when you’re home 24/7. But still get you stuff done. Make a little workspace for you, make it clean and do your job. Make a list of the things you’ve wanted or needed to do for a while and start implementing them. If you don’t do them now, you won’t have time for them after getting back into the busy life.

8. Be nostalgic. Watch your old photos or videotapes, read old diaries. Sometimes looking back at the past can help you solve the problems of your present and understand lots of things. Also it’s always a pleasure to remember good old days.

9. Play games. Again, this isn’t sth only for kids. You’ll spend a lot of time with your family, so have fun. There are so many good games:lotto, monopoly, cards, domino, alias, heads up etc. Even if you don’t have the games, there are plenty of them online. Or play the games that don’t require anything special like truth or dare, charades or Pictionary.

10. Have a pamper day. By that I mean you own spa salon for a whole day or as much as you want to. Take a bubble bath, do some scrubs and masks, not the chemical ones, make your own masks and scrubs from fruits, vegetables or other stuff, like coffee, sugar, honey, baking soda etc. Do you nails, maybe try a new make-up or hairstyle. You’ll feel so much better and fresher after a session like that.

11. Learn new songs. If you play any musical instrument, learn covers of your favorite songs or soundtracks. If you don’t, you can always learn some lyrics. I’m sure there are lots of songs that you love, but have no idea what they’re singing about. So learn the words and even sing some karaoke for yourself.

I guess that’s all I wanted to share. I’m sure there are plenty of other great ideas, you just need to get on the wave of not procrastinating your free time. Once you start enjoying being alone and having many interesting projects to do, you’ll become unstoppable. People are always afraid of being alone, so once you see that there isn’t anything scary or horrible in that, life will become much easier for you.

So stay home, have fun and be safe!



  1. I am with you, completely do not understand complains about being at home. For a hectic life it is such a good chance to slow down, catch your breath and be productive in any way later. I think it is a great opportunity for quality in everything. I actually anticipate isolation time and have serious plans for it.

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    • being at home means spending lots of time with themselves and their thoughts, maybe thatโ€™s why people hate it ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ but it can be really productive and also fun. thank you for your words, and enjoy the isolation time! โ˜บ๏ธ

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      • May be it (too busy and active social life) can be a red flag for not ready to face some real issues in life? I would have never thought that being physically unwell and now growing older can be such a liberating experience. Excellent excuse to cut all, truly all non essential (read empty) social life, too much time wasted for what?

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  2. Your recommendation , Annmary, is true and useful. You right, many people don’t understand how be staying at home and at the same time be absolutely happy! You are wise and caring, Annmary!


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