Be Your Own Valentine ❣️

Apparently winter isn’t a hibernation time only for bears and other animals, but also for me, in blog-wise. Though this time I didn’t feel its absence, as I’ve been writing all the time, just for myself.

So let’s start this one with the most loved and hated at the same time holiday-Valentine’s day.

And now I’ll shock everyone with a fact about me: I think I’m the only single person, who really likes this day. And I never understood the hate towards it. It’s a beautiful holiday, a special day to make your significant other happier. I totally agree that you shouldn’t do this only one day a year, you should always show your love and affection for your half. But despite that and the opinion that this holiday is mostly made for big companies selling their expensive candies and flowers, I still love this day. Just like any other holiday. Isn’t it nice to have one day a little different than the others? And even if you’re single on this day, you still feel it’s atmosphere everywhere you go, and that’s where people split into two types: the lonely haters and the enjoyers (is that even a word or did I just make it up?). So this blog is dedicated to all my single fellas, let’s try to change our viewpoint and really enjoy this day.

First of all I like this day because of all the decorations. The city feels dull after Christmas holidays, the streets are empty, nothing new, nothing exciting. And then bam, lots of cute decorations, in the streets, in shops and especially cafes. I am usually not really fond of all the pink colors, but this day is an exception. Wherever you go, you see hearts, flowers, balloons, garlands, all in bright colors and that really puts you in a mood. On a gloomy winter day we all need that, a colorful change. Also shops are starting to sell lots of beautiful bouquets, cards and theme candies, and even if you don’t buy any of those, still, it kind of looks like a good decor.

The city kind of awakens, the hustle and bustle begins and it brings general excitement to everyone. I know that sometimes it’s really stressful for young people to find the perfect gift, and spend lots of money on the regular random things, but from outside, I like that process (and I just realized that I probably sound very egoistic, as I like others people stress haha). But still, seeing people buying gifts, talking about the upcoming day, making plans, it’s really like watching a movie, but in a live version.

Next. This is the day of love, but who says that this love should only be a romantic one? You may know that there’s the Galentine’s/Palentine’s concept out there, people celebrating this day with their friends and families, sending them cards and making little gifts to show their love. When I was in school me and my friends used to make cards for each other. And believe me there’s nothing better than having a girls party or a sleepover on this day. Lots of junk food, pizza, watching good chick flick movies (“Valentine’s Day”, 2010 is a perfect choice for the day), dancing, singing, drinking, playing board games, baking some pink mini cupcakes… Remembering all the failed crushes or exes, doing fortune telling sessions about future boyfriends, and just enjoying being single, cause, really who said it’s a flaw or a bad thing? Or just going outside to enjoy the beautiful city, feel the love atmosphere, accept it, and not feel jealous. Seeing people happy can actually make you feel happy, if you have a sincere and clear heart.

I think that’s all I wanted to say. In a nutshell, don’t be a hater, to this day, or life in general. Once you change your thoughts and attitude, you’ll see how even the holiday of couples can become your own, even if you don’t do anything special and have a chill night with the same rom com and tasty candies. So go ahead, be your own Valentine, and have the best day.

Happy Valentine’s day! 💌



  1. I am with you, it’s just as with everything, you have a choice to be happy and enjoy everything life throws at you, or look and notice only bad or problems around.

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  2. A beautiful post, AnnMary! And so true – we all could use a little love, and having a special holiday for it is surely a good thing. I never understood how one could feel differently (though, sure, the commercialisation does get on ones nerves occasionally 😉 ).
    Have a wonderful week! 🙂 🙂

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  3. Great post, To me valentine’s day is just a commercialised holiday but if I had to celebrate it, it’d be with those who mattered like my family, friends and most especially myself


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