Chill January ❄️

Welcome to January, a new year and a new decade!

I think this is the earliest that I’m writing a blog in the new year, usually my first post goes around the middle of the month.

In most countries the holidays are over, everyone’s back to their daily routines, going to work or school. But for lots of others the holidays have just started, so it’s always plenty of free time. And sometimes people don’t know what to do with it, except for meeting their friends or fam. Over the years I’ve gathered-together a couple of mini traditions, that I do every January, some chill activities to do in between all those crazy gatherings. So I just wanted to share those, in case someone needs a new something to do on these days.

1. Sherlock. This tradition originated from BBC’s tv-show, as the new episodes always aired in this time, and lots of channels have always showed both old and new episodes. The series ended two years ago, but the tradition is still here. And I don’t just watch the show, I also read the books which I haven’t read before, so January always starts with Sherlock.

2. Binge watching tv. Tv is full with tons of great movies and cartoons these days, so what another great way to rest after another gathering, than with lots of tasty food and good movies. They always show old Russian movies, which have become a family tradition to watch together, christmas movies, new released ones, Harry Potter, Ice age, so there’s a lot of catching up with those. Especially with all the lights off and with only twinkle lights on, it’s just perfection.

3. Journaling. New year-new me, says everyone, but stays pretty much the same. However, there’s no harm in doing some planning, making lists of the things you want to accomplish, ny resolutions, or just creating pages dedicated to the new month or year. That’s something I really enjoy doing, not much for the planning part, but for having another new space for being creative. I also love just writing more in my diary, or starting filling some special daily notebooks, these are all fun.

4. Scrapbooking. I started doing scrapbooking 5 years ago during holidays, that’s why it’s double pleasure to fill new pages exactly in this time. There are so many ways of scrapbooking, most people do with their memories, but I love creating special pages dedicated to sth special, nature scene, favorite movie/book/actor/singer etc.

5. Fortune telling. Again, the perfect time to do it. In Russia there’s the Yuletide or Christmastide up until 18 of January, and there are plenty of fortune telling methods. It’s always fun to do them in the evening with lots of candles and fairy lights on, it makes this time more magical. I also include reading tarot cards for the following year. And of course reading special horoscope journals, which is a tradition that comes from early 10s. Even if you don’t believe in all those predictions, it’s still interesting to read and see what’s new coming to your zodiac sign. And there’s always plenty of other stuff in this kind of magazines, like celestial events of the year, other fortune telling methods etc.

6. Starting a new book/tv-series. January is usually dull, so diving into an imaginary world is the best thing to do. Reading just one book or watching one movie is not counted. Become a part of a whole new world, that’s always a good way of spending time. I started lots of series around this time, maybe that’s the reason why I love doing it now. This year I think I’ll start reading the Maze runner trilogy.

7. Decluttering the house. When holidays are coming to their end, it’s time to clean all the christmas decorations, all the rubbish that’s left from all those crazy days, wrapping paper, boxes, plastic bags, everything. And most importantly getting rid of old stuff, that you don’t need anymore, so you’re all really for everything new coming up. Throwing or giving all old papers, notebooks, accessories away is always pleasant for me. And when everything is clear it’s time for re-decorating your place, adding new pillow cases and blankets, buying new plants, adding new candles and little statues, giving your home a brand new fresh look.

I hope I didn’t forget to include anything else, but that’s pretty much what I love doing in January. I didn’t write some outside activities, because that was the purpose of this post, to know what to do at home. Because most people get bored when they stay alone, while there are so many great things to do. So enjoy your holidays!



  1. we usually never get bored. on the contrary, these long New Year holidays in Russia are not enough to do whatever you want. 😊 I want to visit so many interesting things.
    we both guess and watch films, and write letters to ourselves in the future for the next New Year, so that next year we will read these letters to ourselves with pleasure and understand what happened, what didn’t come true, what appeared new and how we changed


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