The Yule Inspiration ❄️

When it comes to Christmas decorations , my go-to color scheme is the classic red-golden-green. Nothing can ever compare to that warm feeling of those colors combined together. It it also feels nostalgic, as for me Christmas was always in those colors since childhood.

But this year I’ve decided to change things up a little and do something different. As I’ve been really into Harry Potter this past time, I got inspired by the Yule Ball theme. Ofc HP is an all year round inspiration, but it gets bigger and better in autumn and winter, especially round holidays. My favorite parts of re-reading HP are the Christmas chapters, where everything is so cozy, fun and warm. And ofc the movie christmas scenes are really heartwarming, but, unfortunately they’re not as much as in the books, but whatever. That’s why I decided for my room to remind me of all of the festive fun from my favorite world. I love the frozen and icy Hogwarts during the ball, it just makes everything so much more wondrous. I also had the little Yule Ball castle thing, so that’s how everything got together.

I’ve chosen the blue-silver-white colors for my tree and desk area, adding some “winter wonderland” frosty vibes to it, maybe something from the snowy Narnia.

I really adore my blue lights, they’re just pure magic, twinkling in-between the branches, it’s like moonlight shining on the snow, which is one of the most fascinating things in reality. Also the lights get reflected on the glass and silver ornaments, which makes it even more magical. And the shadows of the branches fall all over the desk and the background, which really beautiful. And it just keeps you in the world of dreams, looking at those tiny lights in darkness, and dreaming about everything, well in my case, magic.

I also got lucky with my tree, as it has white bits to it, just like real snow. Adding some snowflakes on the top ceiling and on the blackboard, and voila, it’s indeed the Winter Wonderland area of my room. Especially now that we don’t have snow outside, I can just imagine that I do have it, in my own little place. And the snowy scenery always brings out the romantic and inspirational mood, there’s no doubt in that.

As for the ornaments, they’re quite different despite being in the same color scheme. Most of them are my old ones, which add nostalgia to the tree. I have some diy ones, wooden ones, and ofc the little Nutcracker in a blue suit. The winter wonderland doesn’t end with tree though, it goes all over to my desk, where I’ve got my little friend Peggy the Penguin hanging around with his sleighs, with some little christmas trees, full of snow of course, and a snowy card, to finish the ensemble.

A little far from this wonderful area is my favorite wreath, which I’m very proud to say I made myself. Then it goes the ‘grandmothers house’, which is located ‘over the rivers and through the woods’ (if you get this song reference, you’re amazing. I feel like this blog is the representation of the Andrews sisters’ christmas songs). And ofc can’t forget about Frosty the Snowman, who isn’t actually the real, original Frosty, but he is for me, so don’t really care about that.

And that’s it for my room decor inspiration. I really like it this year, and the photos turned out great, especially with this dusty effect, which kinda looks like snow, and that’s perfect for this.

p.s. I’ve got a confession to do. This season isn’t even over, and I’m already thinking about how I’m going to decorate my room for next holidays. That’s how excited I am for everything festive.



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