Festive Bucket List 🗒🌟

So, I wrote the intro to this blog a few days ago, cause that’s the hardest part for me, to start the blog perfectly, and I didn’t save it. The worst part is that I completely don’t remember what I wrote in there, but I remember it being really good. So you have to bear this new intro, which might be not as good as the last one. Though you wouldn’t know how the last one was so, let’s just start it.

It’s that time of the year again, yohoo! I always seem to get excited for it way too early, from mid-November the latest, in order to enjoy the festive season a little longer, as it really lasts too short for me. It’s literally like I blink, and boom it’s gone. Sadly most people feel the spirit of the season on the very last days, if they ever feel it at all. They’re either too busy with their own stuff, or notice only the bad side and the negative hustle and bustle of the holidays. And hence I’m a self-appointed representative of Christmas mood, I see this as my duty or mission to try and lift up the festive spirit for at least one person, who’ll read this. As for each season, I made a bucket list of things I want to do, and I decided to share some of the best and proven ideas of what to do to get into the holly jolly spirit. You may also write a little list, as when sth is written, it has a bigger possibility to become a reality. So let’s get started.

1. Decorations. You can’t really have Christmas mood if your house dead empty. I remember a couple of times when I was a child, and we didn’t manage to decorate the house up until the end of December, it was really dreadful. Now, as I’m supposedly an adult, I decorate the house on the 1st day of December. Believe me, it’s really worth your time of not surfing the internet for an hour and just doing it. And it’s not only about just decorating the tree. There are so many great ideas that you can try to diy. Ornaments from flour or clay, Christmas wreaths, garlands from dried oranges and evergreen branches etc. Find something beautiful and fun to do, even if you end up having a failure (as the Gingerbread house we made last year with my friend), it will still be a fun activity to do with your fam, friends or even alone. And don’t forget about adding tons of fairy lights to everything, most of the mood comes from this magical twinkly lights.

2. Christmas Art. It’s not really about art, it’s about books, movies and music all together, I just couldn’t find a better name. I think they actually should be on the first place of the list, as they’re the most contagious with festivity. Christmas songs are just pure magic, you can’t feel down while listening to them. I have a whole list of songs, which will be too long to write here, but I’d definitely recommend Frank Sinatra’s and the Andrews Sisters’ christmas songs, which also contain the nostalgic feeling in them. If you can play a musical instrument, learn carols to play, or learn the lyrics of the songs and sing along. As my friend Buddy the Elf would say “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear”. As for books and movies, they also have the magical ability to raise the mood, and there are so many great ones, especially among the movies. You can find some great fantasy ones, or romantic comedies, or the ones that make you want to believe in everything possible and impossible. So just fill your free time with some Christmas art, as I called them earlier, and feel happy. My book recommendations would be Christmas Carol, Let it snow, Little Women. As for the movies, it’s really too hard to choose but still, The Polar Express, Christmas with Cranks, The Elf, Love Actually.

3. Outdoor activities. Most of your list can consist of outdoor activities, as there are so many in this season. And though it is cold outside, it still has its highlights, like getting warm with hot chocolate later. If you’re lucky enough with having snow, it’s even better. Go play some snowballs, build a snowman, make a snow-angel, go sledding. Feel yourself a child once again, play so much that your whole face will turn bright red. If you don’t have snow around, you can find a ski resort and have a few days off there. Or just go ice-skating, especially at night, it’ll be so beautiful, with all the lights on. Go to the Christmas market, buy the last bits and pieces you need, just watch your city getting as festive and magical as ever. Take the best photos of the fascinating places. I also really enjoy driving around, with some good songs in the car, and seeing the houses and buildings in all the twinkle lights, it’s just amazing.

4. Dream it, wish it, plan it.

As it’s the most wonderful and magical time of the year, it’s the perfect time to just dream, dream of every possible thing. For me sometimes painting and writing are also included in the concept of dreaming, especially when you’re drawing or writing about sth wondrous, sth from your imagination. Or just laying in bed in darkness, with only twinkle lights and candles on and dreaming. And as New Year is also around the corner, it’s the perfect time to make great wishes for the next year or of life in general, write all the plans and resolutions for the coming year. Also have the recap of the year, be thankful for it, and leave behind all the negative things.

5. Giving time.

And though I always claim, that Christmas isn’t only about presents, I can’t deny that they are an integral part of the holiday season. So I would advise you to plan the presents beforehand and even buy them earlier in order not to buy sth random in the rush of last days. Now is the time to show your close ones how you feel about them. Presents that will make them the happiest are one little way of doing it. Don’t regret spending a little more money for others, rather than buying the next unnecessary thing for you. Writing cards, making handmade gifts or some cookies, or collages from your photos are even better and much more touching and personal. Also I can’t not talk about giving some donations or charity to everyone in need. It’s always good to do that, but especially in this time, when everyone waits for a miracle to happen, it’s great to give that miracle to people (or even animals, why not) in some way. Donate money, buy sth for someone, give food to homeless people or animals, give away stuff you don’t need, like books you’ll never read again, toys, clothes that are in good condition but you don’t wear them anymore. Remember all the times when something good, a good present for instance made you happy, remember that feeling and try to make someone else feel that way.

I guess that’s all I wanted to include. I mean I could also write get extra cozy, but I’ll be just repeating myself. These are just some general ideas of what you can do, you’ll find a bunch of other great stuff on the internet. And remember, don’t waste your free times on nothing but your phones, make the most memories possible. It indeed is the most wonderful time, enjoy it, learn loving it and to seeing only the best sides of the holidays.


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