Grateful, Thankful, Blessed ✨🍁

I know, I know, that Thanksgiving is celebrated only in America and Canada, but I still don’t get why. I mean it’s probably one of the most meaningful holidays out there, why does no one celebrates it besides US?

I reckon there will be people saying that we should always be thankful, and I absolutely agree, but still it’s nice to have one special day to express our gratitude and appreciation of the things we have. It’s been a few years that we are celebrating it with our family, in a low-key way, just having a nice dinner with cute decorations(decorations are always a must for me), and feeling grateful. There’s literally nothing else needed for this day. Or for life in general. I think I’ve talked about it quite a few times, but we people are ungrateful little shits. Instead of appreciating what we have, we always focus on what we don’t. Always comparing with others, always complaining, seeking for something more and better. But the more it goes, the more I understand the real things to be thankful for. Waking up every day, being alive and healthy. Seeing your family alive and healthy. Having a nice roof, good food to eat, water to drink. Loving and being loved, understood and accepted by your close ones. Feeling good, warm and safe around them. Having your hobbies or life mission to do, having the opportunity to go out of the house, study, work, learn new things, do what you love. Laughing, having quality time with your friends and fam, dreaming and imagining all the best and magical things happening to you, and that’s literally it. Most of the time people have these little things, but don’t even consider them as sth to be thankful for or sth to count. But that’s the very thing to count. And you acknowledge that only when you loose sth, you never payed much attention to, and then regret not being enough grateful for whatever you had. And we’re all so blessed to have what we do in our lives.

What I’m saying is, simply be thankful. Take today as an excellent opportunity to think about what you’re grateful for, to tell your close people that you’re just thankful for them being alive and being here. Always express your appreciation, and I know, well I hope, you’ll get rewarded. Start celebrating Thanksgiving, and say all the things you never said, both to yourself and to others at least once a year on this day. And that being said, happy Thanksgiving everyone! β™₯οΈπŸπŸ¦ƒ


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