Sweet November 🦊

For many many years, November has been one of my least favorite months. To be honest, I don’t even quite remember why, it just always felt so dull and colorless. For me autumn always ended with Halloween, and there was still a month to Christmas, so November was like a waiting area between two flights. The last couple of years, I was slowly acknowledging the beauty of it, but this year I loved it even more, as I saw that it is more autumnal than October can sometimes be, at least in our country. So this post is completely dedicated to November, as I think, I owe him one.

Maybe it’s also connected with what people call global warming, as now it’s still warm and not completely yellow in October, that’s why November finally feels like a proper fall. And it still feels like that transitional waiting area, but in a good way. You’re still in autumn mood, loving all the colors, craving every little detail of it, but you’re slowly getting the festive vibes, by thinking about the presents, decor and photo ideas, waiting for the first snow to fall. There are already some shops decorated and selling Christmas stuff, and you can’t help but hum some good old christmas carols, or even watch a festive movie or two. You want to fully embrace that atmosphere , but are kind of afraid that it will end too soon before the actual holiday season. So you’re kind of in-between of two moods, trying to balance them, weighting in favor of the autumn one, as there’s still a month before the holdiays, so it’s still time for crunchy leaves, apple pies with tea, rainy days (which sadly became extremely rare, like a lunar eclipse or sth). The nature becomes even more glorious, when every tree looks like a masterpiece with lush yellow, orange and even golden colors, and is accompanied by all the crunchy colorful leaves beneath them, which gives the whole composition a more wholesome and enchanting look. And as the weather becomes colder and colder, the sweater weather finally properly arrives, without getting too hot wearing them. The tea tastes better, the blanket cuddles are even more pleasant and relaxing. And of course it gets much much cozier, especially in the evenings, when it is winter-like cold outside, and you appreciate the warmth in your home, which feels more home in the best meaning of the word.

as November is almost over now, just wanted to share some of the shots that I made throughout the month. Enjoy the incredibly beautiful autumn nature of the Sweet November.



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