A Rainy Morning 🌧

waking up to the sound of rain is literally the best thing in the world. I don’t really know why, but I feel so relaxed and much safer and cozier during rainstorms, especially at night or at the dawn. When I wake up at night, hearing the sound of raindrops, it simply makes me smile and go back to sleep so easily and at peace. It feels like the clouds cover up the world and shield you from everything bad and negative. When normal people see the gloomy weather, they feel the same way, depressed and moody. I, on the contrary instantly feel so relieved, inspired and motivated to wake up asap and start the day. Though the best time is when you wake up really early, open the blinds, just look out of the window and admire the scenery, which becomes much beautiful. The grayness of the sky contrasts the yellow colors of the trees and makes them look even better and more lovely. And even the pale colors of brown or red rooftops and grey pavement become more saturated and pretty. And you just sit there, look out on the world and just daydream or plan your day. With every raindrop I feel more cleansed, it’s like raining inside my soul, cleaning up every negative and toxic thought or emotion. In an instant the fog comes out of nowhere and covers the whole city. All you can see is shadows and silhouettes of what happened to be buildings or trees. And now it gives you a blank canvas entirely for your imagination, and you paint up the rest of the world yourself. It’s your turn to decide how the world is going to be, at least for that moment. And you just do art, either in your mind or in reality, with the pencils and a paper, doesn’t really matter. Then you just sit on the windowsill, drink a warm cup of tea, looking at the life as a total stranger for a while, and then put your warmest clothes on and go for a walk to dive into that life.

I wish more people appreciated rain, and enjoyed it, but at the same time, I’d feel jealous, cause this is one of those few little things that no one loves, but you, and it makes you unique. But most importantly it kind of makes your love and connection to that thing deeper and more meaningful somehow, like it’s a secret treasure and only I know where it is or what it is. I hope this makes sense.

Anyway, just a little rainy morning inspiration just hit me so I had to share it too.


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