Let’s just imagine…🎃🕸

had a little bit of lack of inspiration to write blogs, among with everything else, hope it’s not going to last long…

but for now let us forget about everything serious for a moment, and just dive into imagination, magic and everything logically imposible.

This time of the year makes me feel more mysterious than ever, for an obvious reason-Halloween coming up. Honestly I can’t probably say that this is my most favorite holiday, as, I think, Christmas will bit it up, but it will definitely take the second place. Though they’re different in their nature, so maybe they can share the honorary first place? Okay, whatever.

It’s the creepiest time of the year, so it’s the season to feel spookier and more magical. I don’t care what scientists or realists say, but I do believe in all kind of supernatural and paranormal stuff, mythological creatures and everything else. And what other better time to be more into this stuff than Halloween? Won’t gonna lie, I always hoped that sth mysterious would happen on that day. Still do, to be honest.

Ofc Halloween now turned into just a fun party day, but I’ve always given more significance to it and tried to feel its mysterious atmosphere, rather than just having fun and dressing up. I’ve always used the opportunity to wander the streets in dark, or go to some presumably haunted places, tell scary stories, try to tell fortune, read gothic literature, watch spooky movies and just dive into the magical world more deeply.

Let’s just imagine now that everything you’ve ever seen, read or heard about is true. Witches living somewhere deep in the woods in their little huts, having cats and ravens as their guide pets, making potions and brews, flying on their broomsticks out of their chimneys. I couldn’t help but remember an old mansion in a small town in Portugal, which , as legend says, belonged to witches and people would see them flying out of the mansion at nights. Imagine how cool it would be, if it was true. 🧙🏻‍♀️🔮

Or other creatures. Vampires, who stay forever young and either live somewhere in a deserted place with their coven or change their locations so that no one would know their secret. Who can also turn into bats and fly around.🧛🏻‍♂️🦇

Werewolves living among us, we can’t even distinguish them, but they’re going into the woods once a month and howl at the moon. 🐺🌕

Mermaids living deep down in the ocean, sometimes swimming up, and singing their beautiful melodies to sailors and pirates. 🧜🏻‍♀️

Ghosts staying in old haunted houses, either howling alone or maybe having fun with fellow ghosties.👻

Imagine if on All Hallow’s Eve, the border between our and the alternate worlds really do open, so it is possible to see a creature or two, or just experience sth magical. What if all these creatures celebrate Halloween as well, and they have their own traditions…Maybe pumpkins are the protectors against all evil, or what if they are some kind of a portal? Maybe black cats are the guide animals from one reality to another?

There are so many legends, conspiracies and myths to learn and think about. So many things that we don’t know, and probably won’t ever know the truth. Nevertheless it’s always interesting to discover new and even more supernatural things. And even if it’s all a load of crap, still who will keep you from your imaginations? Even if they’re not real, they spice up the ordinary normal life. They fill your own imaginary or spiritual world with lots of content, lots of answers and questions.

And to those, who will read this and think that this is madness, I’ll answer with some Alice in Wonderland quotes. But before that, I hope my absurd and crazy imaginations haven’t scared you, and if they did, it’s right on time, isn’t it? Happy Halloween, be weird and spooky and mysterious! 🎃🕸🦇


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