Autumn List 🍁💌

Writing about autumn is my favorite thing to do. I’m happy I got to this today as it was cloudy and a little bit of rainy, which is the perfect weather for me. These consistent sunny and warm days piss me off already. Especially when you look the weather and it shows sunny all week long. But whatever, I’ll patiently wait for my favorite coldness to come. And as usual I am getting too distracted now.

One of the things that I love doing for almost every season is creating bucket lists, or lists of the things to be noticed and appreciated during that period. It encourages me to take my butt off the sofa and actually do cool stuff. And also it makes you feel the beauty of each season, see how many great things you may find and do. I think this goes really great especially for autumn, cause, as I think, people don’t generally like it and they feel more depressed and sad in this time of the year, hence the concept of autumn depression. So I decided to share some of the ideas of what to do during fall, so that you would at least learn to tolerate, if not love it as I do.

1. Adding colors. I think this one is typically very common even in psychology: when you feel depressed, adding some bright colors really helps. So, just like trees, change your surroundings, add some bright colored pillows, blankets or candles to your room, or just some flowers or leaves. The same goes for the wardrobe. Sweater weather is the best, and no one can prove me otherwise. Especially colorful sweaters, or scarves and hats (if you’re lucky enough to have chill weather ofc). You can even dye your hair in some crazy colors, or just add warmer colors to your makeup, like darker lipstick, which is my fave in this time of the year.

2. Loving food. Autumn is most known for good harvest, which means lots of fruits and vegetables. For me this is also the season of finding new recipes and baking or cooking. Don’t miss the chance of making pies, cakes, everything pumpkin flavored, or just try some roasted marshmallows in cookies, which is soo delicious. You can even try to make your own hot chocolate, tea or coffee with different flavors. I think I can talk about food forever, so let’s just wrap this up, find new fall recipes and enjoy them.

3. Having a little gathering. This one specifically comes after the food part, cause there’s nothing better than trying all the delicious things together with a group of friends or family. Little gatherings feel so much cozier and warmer in this period, when you just drink tea to warm up, eat some fall-y snacks, play games or just chat about everything possible and impossible. Imagine having a fireplace, and roasting some marshmallows or being extra comfy with some blankets on and just talk. Or watch a good old comedy movie with some homemade popcorn.

4. Making Art. Of course you don’t need to do this only in fall, but personally for me, this is the best time to be inspired, especially by the amazing nature. Draw, paint, play some instruments if you can, write. There’s so much exquisite beauty outside, that you don’t need anything else to inspire you. Colorful trees, leaves, the sky with lots of clouds can become the perfect model for your piece of art. I can also add photography in this category, as it is also a kind of art, thinking of a photo beforehand, finding and adding the perfect details to the flatlay, just being creative with everything around you.

5. Enjoying nature. As I said, the world becomes a big masterpiece in this time of the year. So just go out and enjoy it, trying to notice every beautiful little thing on your way. Even on a rainy or foggy day there’s so much pleasure in getting wrapped in the warmest coats, and having a little walk around. That’s one of the things I try to do every year at least once, having a rainy walk. Jumping into puddles, trying to find bigger ones for good reflection photos, waking on the crunchy leaves and just breathing the crisp air, which fills not only your body but soul with some fresh energy. Or just sitting in a cafe near a window with a hot beverage, having a nice chat and watching people rushing somewhere in the rain.

6. Getting cozy. Especially in the evenings or during weekends. Having a little pamper night in, making a bubble bath, getting into new pajamas and clean fresh bedding, lighting up some candles, watching a chick flick movie (gonna admit, that’s my guilty pleasure), or reading a book with a nice cup of tea. And most importantly, having the phone and wifi off, cause let’s be honest, if the phone keep beeping with notifications you can’t really concentrate on sth else. That’s literally the best thing to, at least a few times in the week. And imagine if you get lucky enough to have the raindrops hitting the window. That’s just a dream.

7. Being spooky. I can’t decide whether autumn is a cozy or a spooky season. Definitely a bit of both. Though October is the magical and mysterious time for sure, with Halloween coming up. It’s the best time for watching fantasy and horror movies, or reading a good mystery novel. Trying to find a haunted house, or having a walk late in the evening, in deserted streets, that’s quite an adventure. Doing fortune telling sessions, getting more excited with tarot cards, candles and witchcraft (which isn’t a bad thing as most people think). And of course getting ready for Halloween, carving the perfect pumpkin and thinking of the best scary costume or make up.

I guess that’s the main things that kind of summarize autumn, at least for me. There are hundreds of other ideas in the internet, the point is: see the good side in everything, find something you’re gonna love doing even on cold rainy days, enjoy your time and don’t insult my dear friend autumn.



  1. Autumn is my favourite season, too. The relentless heat of summer is over, for at least 7-8 months it is possible not to follow obsessively weather forecasts, forget about air-conditioning. The air becomes crispy in the morning, the sky is not bright and finally we can keep all the blinds open, to see the garden, that does not need regular watering. And most of all is the knowledge, that this reprieve will last some time, winters in Melbourne are beautiful.
    Food, with many options of warm comfort food, is another delight. And when grey and rainy day comes, the cup of tea or hot chocolate, rugged in front of any screen with French movie or Nordic thriller, are unbeatable joys of life. I would throw in knitting, the second relaxing activity after baking. The smell of warm, freshly baked bread, or cinnamon scrolls…! Thank you for the post, it was a pleasure to read.


    • in our country it’s also very unbearably hot, so I’m also always looking forward for my favorite cold time of the year,, and I’m always happy to find more people who also love autumn 😊 thank you for your nice words ☺️

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