Home with Hygge 🛋

“All rooms ought to look as if they were lived in, and to have so to say, a friendly welcome ready for the incomer.”

Decided to start this one with a beautiful quote. Autumn has come, nature is slowly changing its colors once again, and “me” is changing home decorations. (a little p.s. here-all the decor photos are down below). If you know me well, you’d know that I do house cleaning-decorating in every season. And I think that autumn decorating is my favorite one so far..Well except for Christmas of course, but it’s too early for that now…or is it?

I hate seeing the same things all the time, same bedding, same pillows, same colors… I’ve always been like this, I remember I would add something new to my room as I was a child, or even just exchange the places of different things. Nothing has changed, only my perfectionist nature has increased, wanting everything to be in the same color scheme.

Autumn obviously means the warm colors-from dark brown to cream. It also means it’s time for all the good scented candles to get lit, amount of pillows and blankets to be increased, more wooden details to be added. And most essentially it’s time for everything to become much more comfortable and cozier, as it is now officially the cozy time of the year. And this brings us to the topic of the blog.

Recently, well a few months ago actually, I came across the concept of hygge. Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.(yup, I just copied the explanation from wikipedia, no regrets). So in a nutshell, I found out that everything I was craving and feeling for many years are all combined in a single word. Loving comfort and coziness, dim lights and candles, stormy weather outside, small gatherings with friends with some tea or coffee, warm sweaters and blankets, and even more coziness. Basically I was just describing both the concept of hygge and myself. So after getting acquainted with this lovely old chap, I couldn’t not include it more to my fall decorations of this year.

Another thing that I really started liking is ethnic decor. And we had plenty of those, believe me, thanks to my dad. Adding some little details from different cultures to the room makes it more interesting and diverse and somehow more alive.

Can’t forget about plants, of course, which have officially become the honorable members of our family. And everything started just from a small cactus and succulent.

This year I took my enthusiasm for decorating to the next level, which means expanding it to the living room and kitchen as well. Cause the more the better, right?

And it’s not about getting extra-fancy or luxurious. It’s about adding more art and comfort to your daily life. Creating little corners full of some special things that you like. Something you will look at and feel happy. Yes you can feel happy from decorations, if you value little things. Or even not being lazy and making your own diy things, which are more hearty and warm rather than expensive things bought from a store. Bringing some nature home, pinecones, acorns, dry leaves and flowers. Everything is art, if you put your soul into it. So just go ahead and make your house feel like home, a home with hygge.



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