M-Motivation 💻 ✔️

“I’ma break you off, let me be your motivation…”

Is it just me or does anyone else also get a song in their heads just from one word?

I reckon I should have written this in the beginning of september, in order to inspire everyone starting a new working/studying year, but I guess late is better than never, right?

For me being inspired and motivated are the best tools of getting everything done. Because when you have a lack of inspiration/motivation (get ready to see these words in almost every sentence), you just can’t make yourself do your job, even if you’ve got a deadline to meet. And even if you have nothing important to do or nowhere to go, still you should always try to have that inner boost to do anything, to fill your day and do something important and good. And don’t think that if you’re going to school/uni or work, it means that you’re already motivated, ready to do everything. Most of the time people just waste their time in offices or classes, waiting for the deadly hours to be over, to rush home and..do nothing there. And then complain how tired and worn out they are. What I want to say is that you can work or study but still procrastinate. Ofc I’m not talking about everyone, there are always lots of exceptions to everything, thankfully. When I say being motivated, I mean that you have a kind of an inner plan, you know what you are doing and why. You’re doing it because it brings you closer to your final goal, or maybe it is already your final destination or achievement, and you’re just enjoying yourself. Being motivated and inspired means that you actually love what you’re doing, even if it’s hard and sometimes tiresome, you still get energy from it, cause it excites you, makes you proud of the thing you’ve done, opens up new possibilities to develop your skills. Sadly most people hate what they’re doing, but still they never take the risk to change their lives. But still if you do sth that you don’t quite fancy at the moment, you can be encouraged to go ahead, if you have a further image of your goals.

Maybe I’m not the best motivational coach, but here is some advice on how to keep yourself motivated and organized. These are the things that’ve helped me throughout the years.

  1. Stationary. I know it sounds a little weird, but trust me, when you get yourself a good notebook, a planner or any other cute stuff, you want to use it, plan your every day. So, as a beginning, it’s the best thing to keep you motivated and also creative, as you can make yourself a bullet journal, with lots of art to do and important things to write down and remember.
  1. Keeping lists. That’s my favorite thing to do anytime anywhere. When going to grocery shopping, organizing a cleaning day, traveling, getting ready for an event, having exams etc. I always love to create those lists either in my notebook or just in phone notes. Keeping lists make you more organized, as you definitely know what you have to do and when, and won’t come to unpleasant surprises. Also putting checks to the things you’ve already done is a whole other kind of satisfaction.
  1. Internet. There are so many good things on internet, but somehow we end up watching memes, cat videos, or reading the latest gossips. Instead we can get the right inspiration, choose people to follow, who will not just show their make up collection, or their bodies, but will motivate us with their hard-work and success. Follow people who will tell their stories of how they changed their lives, started to do what they like and will also encourage you to do the same. Find articles or books that will help you to change your habits and make a good start. Also one thing that helps me a lot, are beautiful photos. When you have anything to do, just go on weheartit or pinterest and search for inspiration, for instance, studying aesthetic, exams motivation. I don’t know how watching these pictures makes me pull myself together and get my sh” done. And of course, motivational quotes, they also can help a lot.
  1. Goals and subjectives. This point kind of includes and combines getting a notebook and keeping a list but still. Think about your goal, either big or small. Don’t just sit and dream about it, waiting for it to magically happen. Yes, I do believe in destiny, and that if something is meant to happen, it will, but still you have to take action. Write down your goals and its little subjectives. What you have to do to reach you goal. What can you do now. Write even the tiny steps that will bring you an inch closer to your dream. Write everything down for a clearer image for you, and then start acting.
  1. All by yourself. I don’t know how is this connected to the topic, but it’s really essential. Don’t wait for anyone else to come and help you. When it comes to your responsibilities, it’s all your problems, no one has to do anything for you. Someone can advise you, inspire or support a little, but at the end of the day it’s you who should pull themselves together to do what you have to do. So don’t just sit and wait for a fairy with a magical wand, start taking the responsibility of your life to yourself, so you won’t have to put the blame for anything on everyone else.

September is the best time to start your life all over again. I know all people count on New Year, but for me personally this time is way better and I always feel more motivated now, rather than in January. And although you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to start doing something, but if you were waiting for that moment, here you are, now is your perfect moment. Do what you love, and love what you do. And I hope I’ve managed to inspire and motivate at least one person in this big big world.


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